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November 23, 2017

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November 23, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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February 16, 2017
I see it's been awhile since anyone has posted here. A few weeks ago, I started writing down some thoughts to be given to my two youngest children, Vivi and Maya, after I'm no longer around. Was thinking that it would have been nice to have something like that from Mom and/or Dad, where we as adults could get to know them better. Funny how you can live with someone for years and still not know so much about them . . . but I guess that is part of the nature of humans. I'm not looking to divulge 'secrets,' but would like to be able to talk to my youngest when they are in their adult years, soI am thinking that they will be reading what I write many years from now. Have not been very consistent since I began, but am hoping to keep it going . . .
September 14, 2015
Unfortunately, I was not in a position to do much hands on help for Dad and Mom, but I have always appreciated and admired what my siblings did for them over the years. And I do recognize that warm and satisfactory feeling from having helped them, though what I did over the years was limited. I am proud of how our family stayed close despite the years and the distances and I hope (and expect) that we will continue that and thereby also continue to set an example for the younger generations!
September 13, 2015
Remembering the times that I got to help out Dad and Mom around the house. Things like cutting up and hauling trees, installing a hot water heater, rewiring the out building, rebuilding a porch, patching the roof, repairing a fence, grocery shopping, laundry, doctors appointments, painting the house, repairing the lawn tractor, and of course mowing the lawn. Back then it was always a joy to help them, and now it's the fond memories. All of us kids helped them - I was fortunate to have stayed in the area and see how much they appreciated their kids. Wish all families had it so good.
March 06, 2014
When dad passed away nearly 11 years ago his last request was that us kids take good care of mom. I hope that we have done a decent job of that so far.
May 06, 2013
After ten years, memories of Dad remain prominent. Since Trang and daughter Vivienne did not get the chance to meet Dad, I get to tell them stories about him. I even had occasion to mention him while teaching last week, when I caught myself saying something that he often said ("what the hell!"). As students had questioning looks, I quickly explained that came from my Dad and you had to then fill in the rest of the words. Dad really was a cool guy!
May 04, 2013
I took mom to the cemetery yesterday to visit dad's grave as we near the 10th anniversary of his death. It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the mid 70s. I remembered how much dad enjoyed spring and getting his vegetable garden worked up to begin planting on days like this. I think his greatest joys were taking care of his garden and small orchard of fruit trees, along with sipping coffee on the back porch while watching the sunrise and listening to the birds sing.
February 11, 2011
In December of last year, we visited Michigan with my two kids and wife, Trang. It was Trang's first time to meet the family, and while there we visited Dad's grave on a snowy, but lovely day. Trang fell instantly in love with Mom and my one wish while there is that she would have had the opportunity to meet Dad in person. Since our return, I have been telling stories about Dad, trying to give her and the kids more of a sense of what kind of person, father, and grandfather he was.

One memory of Dad surfaced after we left the cemetery on that snowy day and drove past Sugarloaf Lake. When I was around 12 or 13, Dad took me fishing on Sugarloaf. We purchased some bait (nightcrawlers) and rented a boat at the little store on the lake. We fished for hours with minimal results and when the bait was running out, decided to head back. I pulled in my pole and Dad instructed me to row back leisurely while he trolled with the last worm. Not far from the dock he had a big bite and after a brief struggle pulled in a large bass (later turned out to be 15+ in). We got pretty excited and Dad quietly told me to row really slow as he threw out his line with about one third of a worm attached to a single hook on the harness. He said he wanted to get the big brother of the fish he had just caught. Sure enough, a few seconds later something big hit the line, and this time the struggle lasted awhile. As Dad maneuvered the fish to the side of the boat we could see it was quite a bit larger than the previous one. As he pulled it out, to me it looked like nothing short of a monster (later turned out 18+ in.)! What I remember most over these many years is how happy Dad was to catch those fish the he did. On the way home he kept saying, wow, we caught those on the last nightcrawler! I remember he made me feel very much part of it by praising my calm and patient rowing.

I was fortunate to have a handful of good times fishing with Dad, but this on in particular stands out in my memory.

- Dan Bush
May 24, 2008
I quoted Dad the other day on something that stuck with me all these years. One might expect that Dad would not have had much patience with adolescent struggles, but on more than one occasion when some issue came up, he would say that it was not easy being a teenager. That used to strike me because I assumed that he would always side with the adult. But I think he had a pragmatic attitude when it came to personal issues--that life wasn't always easy and though we may make mistakes, we must try to learn from them and do the best we can, however imperfect. I hope I can employ that same attitude as my own children grow into young adulthood.
May 07, 2008
Yesterday makes 5 years since dad has been gone. I sure do miss his down-to-earth attitude about most things. If only more people had his level of integrity; the world would be a better place.

Missing your stories and laughter, Dad!
December 19, 2007
Tomorrow is Dad's 89th birthday. Lately I've been remembering the times that Dad helped me out on my various home repair projects after he retired.

Neither of us had much carpentry experience yet he was there for me when I replaced the center beam under my house on a cold day in January in 1981. He assisted me for nearly 18 hours through what was the most dangerous and tiring day of my life.

A year and a half later we spent 4 - 15 hour days over a 10 day period removing the old siding and putting up new plywood sheathing on that same house. Each of the 4 days we took only one break at midday for about 30 minutes and consumed many cheeseburgers. He also had a 45 minute drive at each end of those long work days. A few months later Mom told me that he was exhausted when he got home after helping me.

The home repairs that we did together remind me of the times when I was a teenager that he would hit the softball to me (just the two of us) for hours out in the big yard. He would hit it short, then deep, then to the left, then to the right trying to tire me out. Neither one of us would admit to the other that we were exhausted and wanted to quit.

I am not sure if that kind of persistence comes from being stubborn or proud, but am glad that I got some of it from my dad.

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Trang at Dad's grave, Dec. 2010 Mom & Dad at Don & Becky's

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