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Keith Everett Babcock 1930 - 2013
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December 06, 2014
Happy Birthday Keith
We love you and miss you.
Joe & Nancey
October 13, 2014
Hi Daddy, it has been a year now that you went home to be with the Lord. I miss you so much. I remember my growing up years and have such good memories of those times. I am so thank ful for having such a great Dad through the years. I still hear your voice and still keep all the wisdom that you have given me through the years. I remember my wedding day and the times you spent with Terry and I and your grandchildren. Say Hi to Izzy and your grandbabies of ours. Mom misses you so much. Pam and Rocky are always there for her. We are very thank ful for them, and you would be very proud of them. Love you always, always, and forever Your daughter Julie
October 13, 2014
Hi, Daddy,This is Julie. It has been a year now since you went home to be with the Lord and I miss you so much. I am so thank fun for all the wonderful memories of you and my growing up years, my wedding day and watching you enjoy your grandkids and all the wisdom you have given me over the years.Terry and I are hanging in there as you know. Say hi to Izzy and your grand babies of ours.Mom is missing you so much. We are so thankful that Pam and Rocky have been there for Mom.You would be very proud of them both. Love you always, always, and forever, Julie and Terry
October 12, 2014
Hey Dad, Well it's been a year now since you left us and went to be with the Lord. Doesn't seem that long. Miss you a lot. Miss our talks and listening to your wisdom and thoughts. Mom is doing alright most of the time. Has her highs and lows but overall doing the best she can. She sure misses you a bunch. Julie does too. Julie and Terry are doing fine. Rocky and I are hanging in there. Our extended family-the grandchildren are growing up fast and you would be proud. I am still working on my weight, it's hard but moving forward. You will be proud of me yet. Well Dad, all is well on the home front, getting by. You say hey to everyone up there and send us a sign once in a while. Love and miss ya Dad, Love Pam
October 10, 2014
My Dearest, It's been a year since you left me. My heart has ached every day. I miss you so much. It's been hard! Pam, Rocky, Julie and Terry have been a real help to me. I love them all and grandchildren too, as you also did. A lot of our friends are now gone-hope you have all met in beautiful heaven-also my folks, your folks, Israel too. Doing the best I can but I miss our wonderful life we had together, and how sweet you were to me, and all the things you and I did together. You were my best friend! Take care-my love! Keep guiding and watching over me. With my love always, Your Honey Bunch
June 15, 2014
Daddy, Happy Father's Day. I miss you so much. Thank you so much for being such a Great Daddy to me through out my life. You are missed so much and I will always remember the many things you taught me and keep them close to my heart, and live them out in my life. I will see you when the Lord takes me home. I thank the Lord for giving me You as my Daddy.
Love You Always, Always, and Forever, Julie
April 24, 2014
Daddy I miss you so much. by now you have met your other grandchildren that we lost and you see Izzy now too. I miss all your good advice concerning our family. I still hear your voice. Mom is missing you so very much and Pam is doing a good job too. I wish I could help them more. Love you . Your little girl Julie
April 14, 2014
To my dearest Keith, It's been 6 months since you have been gone. I miss you so much, everyone is taking good care of me. It's so lonely without you, I hope I'm doing things right. I'm trying my best! Keep watching over us all, we love you so much. Hope you have seen all we lost and you are enjoying them all. Save a place for me dear and someday we will be together again. Love you so much.
Love, hugs and kisses,
your Honey Bunch
December 05, 2013
Hey Dad,
Dad you are missed by so many people, family and friends alike. I know you are in a better place; no pain, at peace and with the Lord.
You were a great Dad to me in so many ways. Growing up you and Mom taught me right from wrong, good from bad, and to treat everyone equal. We had a good family life, better then most.
When I married Rocky, I knew he was the one. Now 42 years later our marriage is still the best. Your advice through these many years, was good fatherly advice. Did we listen yes, did we do what you said, not always, but learn and accept it, by golly you bet-ya. You were the best and only Dad I ever would want and got. Our family is so very proud of you. We all will never forget what you have sacrificed, worked hard for and the love you have given each and every one of us. I am proud to be your daughter, and I will always keep you in my heart till I see you in Heaven with the Lord.
I love you Dad. You will be missed but never ever forgotten.
Your Daughter,
P.S> Happy Birthday a day early,love and miss you, Mom is doing so-so she misses you, we will all look after her don't worry. Love you Dad.
November 26, 2013
I've lost the love of my life. Miss him so much. We were married 62 years, and did everything together. He was a great man, wonderful husband, father and grandfather and friend to many. He gave us two wonderful daughters, and they are the best. He loved to cook, and always buying me things. I have so many great memories of our life together-wouldn't change it for anything. Know he is watching over me, and will love me for the rest of my life. I love you dear-see you again in Heaven.

Your Honey Bunch,
November 25, 2013
It was great being neighbors with Keith and Pat. Keith will be missed as he had a great since of humor and always had time to talk. He was a good neighbors and good friend.
November 24, 2013
My name is James Kunzman, and read of Keith's passing in the San Diego paper. I knew Keith at Roosevelt High in Cedar Rapids, and along with Ron Schirm and Wally Storm, were Friday night drinking buddies. I have very fond memories of Keith, and was sad to hear of his passing. Feel free to contact me. With Sincere condolences, James Kunzman
November 24, 2013
My name is James Kunzman. I read of Keith's passing in the San Diego paper. We attended Roosevelt High, in Cedar Rapids, and were Friday night drinking buddies, along with Ron Schirm and Wally Storm. I have very fond memories of those days with Keith, and was sad to read of his passing. If you could contact me at 858-259-2227 or at 2704 Grandview Street San Diego, 92110, I'd appreciate that. Thank you, and am very sorry for your loss. PS - Patricia, did you also attend Roosevelt?
November 24, 2013
So very sorry to read about Keith's death.. My sympathy to Pat and the family. The Babcocks were my neighbors in Cedar Rapids for many years.
November 18, 2013
He is my Daddy, He was a wonderful Man to me as a Father, He taught me so many things, I will always cherish him and have such great memories of being his little girl. He taught me to love unconditionally, to forgive, to say hi to everyone and look them in the eye and make a friend in five minutes. He taught me how to deal with physical pain, and how no matter what trial you are going through, you do not give up. He always encouraged me and we are so thank ful that through the years Daddy showed through his life with My Mom that (Marriage) is for life. Daddy would remind Terry and I of that and hang on to each other. He loved his wife, My Mom so much and his family. His legacy will live on in our hearts. I thank the Lord for giving Daddy to me for such a short time on this earth. I would not have had such a great Daddy if it were not for my Mom. Behind every great Man is a great Woman. Thank you for being that special Mom. Mom, we are here for you and you are in our hearts and prayers everyday. Daddy we will see you in Heaven. Love Julie for Terry too.
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