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July 16, 2018

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July 16, 2018

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October 26, 2016
Nine years gone by and still no cry, though the pain at times is great. At times I wonder how how you fair on the other side of here. I hope and pray your worries are none and existence proves so serine. For if there is one who deserves it more I know not their name.

Try not to be too hard on God, he's doing the best he can.
December 19, 2010
Hi Marie, You and Doris have been on my mind a lot lately. I still have the pictures of you on top of my TV and have added pictures of Dad & Mom. This year I was lucky enough to travel to Hungary and couldn't help thinking about out trip to Germany. We had a lot of fun then. I will always think of you as my second mother and carry my love for you always.

Joan Hydo, Plainview, NY
October 15, 2009
Another year has passed and though the pain is not as sharp it is still there. I miss you very much. I hope you, Dad, and Chris are having a wonderful time.
Don't worry about us kids we will get through this one day at a time.
I cant wait to see you. Thanks for sending the moose. Love Karen
October 15, 2008
It has been one year since you passed and I still miss you greatly. I speak to you oftern and hope you enjoy the tales. I pray for the day I will see you again.
Love Karen
December 06, 2007
I am sad to think that Marie is not with us anymore. No longer can I pick up the phone to call her, E-mail her or write. Hearing from her, (as with her mother before her,) always made me very happy. Through the years Marie kept me informed of her travels, and life in general. When she came to Nevada she would usually give Paul and I a call and we would always try and get together. Her kindness at wanting to include us in on many family gatherings will always be remembered, and we have many happy memories of those gatherings. Another special memory is of a visit of Marie's to Nevada years ago. It was a time that we had her all to ourselves for a couple days. She expressed a desire to see Lake Tahoe and we were more than happy to oblige. It was a wonderful time for us, and later on she spoke about it often, saying how much she enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and also our company. We marvel at her rich, full life,and I thank God that I was a small part of it. Marie's kindness and love allowed me to have family times that I otherwise would not have experienced. We created some very nice and happy memories through the years. I am very grateful for our last phone conversation in July. I was, and always will be, so proud to call Marie "my cousin." She will be missed, and I pray she is at peace.
Mary Kessler
November 24, 2007
To me Marie was a very special person - she was my eldest sister and a second mother because of the difference in our ages - 18 years. I honestly don't have any memories of Marie living at home when I was little. I am told that she went to work in New York City and shared an apartment there with a friend. My earliest memories are from when I was approximately 4 years old when she used to come home and take me to the zoo, the circus, amusement parks, etc. My sister Margie has the same memories.

At some point she left New York and joined the WACs. I remember how proudly my parents hung the little flag in the window with a star which meant there was someone in the family serving in the Armed Forces. This was special to us because we were all girls and I know my father was especially proud of her service.

As things go, it was years before I got to see Marie again. I knew from her letters home that she was married and moved to Alaska where she raised her family. It was not always so easy to keep in touch in those days - phone calls were extremely expensive and travel was no bargain either and I was raising my own family. It was always sad to me that she was raising a family that none of us knew. Heaven knows there are many of us in the lower 48 but I always had a secret wish to get to know her kids.

Then came the big day some years ago when several of us traveled to Alaska and met most of her kids. This was followed by a "sisters" trip to Germany to trace our roots. We had so much fun and it was just like we had been together all those years. This was followed a while later by another "sisters" trip to California and again we had a great time just being together. These trips were followed by family gatherings in Nevada and California - Brandon's graduation, Michael's wedding and Sheldon's graduation. These were all occasions that brought us together as family and I am so happy that we were able to share these times with Marie and her family. I especially remember the time in Nevada when we went to play miniature golf and she beat the pants off us - but most importantly we had lots of laughs and shared lots of love. While we missed sharing much of our lives together, I cherish the time we did have together and will love and miss her always.
November 19, 2007
Marie was a surrogate mother to me while we were growing up.Eleven years doesn't seem to be too long a span but to a young child it is. She took me everywhere When we had our own families we became ardent penpals since most of our children were around the same ages. Although I continued for six years after her. When our children were grown we became traveling companions and though there were many miles between us we managed to visit many places. I know she wanted to visit Antartica and recently told her I would accompany her if she so choose, after looking at the itinery she said she guessed she waited to long.I know that from her lofty heavenly perch she is now enjoying her last frontier on earth. I shall alwats miss you Marie until we meet again in paradise. Your loving sister Marge
October 30, 2007
Such a kind and generous spirit
The world has known too few.
You touched the lives of many
In all the things you’d do.

Seven children you did raise
Sometimes you threw a fit.
Your kids all grown
You found time to baby-sit.

Around the holiday table
Came family you never knew.
No one ever turned away
Somehow you made do.

You never spoke or bragged
Of your accomplishments.
Few, if any, will ever know
The exact size of your dent.

God must have needed an angel
When he called you from this land.
I know heaven is better off
With you to lend a hand.

Perhaps there will be another
Who will come to take your place.
But no one will ever say you left this world
Without a single trace.
October 25, 2007
My heartfelt condolences to the Johnson family. I worked with Marie in the FAA and also enjoyed her as a wonderful traveling companion and friend. We traveled together to Europe where we shared many wonderful adventures. Fact is, Marie saw more of Europe than I. I was laid up in the ship for four days but she didn't miss a single stop. She and I also traveled to many contracting schools was on one of these trips that she and I shared a room. Of notable mention is one night, after passing a final test, we decided to celebrate with our favorite drink(scotch). I soon learned that Marie never, ever got matter how much she drank. She was always Marie. I will miss her very much and I thank fate for the chance to spend two hours in the car with her the last time I saw her. She had locked herself out of her house and we spend a very pleasant couple of hours reminicing and catching up with each other and our families. Your family and friends will miss you very much. Rest well my friend.
October 24, 2007
Dear Johnson "kids",
Your Mom was always so sweet to me, from the time I was little until the last time I saw her awhile back. I am holding happy memories of her, your dad, and all you "kids". I know my parents valued your folks friendship greatly. Please know that I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. With deepest sympathy and love,
Maureen Beeson (alias Reenie Doogan)

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