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July 05, 2015

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July 05, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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February 14, 2014
Well Carol hard to believe its already 9 months since you left us. I wished that I could say that I have accepted that, but in my heart I can't. I miss you far too much. Talking to you would always make me feel better when ever a situation occurred. I pray that one day soon you will come back in a dream and let me know that everything is ok.
Love you so much and missing you more than ever. Betty
January 09, 2014
Well Carol, Today was a day that I wanted to pickup the phone and call you. You would always be the first person I would call. Tiki died today suddenly . I felt so heartbroken for Kenny. I am having a hard time excepting it. I am really gonna miss him being here.Seems that everything that I love is slowly leaving me behind. Kenny is going to have him cremated. Well I just wanted to fill you in. Love and miss you so much.RIP
January 04, 2014
Happy Birthday sister! Miss you so much.
Been getting by with everyday life.Its Kenny's birthday Sunday too. I know you are watching over the family and that you are so proud of their acomplishments. Going to see Georiganna in Memphis with Catherine. She just found out that she too has breast cancer.It was the worst year ever, hopefully this one will be a little better, but not as it should, cause you are not here with all of us. I still have a hard time sleeping and thinking that this is all a bad dream and that when I wake up I will get a call from you and hear your voice telling me that everything will be ok.
I hope you are at peace now and having a good time up there surrounded by mommy and dad and everyone else who has left us behind. I love you so much.
RIP little sister. Talk to you soon. Betty
January 03, 2014
Happy Birthday Mommy! I just wanted to let you know what's been going on in our lives. First of all this is the worst year ever. So much tragedy and bad news for our family and friends. Please watch over us and make this year a better one. Anyway first kris is doing amazing and enjoying college life. You would be so proud. You always said that was your mams and so special. Your right she is! She misses you so much. Her and I cry, laugh and talk about you all the time. Jim is finally driving. He's doing good he's such a good boy and talks about you too! Jayla is doing so good in school. Her teachers love her. She is still. Her bratty self. But talks about you and says grandma is still a angel in heaven but she wants you here and not in heaven anymore. Big Jake is running all over the place and talking pretty good. I always show him your pictures I want him to know who you were and how spe iCal you were to all of us. Rosie and I talk on a regular basis and remain close. You would be proud of us mom. I think we are closer now than ever. She works a lot, and always going to drs trying to take care of herself all while raising Carissa Carissa is growing up so fast and is such a good little girl I talk to Aunt Bet and see her a lot too. Her and I went in the fall. To visit Kris at college. We had so much fun! We were talking about memories of you. Rosie was so sick and couldn't come. But she's coming next time with us. Pop is lost without you. But you would be proud of him. He comes over all the time and plays with the kids. jake is so attached to him. Ed and I are doing good.We talk all the time about the good times with you. Our trips and especially the boat. I know you loved that boat. We didn't go on it this past year. It was just too soon and too hard for all of us. But we are gonna this summer, As I know you would want. jayla always plays songs and says this is grandmas boat song. She loved that song! Mom I miss you every day,especially our talks. You were my best friend and the one person I shared everything with. I miss the phone ringing in the morning and thru out the day. My heart still has this numb feeling without you in my life everyday. But I still talk to you and wonder why god had to take you so soon! I love and miss you so much mommy and hope you have a great birthday in heaven! Love you and forever missed, Kelly
January 03, 2014
Happy Birthday Mommy! I just wanted to let you know what's been going on in our lives first of all Christmas was very sad without you but we all were together just as you would want. Rosie and I talk on a regular basis. She's doing ok. Going to her dr apps and trying to take care of herself. Carissa is growing up so fast and be oming such a wonderful little girl! Aunt Bet is doing good. She's always in touch with me and we try to get together quite. Often. She and I went up to visit Kris @ college. We had so much fun! Wish so bad you were there with us. Rosiewas very sick at the time but will come with us next time. Kris is doing amazing! She loves college and is making us all very proud. Jim is now driving! Can you believe it! Jayla is in school and doing well. She loves it. Still her bratty self but always talks about you. Always says grandmas an angel and she wants you to come back down here.Jake is running all over the place and starting to talk very good. I show him your pictures all the time. Pop is doing ok. He is so lost without you. I see himall the time and he comes over a lot and plays with the kids. Ed and I are doing good. Our basement is finished.you would have loved it. Your picture is hanging up.mom this past year has been one of the roughest years any of us have faced. I really miss talking to you every day and you coming over all the time. There is such an empty space, a void in my heart without you here. You were my rock and my best friend. The one who I always talked to. Good and bad. Ed and I always talk about the good times we had with you. jayla always plays songs and says this is a boat song. Grandma liked this song too. Mom even though your not here please try to pray that this year is a better year for all of us. Our family has benn thru one bad thing after another and cannot take any more tragedy. We are a special one of a kind family that shares a bond most families don't have. That's because of you. You always kept us close and together. But we will remain that way with you in our hearts now and forever! I love and miss you so much! Love you mommy, Kelly
December 23, 2013

This will be our first Christmas without you. Our family knows how much you always enjoyed this time of year and spending it with all of us. This will the first time I am not spending Christmas Eve overnight at your house. It is also the first time, Carissa won't be spending the night and opening her gifts Christmas morning with you. She asked me a few times how come we can't continue our tradition of spending the night before Christmas at your house. I told her I just couldn't do it. In reality, I felt as though I wanted to hide under a rock until all of this "holiday stuff" passed. Kelly and I spoke a few times about this and both agreed you would want us to not change a thing, you would want us to all be together and enjoy the day. That is exactly what we are doing.

When you were alive, you and I spoke on how life would change one day if you were to leave us. You told me over and over, we would all have to continue to be strong, and be there for each other. We are trying Mom, I can promise you, but this has been a horrible year for our family to say the least. Losing you was the beginning of all of the other horrible things to come. Kelly and I were just saying we feel like every week we are saying "what else can happen." You are truly missed and there is not a day that goes by that I don't find myself thinking about you. Carissa even sees it and doesn't even say anything anymore when she sees me upset. She just hugs me and says " you miss Grandma right Mommy" and I just hold her tight. I have said it before and I will say it again, Kelly and Ed have done so much not only for Pop, but for all of us. You were always the rock that held our family together. I strongly believe my sister has stepped in and taken that role and I can't thank her and Ed enough for all they do for all of us. I don't even have words strong enough to define how lost I am without you, I can tell you its a pain I don't think will ever really go away. I often wonder if you hear me talking to you. Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday. Missing you is the heartache that I feel never will really go away. I love you so much.
December 13, 2013
Well Carol it is now been 7 months and time has not healed the way I feel. Christmas will not be the same without you. I do thank you for my beautiful nieces who are a reflection of you. I love and miss you, mom and dad and think of our memories we had as a family, especially during the Holiday time. RIP little sister
November 22, 2013
It is now 6 months since your passing and I still am waiting for you to call. the Holidays are coming and it just makes me sadder knowing your'e not here with us. Had a great timebeing with Kelly and Krisi in Conn.
I look at them and think this all cam e about because of you. I know you are so proud. I will be there for them if they every need me, as I have told Kelly n Rosie many times. They are always on my mind. Love you so much.
RIP Betty
October 23, 2013
Well, Carol 5 months have gone by and it still has not gotten any easier for any of us. I know you would be happy knowing that we do all get together at least every 2 weeks. I miss you more than anything. I feel so lost without you in my life. I use you famous words all the time now "why not" and follow thru. RIP LITTLE SISTER. Love you Betty
September 14, 2013
Just wanted to come through here and say you have been on my mind....I told Rosie that I had a dream about you telling us you were glad we were such good friends and for me to watch Ro. It was so real and it was your voice telling me this....you may be gotten in physical but living on in spirit!

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