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Jeri Barrett
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August 28, 2014
Love you...Mommy...
August 19, 2014
August 19, 2014
Happy Birthday.......
August 19, 2014
In the year of firsts, this will be the first of your birthdays since I've been born that will happen without you, not really without you because you are always here, but the first without your physical presence. The first birthday we spent together was your 18th just a month after I was born. The last was your 73rd when you asked me to bring eclairs instead of cake. It has been nine months, nine months of missing you, about as long as you carried me in your belly, nine months of feeling much lost, being lost and feeling loss. I look for you always and sometimes I find you, but still nothing will ever be the same without being able to really have you where I can see you and hear you and talk to you. You said it would be hard. You knew that losing you would be a "big" one. You knew and you were right. I love you, my dear Mommy. Feliz cumpleanos!!!
Happy Birthday!!! Love, Kelly, your nina...
May 29, 2014
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my mother. There is no place I turn that she doesn't greet me.
March 27, 2014
March 27, 2014
I am so terribly sorry to hear of Jeri's passing. I knew both Jeri and her sister Deborah, and we became friends in the mid 1950's. I met Jeri through her sister Deborah. We all lost touch with each other for several years, and about 9 years ago, Jeri and I got in touch with each other and talked on the phone. After that we would send e-mails to each other. We hadn't e-mailed for several months in the last couple of years, so I did not know she was ill. May God Rest her Soul.
January 14, 2014
You were such a sweet little spirit. Although we didn't speak often, I always felt close to you. It was nice having a grandma that was sweet, spirited, creative, and thoughtful. My fondest memories are being with you and Steve for Christmas. I just recently realized how many things that I remembered you have told me. I also remember being a kid when you gave me my first real jewelry. An amethyst ring I have because of you and I'll love it forever. My mom is now creating these projects for you and I have been seeing your pictures from when you were a child until adulthood. It has become more evident how much you loved life. Your sweet spirit shined throughout all your days. It makes us happy to know you enjoyed your life. We really love you and miss you. I will miss the 3 hour drive and knowing that I'll see you. I love you grandma.
December 18, 2013
Loved you auntie
December 05, 2013
I shall miss her - a wonderful person who just made the world seem a better place.
November 30, 2013
You have my deepest sympathy. May good memories provide solace for your family during this challenging time, and may God provide you with the assurance that you will see your loved one again in paradise. - John 17: 3
November 30, 2013
November 29, 2013
November 29, 2013
November 29, 2013
Jeri Barrett was a GREAT woman, person, mother and friend. I had the opportunity to meet her many, many years ago. When we met she immediately embraced me and treated me as family. What a great feeling. During those years we spent time together talking about her interests and discussing many things I loved to do. She loved her family, her dogs and cooking. What a great cook.
I had a chance to eat at "Little River Restaurant", which she owned in Mendocino and enjoyed many great meals. People who have eaten there know exactly I mean, DELICIOUS! The meals were phenomenal and the atmosphere was inviting.
She was a very knowledgable woman and she could hold an intelligent conversation on many subjects. I will surely miss her and will always keep the PROMISE I made to her. I love you Jeri Barrett.
November 26, 2013
My mother was introduced to me when she was just a girl. She was seventeen when she gave birth to me. I was her miracle. She could not believe that I was hers. I can't believe that she was mine. We chose each other before we had taken our first breathes.

My mother carried me for ten months and delivered an almost 10 pound baby who was too shy to be born and had to be pulled out with forceps. My mom thought I was beautiful when no one else could agree with her until I got a little older, but she thought I was beautiful from the very beginning. She taught me my first words, my first prayer, how to sit and how to stand. She taught me an openess to the world, a kindness to all, and how it felt to be loved, really loved, unconditionally. I have lost one I love, but I have lost, lost the one who loved me more than anyone, and the void that is left is inconsolable.

There was nothing that my mom couldn't do...She was the most talented person I ever knew. It goes without saying that she was a fabulous cook, who I never knew to use a recipe. My mom cooked from her soul and there was nothing that she couldn't figure out how to make and made it from scratch. She was an artist. She could draw and paint. Before she got a tumor on her spine, she played tennis. I think she may still have played tennis in her dreams and I hope more than anything in the world that there is a tennis court in heaven. She could rototill the yard, fix the remote control, make curtains, and answer all the questions on Jeopardy. She wasn't afraid of anything. If it needed to be done, she figured it out. I have no idea who will be able to answer the next question I have about the difference between chicken stock and chicken broth or if it is ok to eat sour cream past the expiration date. My mom knew the answer to every question. And now, I'm not sure how I get through the rest of my life without my mommy. No matter how old...I always called her mommy...she will always be my mommy and I feel the loss of her as if I was a two year old...I just can't help but cry for my mommy.

And then I think...she is right here. She is in my voice, my smile, my scrunched up expression when I concentrate. She is in the love that I have for my children. She will be forever in the heart of a heart that learned to beat to the rhythm of hers.

I am humbly grateful for the mother that I have, to have been raised by the best of souls, to have been loved so well and for so long. There has been no one that I have loved longer and there will not be a day that I do not miss her in this world.
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