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March 19, 2018

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March 19, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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December 16, 2006
Xiomara y Familia:

A llegado la fiesta de fin de ano, y los tengo mucho en mente, Xiomara se que en estos dias seran duros para ti pero no olvides nunca que nuestro Dios todopoderoso tiene control de todas nuestras tristezas y angustias.
Dios te sigue honrando a ti y a tu hijo y a toda tu familia por esas bases tan fuertes y esos valores tan importantes que has sembrado en tus hijos.
Leyendo este libro puedo ver como Andy a agradado no solamente a Dios sino que ha sido de gran impacto en la vida de muchas gentes.
Digo esto porque es obvio a leer todas las entradas todos se refieren de el de las misma manera.
Hermana querida en Cristo Jesus sientete honrada hoy y siempre hiciste de tu hijo lo mejor de lo mejor compliste con la labor que sin darte cuenta DIOS te encomendo, lo prepaste para cosas grandes fue a la guerra y cumplio como hombre con su responsabilidad es por eso que hoy quiero honrarlo escribiendo en este libro que a sido de alguna manera de gran bendicion para todos,para los que lo conocieron y para aquellos que no lo conocieron a traves de estas entradas pueden tener una verdadera idea quien era su hijo Andy.
Hermana siga adelante que para toda la vida la legacidad de su hijo continuara y nunca sera olvidado creo que dejo marcada las vidas de muchos con su gracia y su bondad. A usted le pido que no se detenga viva orgullosa de su hijo porque el pago un precio muy alto, y para estar a la diestra del Padre Jesus hay que pagar aquel precio. Y ahora sabemos por confimacion del DIOS todopodero que su hijo esta a la dietra del Padre Dios viva en paz siga sirviendole a Dios que cosas grandes vienen para usded y su familia.
En estas fiestas le deseo que Dios les de paz y concolacion en sus horas de tristezas y fuerzas en Dios. Y a todos los que hacen entradas en este libro sigan honrando a Andy y no se olviden de aquella familia que sufre a diario por la perdida de un ser tan querido, pero la esperanza es que nos reuniremos pronto.

Bendiciones hermana la quiero mucho y los llevo en oracion siempre.Su Hermana en Cristo Jesus.

December 13, 2006
Hey Andy, Is me Jackie i sit here at my desk at work I stare at your funny because I also have a picture of Toto right beside yors, and most of the clients that come to me think you are my husband he-he I know you think thats funny too! so they ask "is your husband in military" is one of the pictures in your uniform.
Then with much pride I share with everyone your beautiful story over and over. I feel so honored that I got to know you will never be gorgotten. Is hard to come across good people, so when you find them you don't want to ever let go....i'm sure no one will ever let go of all of the wonderful memories we have of you. I'm sure i wont. You were so special Andy...and you know how people say that when you're gone people want to then come around and call out all the good things about you, I don't look at it that way because, I remember that you use to call me to see how Toto and I were doing and I would always tell you how proud I was of you...and how happy I was that you would call me. We didn't talk much, but when we did we had a lot to say to each other, I always had problems going on and you were such a good listener.....I miss you. I think of you and forget sometimes that you are in heaven I think of you and I have to stop and realize that you are in a better place and not hard Andy we miss having you here. All of these holidays are so hard with you not here, specially for your mom. I know you are watching over her to help her stay strong....she loves you so much so she needs all the comfort you can give her with that and with the help of God she'll find the peace in her heart, and of course with all the love and support of all the family and the loved ones here. Andy sometimes the road gets rocky here....please watch over us and help us make it through our journey with much success the same way you did it, so that we can get to that wonderful place you rest at now.
we love you and miss you very much.
talk to you later ok....
December 12, 2006
I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord that you be blessed, To grant you peace within your heart, and give your mind a needed rest.

I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord to give you health, To give you strength to do your work, and prosper within Heaven's wealth.

I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord to ease your load, To lift the burdens that you carry, walking down life's narrow road.

I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord to light your way, To send you angels on your journey and guide you steps each passing day.

I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord to keep you safe, and send protection from all evil, as you run life's constant race.

I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord to give you power, To cover you with his own blood, in every minute, every hour.

I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord to give you wisdom, To give you courage in decisions, to push you forward in God's Kingdom.

I prayed for you today, and asked the Lord to give you grace, To win your battles with His help, in situations you must face.

I prayed for you today, and asked the lord to meet your needs, To bring to pass your true desires, that your faith may be increased.

I prayed for you today, and asked for God's most perfect will, To manifest within your life, as His plan is then revealed.

I prayed for you today, for God has placed you on my heart, to touch the Lord on your behalf, whether you are near or far.

I prayed for you today, and know the Lord will answer your prayer, you see his promise will stand, for your Savior truly cares.

I prayed for you today, and asked God's love to see you through, And let you feel His holy presence, as I bow down and pray for you.

Now as you travel down life's road, as the Lord shows you the way, Take comfort now in knowing, that I prayed for you today.

To the Anderson and Mena family...God bless you and you are always in my prayer's, I may never truly know the deep pain and hurt that you feel in your hearts...but please take comfort in knowing that we all share the same love for a great friend, son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, fiance and so much more.

May God Bless you and keep you during this Holiday season.
December 11, 2006
To The Anderson Family;
We wish we could take away your sorrow. During the step by step healing that comes in its own way and in its own time to the private corners of the heart, know that there are those who care about you.

"May you know that you are not alone, I cannot tell you how sad I am for your loss,I cried and prayed for you.You are not forgetten.
We lost a son and have an inkling of the pain and mourning but the unity and spirit of this country gives us great hope.
I will never forget those who have died, Hereos have made our country stronger.
Thank you for the courage and strengh you have shown through your great sacrifice Cpl Anderson. You have inspired and strengthened a nation, and in a turn, we support you.
Our family takes one day at a time, appreciates the simplest pleasures in life, knows the miracle of a precious child, and hopes that every day, in our small way, we can make a difference in the world to honor those you loved and lost, who are never forgotten by you or by us.
God bless America. "We will never fail". But the fallen are not the only ones in whom we honor. In your own way you are also hereos. You have borne the unbearable and you will rise victorious. You are appreciated, and you inspire. You never wanted to be in this position but, like the hereos of the past, you are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.