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July 20, 2018

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July 20, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 11, 2008
Hey Grandma june,

I miss you so much right now. I am so confused, I wish you were here right now and still with us but god wanted you and you answered his call. camping was fun, Havent got to do that in a while, I miss you more and more everyday, It`s hard not having you around anymore, I cry sometimes when I think of you but I know that you are in a better and more peaceful place with god ..... Love you always grandma June
August 08, 2008
Well momma, I'm just trying to get the kids ready to go camping...what a fiasco!!...I can just imagine you shaking your head at all the drama!!I'm telling you, it was much easier to get them ready when they were all little!! Wish you were here, I miss you so much...I love you bunches!!! You will always and forever be in my heart and soul....You are always on my mind...
July 29, 2008
hey grandma how you doing? i miss you so much i still cry sometimes because your gone and it hurts so bad because your gone and i sometimes need someone to talk to about things and when i want to turn to i want to get so emotional but i hold it in because you want me to be strong for you and i just feel like a piece of my heart has been shattered. i miss you alot grandma
July 22, 2008
Hey Mom,
Most of our conversations are done and tears are shed in private, just between you and me. But, there just never seems to be enough to say. Remember the notes I used to leave you???..LOL! You never leave my thoughts. Though we live, laugh and love, you are never forgotten, just missed so very much. I love you Mama and I miss you so much sometimes my heart hurts. But you know this already. Well, for now I'll say good night, I'll "talk" to you later... XOXOXO
P.S. You know I didn't forget your birthday!!!
July 19, 2008
Hey Grandma Happy late birthday ... me zack,wedy and uncle rickie sang happy birthday to you on your birthday :) I miss you terribly more and more everyday ...Love you TONS BYE GRANDMA ...
July 17, 2008
Hey Momma...Happy Birthday...I miss you so very much...I Love You even are still very much alive in my heart, yet my soul aches for you every day...
February 28, 2008
Hey Grandma,
I remember one thanksgiving when aunt renne lived with us you were in the kitchen cutting up olives for she enchilada casserole and you never did once cut yourself. just for you being there I believe that I can do anything because besides you being blind and not walking good you still tried you never gave up. grandma I love and miss you tons.Your body left but your soul will never leave us . Grandma I will love you forever until the end of time ...

hey pst "Wax on Wax off"
love you g-ma June
February 28, 2008
Hey grandma June. I was up kinda late last night writing you a poem.

Grandma June
Oh you are so beautiful.
Oh you will be missed.
You are no longer here but there.
Dancing with the angels above.
Oh please save a dance for me.

Oh how you liked pumpkin pie.
Oh how you liked to bake.
Your bannana nut bread.
Oh how you liked the open road.
You really liked the Alcan.

Oh how much you are greatly missed.
I truly miss you.
You are not here.
But you are with me.
Oh please watch over me.

Oh you are deeply missed.
Oh how Texas Ranger used to come on at four.
Oh how at the end we did`nt watch it no more.
You are beautiful.
Oh how you made me smile.
Smiles come and go.
But I know you will never truly leave me so.

You were blind but now you can see. Oh you could`nt walk good.
Oh how you must like gods new pair for you.
To one little girl you were "Shaky Grandma".
Oh how you are not shaky anymore.
Oh how much I love you.
Oh how you are loved.

Oh how in twenty three-minutes time can change.
Oh thats how long it took you.
I told you I loved you so.
Oh just twenty-three minutes before you would go.
Oh how I love you.

At the end there was`nt much time.
Oh how you stayed with me.
Oh how much I did`nt want you to go.
But god called you and you went.
Oh how you answered gods call.

At the end there was`nt much time.
I was here and you were there.
Oh how I wanted to be there.
But I was here.
Oh how time goes right by.
Oh you are loved.

Well I have`nt been writing to you much but I truly love you so.
February 15, 2008
There is a majestic quality-
In everyone for all to see.
Some keep it hidden, some never realize-
The magnificence they hold in others' eyes.

Ah, yes, life itself is the gift.
Though the memory, itself, Time doth sift.
And some might think the reverence gone-
As those we love one by one pass on.

But the intricacies Fate doth weave-
In commemoration for all who grieve.
Are the blessings given to rebirth-
From souls no-longer of this earth.

At first notice I came undone,
My father staring at me through my son.
But, now, in joy I ascertain-
Through him, my father lives again.

I look to heavens' resounding grace-
Renewed appreciation of life and my place.
Knowing as each newborn child opens their eyes-
The miracle continues, no one really dies.
January 30, 2008
grandma, i love you so so sorry i wasnt there to see you more and i left so early...kenyon has gotten so big, now your in heaven you can look after him be his gardian angel for me..there's no one else who can be better than you always audrey

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