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August 04, 2015

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August 04, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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January 08, 2004
Bob and Carol Haviland
January 06, 2004
We all miss you Dad.
August 21, 2003
I have been missing Dad too. I remember many years ago going rabbit hunting with Dad and Don. It was a beautiful Fall day near the farm in Chelsea. I went along for the walk.

All of a sudden this huge deer a buck got up and slowly loped away. We just stared in awe. It was quite large. Days and years later, Dad would tell the story about seeing the buck and would always call me out to verify that everything was absolutely accurate. He knew his brothers would believe him if one of the kids agreed as they always tell the truth.

It really was true.
August 21, 2003
It has been three and a half months now since we lost Dad. I often think about all the things that he taught me. I miss him alot and am thankful that we had him for so many years.

One summer day three years ago I was helping him connect a few new electrical outlets in the chicken house / workshop. At first I saw it as a quick 1 to 2 hour job to finish and then head out to the lake for a beautiful summer day. Dad started telling me about the basement that his brother Bob started building - especially about the great job Bob was doing laying the concrete blocks so straight and neat for his new house - a house that never was finished as the in-laws gave Bob and Pearl the house on Holmes Road . . . eventually I learned to slow down on the wiring job and enjoy some quality time with Dad. I spent the whole morning and afternoon listening to Dad's stories - many that I had never heard before - I wish now that I could remember more of those stories - but I will never forget the wonderful summer day with my Dad.
July 17, 2003
Uncle Howard is still providing us all with a new opportunity to use this media to get reconnected after all these years. Can some one tell me where Gary Wilber and his daughter Pat and son Kevin are. The last time I talked with Gary was back when one of the kids had a graduation open house. I have enjoyed reading about all of your memories of Howard. Please contine.
July 04, 2003
The main things that I remember about Grandpa are; kids were always included in games of cards, volleyball and softball. Grandpa participated when most people his age wouldn't even try.
We never kept score in volleyball or softball and cards always seemed to be a game of chance.
Going to Grandpa's house on Saturday's was a lot of fun.

Grandpa Bush was a very special person.

He reinforced what my parents taught me. Treat people the way that you want to be treated.
July 04, 2003
June 12, 2003
Don't know why, but this one came to me recently: It was June, 1943. I was 5 years old. Howard, Betty, Don & Diana lived in a little trailer next to our house on Rossbach Rd. (The same house where Howard & Audrey & family lived in later years.) My mother, Vera, was expecting, and we had just come home from the grocery store. Dad went into the house with one load, and Mom got out, grabbed a couple of bags, turned around, and her maternity skirt fell down to her ankles. Howard came out of his place laughing so hard, he decided to go back and get his camera. Mom was yelling, "D--n it! Come and get these groceries so I can get my skirt back on!"

The next morning, I awoke to find no one in our house but my little brother Phil (I think they called him "Sonny" back then; but it was changed to "Butch" because Grandpa Wilber thought "Sonny" sounded like a sissy. He always called Dad "Buck.")

I called for Momma or Daddy and couldn't find them anywhere, so I did what I always did in any scary situation. I went back to bed and started bawling really loud.

Our bedroom window was open, and suddenly there was my Uncle Howard at the window, laughing at me, and he began to tell me silly stories so I would start laughing too. I don't remember when I figured out that my parents had gone to the hospital to "get" my brother Gary. He must have shifted a bit the night before and that was why mom's skirt fell off.
June 07, 2003
I remember Uncle Jim, Donna, Joyce, and Carol well. I am about 2 years older than Joyce. I recall the times when they visited and when we went to their red brick house in Ypsilanti. I was a kid at the time and always thought a brick house the best as wolves could not blow them down.

Uncle Jim was my favorite - he would always talk and play with us kids. He helped us move from the farm when I was 3 years old. I sat in the middle of the front seat of his pickup truck as we drove and I kept pushing the stick shift out of gear as uncle Jim drove - he would just laugh and put the truck back in gear - at the time I wondered how he knew that I had moved the stick.

Dad always told us a story about Jim working and saving, and then taking a whole year off from work - I think that Dad thought it was neat that Jim could take a whole year off. He also told us a lot of Jim & Kenny stories including the horse bought at auction.

We lost touch with Donna, Joyce, and Carol shortly after Jim passed away. It is nice to hear from Joyce and Carol.
June 06, 2003
Dad used to tell a story about his brother Jim, as a young man he went nuts over buying things at auctions. They never knew what he'd bring home next.

Just last year Dad recounted the story about the time Jim came home, said he bought a horse. There wasn't anywhere to keep a horse. So while one brother and Jim went to get the horse (took several hours), the others set out to build a barn.

When the horse arrived, it's whole rear end stuck out from the barn, it was a little short.

I remember Jim coming to the house to explain his operation, he thought it was the right way to go since he had a family. Everyone was heartbroken over the result.

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Trang at Dad's grave, Dec. 2010 Mom & Dad at Don & Becky's
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