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July 27, 2014
Hey pop. Think of you everyday still. Well the downstairs is finally finished. Wish you were here to see it but again i hope your standing over my shoulder and you can see it anyway. I had such a great time with you building everything. Man we had some really hard laughs and i loved being with you. I wish that project never ended. Anyway its all finished. Took a while but everyday i got closer everyday i thought i wish you were here with me to finish it. Next project is another bathroom and a shed. Miss you buddy. Love you. Vayda says whoot whoot. I sometimes think maybe you visit her because she talks about poppop out of nowhere. I hope she never stops.
July 26, 2014
Miss you Dad <3 it still feels weird to not have you around for everything. I miss talking to you about our shows. I miss your witty comments and you would laugh to know that I occasionally will watch a commercial since you always said I missed a lot of good ones because I recorded everything. I thank you every day for helping me be a patient person. Well as patient as I can get, I still have that teensy weensy spark of anger towards things that don't work, kinda like you and that chainsaw of yours :). I love you and miss you bunches wish you were here <3
June 15, 2014
Happy Father's Day Dad<3
May 25, 2014
Thank you Dad for serving our country <3
May 18, 2014
Hey Dad,

Kelsye and I watched the cutest movie the other night. I went oh man Pop-Pop would have enjoyed this one. I know you liked that bridge to terrabithia so you would have loved this one. Maybe you were here after all, but I know you would have been the one telling me about it because you would have found it first on your movie channels. I miss you, I miss our talks about all the silly shows you got me addicted to :) I love you and miss you <3
May 02, 2014
my dearest jim, todays our 33rd anniversary or would have been, remember we were pushing for 50...everyday that goes by, im still looking for you to walk in a room or walk up the stairs,,,time is not making this better, missing you so much. i love you....g
April 21, 2014
well another holiday has passed, all the children were here over the weekend..including all the little ones too, house was full of noise, girls colored eggs, and there was an easter egg hunt...you were so missed, i could see you sitting there with kelsye dying eggs while she dyed her fingers too...i cant even discribe your loss , its just over whelming. its not getting better, in fact its hurting even more, i love you so much. where ever you are im sure youre healthy and doing well..until...love you g
April 09, 2014
You must have been visiting Hailey in her dream yesterday. She woke up singing Jimmy Crack Corn :) She was singing it behind me and I turned and said who taught you that song, she goes oh I don't know, I just know it. I know you sang it to her and Kelsye when they were young, but we haven't really sang it in awhile or heard it. I also ended up falling asleep on Saturday on the couch and heard a huge yawn at 1 in the morning. The only thing around was the dog. Steve said he bets it was you. I never thought about it, guess you could have been visiting. I also happened to be vacuuming out the car today and chuckled to myself about my missing car mat. I had to think what the heck happened to it and remembered the spilled cabbage on St. Patty's day that one year. You tried your best to get the smell out but that is some stinky stuff :) Kelsye was funny 2 days ago. She told me she was carving a stick. I told her you widdled all the time, she said she had no idea. I told her I would show her all the stuff you made when we visit. I told her that all the carvings up on the wall were done from you and your awesome widdling. I told her you did attempt to show me how to do it but I wasn't very good. I am happy to see that it seems you are visiting us. I have missed you. I saw one lonely male bluebird the other day and new it was you and a lonely mallard too. I grabbed a gift card for Hailey's teacher today and was surprised to see the only design they had was a hummingbird :) I miss you so much and love you <3
April 04, 2014
It's still so weird to me that you are gone. I almost asked mom last night if I could talk to you...I will visit you during Easter. Sorry I have not come by, I don't feel like you are actually there, I feel you spirit is were ever we need you to be. I watched SVU today and thought of how you got me addicted to the show, you would have like this episode it had a lot of twists to it. The girls were talking about you the other day and they remembered the one time you made them pancakes. You remember that? You let me sleep in and mom wasn't home yet or something and you had made them pancakes. The girls planted a bunch of seeds yesterday, lets see if they have your green thumb because I sure don't :) Easter is in a few weeks, it's so weird that this is our 2nd one without you. I loved how you would help the girls decorate eggs or just sit and watch them make a mess. I know you enjoyed watching them run around the yard searching during the egg hunt. I am happy that they have such great memories with you. I am happy that I always made time to come up to see you so they could have all of these special memories. I love you dad and I miss you like crazy. <3
March 17, 2014
Hey Dad just wanted to let you know I miss you and think of you all the time. I love you so much <3
February 21, 2014
Hey dad. So i follow this car for a wrong turn. The guy gets out and instantly reminds me of you. He apologizes right off the bat and says hes late for his chemo treatment. Of course i say dont worry about it and he just says thank you. Can only think your saying hello and if so thank you. Love you dad.
February 08, 2014
my dearest jim, a year has passed but it seems all a bad dream, i keep expecting you to walk up the steps, sit down on the couch and we share a cup of coffee and conversation, so much is missed, i keep hearing you around me, foot steps up stairs, im always getting up to see whos up there, its got to be you, everything i see around me is you, if i could bring back this day, i would do it that fast, you wont be gone..i love you very much and words cant tell whats in my heart...until i see you again..love g
February 08, 2014
Hey dad. Its been a whole year. Still feels like yesterday to me. 205 am. I think of you constantly wish you were here. Songs on my way to work, things around the house, everynight i put hollis down you are inches away from me. Somedays are easy and some are hard. Some bring tears and some bring laughs but everyday is a memory. I wish i could just give you one of my really big hugs and say thanks. You were so special to so many people and in so many different ways. I miss being able to get advise whether good or bad. A quick joke that made us giggle. A cold beer being shared in the garage and just talking about life. Seeing you for 5 minutes always made my day. Your such a great man and its still hard to imagine i cant see you. I hope you are doing great and wish you would drop by and say hello as much as possible. Any day and any time is okay with me. A quick jump in my dream a flicker of a light or anything that says hello. I love you and cherish everything you are.
February 07, 2014
Well Pop, here we are at the one year mark and this is my first entry, even though you and I talk all the time, usually about my need for more patience. As you already know, you are thought of often. Your love is felt throughout our home in the craftsmanship you gifted us. From rocking chairs and horses, to toy boxes, cabinets and molding, you are everywhere and it's wonderful! It all makes me smile and feel incredibly grateful. Grateful to have loved you, grateful that you are my children's POP, grateful to have you as our guiding light through life's craziness and grateful that one day, I will get to feel those whiskers tickle my face when you give me a kiss again. One year ago tomorrow, we all stopped what we were doing to honor you as our husband, father, brother, POP, uncle, friend, and veteran. Many of us cried because you were no longer going to be as accessible as you had always been, but then we all celebrated your life on earth as we looked at pictures, told funny stories, hugged, and laughed. The science behind energy is an amazing thing and supports that energy can NEVER be destroyed. Rather, energy moves on and transfers to another existence or form. We feel you, we hear you, we can smell you, and we saw you through the window on Christmas day. On the one year anniversary since you took on another form, I say see you later POP. Woo Woot!
February 05, 2014
ive lost an acceptional man, kind, considerate, the most compassionate caring soul. i was thinking of the egg salad i made, you wanted onions in it, made it taste better, so i did. i handed it to you and you always always said "thank you" no matter what i ever gave you, ive missed you so much just to talk and sit with having a cup of coffee, house is just so so lonely. issues have arising, im sure they might have with you here, but it would have made it a little easier to handle. when i lost you, my heart became broken, its not been whole since, it really does ache for you. wherever you are, i certainly hope youre ok, at peace and not in pain. missing you dearly and i love you so so much...g
February 04, 2014
man I just miss you so much Dad <3 I can't believe in just 4 days it will be a year. I love you <3
January 30, 2014
I was just remembering the time I had a bowl of ice cream and I was walking down the steps and fell. I had dropped the entire bowl . You met me on the landing and I was so sad. It was the last of the ice cream and you asked if I wanted you to go out and get me more and I said yes and you did. Thank you for always being the caring , loving dad a girl could have. I love and miss you so much <3
January 26, 2014
well today is our little girls 30th birthday, never would have believed you would not be here to see what a beautiful young women she has turned into..we all miss you so much, wishing you a great day, know that you are so loved..g
January 07, 2014
This time last year you were on your way to a new adventure. We all had high high hopes that you would be okay. I wish I was looking you straight in the eye and saying congrats you did it! I hate that I haven't seen you or heard your voice for 11 months. It's the worst thing in the world. I miss you very much and love you. <3
December 31, 2013
Happy New Year Dad. Stay safe wherever you are <3 you are greatly missed.
December 31, 2013
happy new year and its been a very lonely year. you are so missed. i love you so much. im always looking or hearing you walk around the house, i look up and see nothing, ive gotten out of bed in the night thinking i hear you in the kitchen, so many little things i try and do but they dont come out right, you were always able to make everything right, even conversations that we would have, missing you is so unreal. i do hope where ever you are yours happy safe and not in any pain. love you so much...g
December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Dad. I hope you had a great day in heaven and you were laughing along with all of us. I love and miss you <3
December 15, 2013
So I was listening to Janis Joplin radio yesterday and not only did Free Bird come on but Credence Clear Water came on and I just knew that you and Billy must be hanging out up there whistling away to my good tunes :) Love you!
December 07, 2013
Miss you Dad so much every single day. This is a bitter sweet month for us all. Know that you are missed so much from everyone. Christmas morning is going to be so strange. You are usually the first one to pop up from downstairs to make coffee so mom will get out of bed, so we can get started on christmas presents. You fought so hard last Christmas with your crappy news. I hope this year you are getting lots of rest, drinking your coffee right next to mom on the couch, just like every christmas in the past. Love you <3
December 06, 2013
Well Dad since my favorite handy man can't be with me, I am once again left to my own devices. As you know I fixed the toilet, I am sure you were amused by the fact that I have no strength :) I did a great job on the molly screws thanks to Billy and youtube, this week I am going to attempt to fix my own break light :) Wish me luck, I know you will be standing right there. I hope you are doing good up there. I hope you found your mom, dad, and brother. I am sure the missed you a whole bunch and would send you back to us if they could. I love you very much, it's still weird not having you around, I think I am in denial, I forget you are not here, maybe its because I believe you are always right there with me <3 Love and miss you very much <3
November 27, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving in heaven Daddy. I miss you very much and hope you are eating a huge turkey with sweet potatoes and all the fixings :) I love you so much <3
November 26, 2013
So I was driving in my car today and was thinking I should really vacuum it out. Then I wondered where my passenger floor mat was. Than I had to laugh when I remembered you and I driving over to Aunt Cheryl's and Uncle Mike's to meet up with mom last year for St. Patty's day. We were bringing over the cabbage, remember? and it spilled. You tried so hard to get that stink out of my rug and it just stayed in there and eventually we tossed the rug? It made me laugh out loud, I am happy I have some of those great memories with you <3
November 26, 2013
our first big holiday without you and absolutely nothing is right...the loss of you is so unbearable..i hate it...i love and miss you so so much. i am glad youre not hurting anymore and really do hope you are in a safe and wonderful happy place...love you with all my heart...glor
November 25, 2013
Hey dad. I think of you everyday. You are so missed. I really do miss you more than ever. I love you and miss you.
November 22, 2013
Hey dad, I'm sure you were sitting by us last weekend watching ax men and laughing about Gabes team. You probably got a good chuckle out of it. I miss talking to you about our shows. I love you very much and miss you Happy Friday in heaven <3
November 12, 2013
love you
November 11, 2013
Happy Veteran's Day Daddy<3 you will always be my hero. I love you so much and miss you.
November 07, 2013
I just miss you so much. It's seems to get harder and harder coming home or calling the house and never having you answer. I miss you so do much and love you.
October 29, 2013
i keep looking for you to come home. its just so lonely without you. i still keep thinking i hear you walking up the stairs or breathing in the room...you are so so missed..i love you so much, its just not fair i want you here with me..i so hope youre ok and youre well now..things here are not what you would think, i do talk to you all the time...im hoping you hear me, only i dont get any answers, i dont think youd be very happy to see the goings on right now..ive no answers either..but i sure do wish you were here for moral support...love you so much..g
October 19, 2013
Hi Dad, just checking in. I miss you, it was a hard week. I forgot to tell you the girls got their ears pierced. Aunt Kait and Uncle Billy took them. They are beautiful and they were so brave. Now that Peanuts not here Kelsye has been begging me for a dog, I'm still on the fence with that one. Although I think I need the companionship. We'll see :-) I still don't feel like you are gone, but maybe you are just always near me so it doesn't feel that way. It stinks not being able to talk to you, I have all sorts of projects here with your name written on them, but ya know, guess I have to do it myself. Did you see I fixed the toilet :-) I just looked at it and went huh, I can do that! I had trouble twisting off the bottom part, but as you could see Steve was able to get it. I'm just not strong enough :) I love you and I miss you, and I hope you are doing okay. I hope it's not cold up there or too hot. Just right :) love you <3
October 08, 2013
8 months it still is so hard im love you so much and miss you, keep looking for you, i swear i hear you and peanut..you would have laughed the umbrella landed on the roof but the way it came down was as if you actually put it there for me to close,..thank you i was going to climb on the roof and knock it down..hope youre ok love glor
October 07, 2013
Missing you more and more everyday dad. Really hard to believe 8 months have gone by. The girls miss you very much. They are getting excited about Halloween already. Hailey plans to be Shirley temple and Kelsye a witch or vampire. Remember all the Shirley temple drinks I always ordered because of the movies? Hope your doing okay and know we all think about you every day <3 love you very much <3
October 03, 2013
this week has been a very hard one, cant stop crying, i miss you so much, i keep looking around thinking youre walking up the steps or sitting on the sofa, or watching tv. i keep expecting you to talk to me. so many things going on i can hear what you are saying to me. i love you so much. the loniness is something that cant be explained. that one more hug, or kiss or embrace feeling your arms around me, wish i could turn the clock back so hard to really believe youre not by me, just so unfair, youre kindness and warm loving ways that i cant have anymore, i just love you so much...glor
October 02, 2013
Kelsye had a dream about you. You were sitting on a bench I think she said and pushing peanut around. It made me laugh, Peanut would love to be pushed around I'm sure. It's still weird that you are not here. I can still hear your voice, I hope I will hear it forever and never forget it. Love you daddy <3
September 29, 2013
<3 I love you Dad <3
September 23, 2013
Good Morning Daddy,

I had a great visit with Billy, Kait, and the kiddos this weekend. I am sure you were watching over us and laughing at things the kids did. We all miss you so much. I had a dream you were using your big table saw the other night, just like you always used to outside on such a nice day. I can see you wearing your hat and boat shoes leaning over the saw creating the next beautiful project. It sucks that your not here and I still feel like I can just pick up the phone and call you. It's so hard not to hear your voice, I miss you so much. <3 I love you...
September 19, 2013
Pop, I can't seem to get your voice out of my head. I can still hear you saying "jennifer, wake up it's 6am" I look at my iguana cage everyday and think of you. I miss you more than anyone knows, you were my Pop once my dad passed. I enjoyed all of our "garage" talks. Love you much, Jenn
September 07, 2013

Time has flown by, it amazes me that I have not heard your voice in 7 months. I'm sure you and peanut are happy to be reunited. I know he missed you to much to keep stayiang with us. He truly was your dog and buddy. Thank you for always being the best dad. I have great memories of you and so will my girls. They talk about you all the time. When Steve and I are making jokes we enter in what you would have to say about it. Like today I finally took out that hammer ornament I gave you that you kept in the box the whole time. I told Steve you would probably say that you left it in there because you wanted to preserve it or something and he laughed and said that's probably what you would have said. You were and will always remain my best friend. <3 I love you <3
September 06, 2013
i cant even come up with words anymore, i miss you so very much.love you glor
September 05, 2013
hey dad,

I have been looking through photos and have some really great ones of you and the girls. I will cherish those memories forever. I miss you so much. <3
August 21, 2013
I love you Dad <3 missing you all the time.
August 11, 2013
happy birthday in heaven, james...never thought i wont be with you this time on your 67th, im so thankful that the 65th was one to be remembered by all of our(your) friends, they still talk about it, how you had such a wonderful time, yes we all remember the laughter, i hope youre having that same laughter in a good place, missing you so so much. i love you dearly ....glor
August 11, 2013
Happy Birthday Dad. I hope it's relaxing and you know we are all thinking of you and love you very much.
August 10, 2013
Hey dad. Happy Birthday. Not much of a gift this year. You did get peanut to join you so who knows. You are missed. I really miss you. Daily reminders keep you fresh in my head. Love you and miss you. Finally getting these stairs done. Really sucked not having you here to just hang with and fiddle around. Hopefully you were talking back while i was talking to you. Anyway Happy Birthday. Love you.
August 09, 2013
james..youre little "guy" has decided he missed you just oh so much, im sure hes in your lap as i type. he couldnt make it anymore. he was just the best little dog weve ever owned. im gonna to miss him as much as im missing you. the loneliness in this house will be so so hard. love you so much and words cant even describe the loss of you near me..love you...glor
August 08, 2013
Hey Dad,

I put you birthday present in the front yard as soon as we arrived in NJ. I hope you like it, I had planned on getting it for you all year. The girls want to come see you on your birthday. Peanut really misses you too, he was mopping around the house today, I know they say dogs don't know time, but I think you being gone this long as finally gotten to him. It's been 6 long months, I couldn't even tell you what I did during them, it's all a haze. I miss your smile, I miss being able to watch the birds with you when I come up. Sitting there is just not the same. You'll be happy to know you have a bunch of hummingbirds this year. I even showed mommy how to properly fill it, she had no idea about the water part :-) oh and I'm sure you laughed about the cauking incident. I told her to google it! I hope you are doing okay up there and your able to watch over us. I love you so very much and miss you even more. As Kelsye would say, I miss you until "google"
July 23, 2013
It's really hard to go 29 years with someone in your life to only have them taken away so quickly. I really keep forgetting you are not with us, I seem to be living in another world. For me I feel like you are a phone call away and you are not anymore. Loosing you has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do and I hate it. I wish I had one more day back for a hug and an I love you or a day to just sit on the couch and watch anything on TV with you, just to be with you again....
July 17, 2013
I wish you could have seen Hailey swim today dad, you would be so proud. You thought I was a fish in the water, she is a rocket. Breezes right through. She is a very strong little girl. We all miss you so much, the girls talk about you all the time and we all take turns using your favorite blanket. I love you <3 and miss you.
July 08, 2013
This was a hard week not seeing you home. Walking by your favorite sofa and not sitting watching tv with you. 5 months just have flown by, so much has gone on and it's so strange not having you with us. I miss you every single day, I love you daddy.
June 29, 2013
Little guy arrived buddy. Even though im sure you were over my shoulder how i am gonna miss you not coming to see him here and holding him. He will never have the chance to hear pop pops whoo hoot. Miss you dad more than anyone knows. Love you dad.
June 28, 2013
I am miserable without you <3 Kelsye's birthday is tomorrow you are very much missed. This is her first birthday without her pop-pop. I love you daddy.
June 23, 2013
Saw a mallard today and new you were with us. Hailey was showing me photos of you from Christmas on her DS. I just can't believe you are not with us. It's still a dream. Kelsye was crying for you today, it hurts me to know you can't watch them grow, I know you are with us somewhere but wish you were actually here. I haven't been home since Easter and I just know walking by your room is still going to be the hardest thing. I will come visit you but I like to think you are with me every morning enjoying a cup of coffee and watching NCIS re-runs on the USA channel. I love you and miss you so very much <3
June 16, 2013
fathers day, dont know how to say the words anymore, i love and miss you just so so much, did get a message that was sent to me "to tell gloria i am ok"..gotta really think that where you are at, is an ok place..im told you look great in fact never better,,till we met again miss and just love you so much..
June 14, 2013
Hey dad, what a day...i miss you. sunday is going to stink. my first father's day without you. kelsye wanted to make you a card, i told her she could and you would see it. I'm still so mad you are gone. I keep wishing it was a dream. I miss you every second of every day. I like to believe you are sitting with me in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee with me and watching whatever marathon is on TBS or USA. Even after seeing most of the episodes I still forget what happens. Happy Father's Day in heaven, I sure hope your relaxing, have a beer on me. <3
June 09, 2013
good morning, missing you so much, going into "your" garage the tears just dont stop. everywhere i look im suppose to be seeing you and i dont!.how i wish i could turn the clocks back and youre here again. love you so so much.
June 07, 2013
I feel like I just talked to you. It doesn't feel like 4 months have gone by. I still can't wrap it around my head that you are gone. I keep thinking you are going to pick up the phone when I call. I want you to come back <3
June 06, 2013
Hey dad. Thinking of you everyday. Yesterday was a hard one. Miss you buddy. I really really miss you. Love you pop.
May 31, 2013
Girls have their dance recital tomorrow I know you will be with us <3 I love you and miss you so very much.
May 26, 2013
You were honored today at a cereamony for our military people. A special blessing out to those who served in Vietnam. Ofcourse I thought of you. It was beautiful, there were flags blowing in the wind as we sang God Bless America. We all had tears in our eyes. I could sense you and my Jim looking down proudly. I started a new tradition for myself on Memorial Day.
May 24, 2013
im thanking you for your service to our country..you served in vietnam proudly.. you always said it should have been a paid holiday to all who served, and that certainly didnt happen, you were saluted and did get respect and military honors were bestowed upon you..love and miss you so much...
May 23, 2013
missing you, your hugs, or simple touch, a kiss, words dont even come close to whats in my heart, every place i walk and look, im missing you, look at the sofa, youre not sitting on it, not walking up the stairs to get a cup of coffee, sitting in the dining room watching the hummingbirds start flying in for the summer, the lawn, thats another story, i gave it stripes..nice green and yellow lines, then the best one, starting the lawn mover, using the wrong handle thats why it wouldnt start, there are even more things that just need your touch and its not there, this weekend coming up, all im doing is crying, youre suppose to be going with me, the plans we had for this summer, you were going to be ok, we were going to do little things we couldnt do last year...i could say more but need to end this,,love and miss you more than you could ever even imagine...glor
May 21, 2013
I'm going to miss you this weekend and so will the girls. It always made me super happy when you decided to come to the beach. I will cherish the photos of you digging in the sand with Kelsye or playing in the bubbles with Hailey. They miss you and so do I. I almost called you the other day to ask you a plumbing question....I also made a new recipe that you would have loved yesterday, pork chops on the grill and not tough, they were enjoyable you would have liked the flavor. I wish I had a time machine if only to be able to give you one more hug and kiss or here you say i love you one last time. I miss you daddy <3
May 16, 2013
I just really miss you so much. It hurts to not hear you voice. I'm so mad your not with us....
May 14, 2013
Hey Dad,

Girls and I were having a conversation about cactus today. It reminded me of all the times you took me with you to the hardware store and you would always buy me a cactus. I had a strange obsession with those things, and they always died, but you always got me one anyway. It's those little things that I always loved. You always made time for us and for my girls and I thank you for that everyday. I'm so very happy they got to know you. Keep watching over us, I love you. <3
May 12, 2013
hey daddy,
guess what?! mom got a hummingbird :) i am sure you helped her with that and my hibiscus flowers seem to be coming back. thanks for helping them out. i love you <3 wish you were here with us...
May 07, 2013
3 months tomorrow huh? seems like I just talked to you yesterday. still don't understand why you were taken from us. i hope the big guy upstairs has you doing something important, apparently he needed you faster than we thought huh...i miss you so much. mom hung up your hummingbird feeder, but no hummers yet, i tried to replant some of your hibiscus flowers, that's not going so well...haha...that giant of a plant is doing well thought. I really think it's some sort of sunflower. Sometimes I forget your not here with us anymore and I want to call you. I made some of the best chocolate chip cookies yesterday you would have enjoyed them, perfectly cooked and not hard at all. Oh and fried chicken for dinner tonight. I have chickadee's nesting in my box again, they are super cute you would love them. I will have to get your bluebird box up for next year. I love you dad, I hope your okay up there. In no pain and that you'll never forget us.
May 01, 2013
hey daddy, just wanted to say thank you for helping me get hailey on that swim team :-) you were watching over us both yesterday. i miss you. I planted 2 hydrangeas that mom got me so I can think of you. they are right in the front yard, one pink one blue. help them grow nice and big okay, my hibiscuses didn't make it, send me some of your green thumb while your at it. love you <3
April 29, 2013
hey daddy,

so i have been trying to decided whether to get a tattoo of a hummingbird with your name on it. but i know in my heart you would hate it. so i found an even better option. a charm bracelet with all of your favorite things to remind me of you. i know you would love it and be happier with that. i feel like each day is harder without you, i want to hear your voice and get a hug from you. i still wake up thinking i can call you but remember immediately i can not anymore.i love you so very much and miss you even more.
April 29, 2013
To the Gant family, my sincere sorrow in learning of your loss this week. I came to know and enjoy Jim's easygoing manner and conversations over the fence. He always had a smile and a good word. After such a long winter, I was looking forward to seeing him in the spring working around your yard and pool. I will miss him.
April 23, 2013
love you so much, missing you more than you could ever imagine...all the little things are now gone, such a saddened day for myself and the children, you are so missed words cant explain, its a loss that will never go away...
April 21, 2013
Love you dad <3 miss you so very much.
April 21, 2013
Hey pop. Just sitting in the garage thinking of you. I miss you so much. Your on my mind everyday and i really miss you. Thanks for making that garage light turn on just now letting me know your here. Now if you could give me a huge hug right now that would be great. I love you pal. I really miss you.
April 08, 2013
I miss you so much dad, I keep wishing that I will wake up and you will be with us again. It's all just not fair. I love you.
April 05, 2013
Just thinking of you. I miss our talks.
April 02, 2013
I just realized yesterday was April Fools. It reminded me of the time Joey wrapped black electrical tape around the sprayer on the sink. You turned the sink on that morning to make coffee all dressed and ready for work and got soaking wet. You were always such a champ about stuff like that. Miss you <3 love you <3
April 01, 2013
Hey pop miss you everyday. I guess my text 2 days ago got lost in cyber space. Think of you daily. I love you
March 31, 2013
Happy Easter up in heaven Dad <3 I know you will be eating right along with us tonight. I miss you so very much. I love you.
March 16, 2013
So we were watching this spoof show yesterday that made fun of commercials for inventions, you would have loved it. But anyway it was about a traveling pot for bringing dinners to friends. He made me remember last year at this time going over Aunt Cheryl's with you to meet up with mom and the cabbage spilled onto my carpet. You tried your best to get it out the next few weeks and it still stink :-) I wish we could do it all again, miss you Daddy <3
March 14, 2013
Dear Gant Family,
My heart is broken for you. I know how horrible it is too lose someone you love so much. But I can say we will see your dad and Uncle Jim and those we love again in heaven. Have faith it is Gods promise to us to together aqain and than there will be no more tears only joy.
I love you all and if there anything I can do Im here for you.
P Krupa
March 14, 2013
Im not sure what we are gonna do once this page runs out but i was remembering all the times i gave you a big hug i would nearly take the breath out of you id squeeze you so hard. How special they will always be to me knowing i never cheated you out of a hug. Miss you dad
March 12, 2013
looking over my shoulder all the time, waiting for you to appear, asking you if youd like a cup of coffee, watching you look at the bird feeders and hating the ravens for eating all the food, im so at a loss of words, i miss you so much there are no words for this, 31 years to be along side of you and its gone that fast, like a disappearing act, except no one can take away my memories or thoughts or the vacation funs and all the good times we did have..you made my life so wonderful and special, there will never ever be another james..love you so much..
March 08, 2013
Oh Daddy its been a month, I miss you <3 . I still can't believe it all happened. I hope you are watching over us and you are working on a dollhouse in heaven or kicking back with a beer waiting for another NASCAR race. I love you.
March 04, 2013
Hi Huey, please accept my deepest sympathy to you and your entire family at the loss of your dear brother Jim. Its been many years since I have seen you my dear friend, hope you are well. Send me an email! Are you living in the same house off of Drumpoint Rd? Would love to see you.
March 04, 2013
Huey my deepest sympathy to you and your entire family at the loss of your brother. Its been so long since ive seen you, hope you are doing ok my old friend.
February 28, 2013
I'm making fried chicken tonight and thinking of you. You always did make the best fried chicken <3 I miss you everyday daddy
February 24, 2013
February 12, 2013
To our Cousin Gloria & Family,
So very, very sorry to hear of Jim's passing. May he be at peace and may you all be blessed by his memories and eternal love. You're all in our prayers.
Lea, Bob & Sherri and Steve
February 11, 2013
I can't find the words to say how sorry I am that Jim is gone. You and your family are in our prayers. With much love, Peggy Kovacs
February 11, 2013
Gloria & Family, Dottie & I are very sorry for your loss.We never got to meet Jim, but after reading everyones remarks he sounds like a wonderful man. R.I.P. Jim. You & Your Family are in our Thoughts & Prayers.Sorry we couldn't make it Gloria, but I'm leaving for Georgia this afternoon. God Bless You & Your Family. Love Dennis & Dottie.
February 11, 2013
Gloria & Family, Dottie & I are sorry to hear about Jim, even though we never got to meet him, Just reading what all the family & friends say, He sounds like a wonderful man. R.I.P. Jim & God Bless You & Your Family. Gloria I'm sorry we can't make it but I have to leave for Georgia this afternoon. Please know your in Our Thoughts * Prayers. Love, Dennis & Dottie
February 11, 2013
Gant Family – While I didn't know Jim, I have come to know some of you very well. I'm sure his loving ways were passed on to make you as close as you all are. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
February 10, 2013
To all the Gant family, we were very sorry to hear of your sudden loss and we hope you will be able to find some comfort among your family and friends nearby, and knowing your distance friends are thinking of you. When I look at the strength in your family I know the James Gant must have played a part in this and perhaps that strength will help you now. We are sorry we cannot be with you now. Karen and John Sweeney
February 10, 2013
Hewey and Gant Family sorry to here of your loss of Jim
Bob S. Toms River
February 10, 2013
Dad you were the greatest dad in all the world. The nicest person. Caring, Loving, patient and understanding. You were a great husband, the greatest father and an awesome pop pop. I will miss you always. You were my buddy and I will always miss you. I love you dad.
February 10, 2013
my dear sister, and nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, so sorry, we will always remember Jim, so kind and loving...
February 10, 2013
gloria, so sorry words can't say..to your entire family. we all loved him. sonia
February 10, 2013
Jim, you will be so missed, my dear brother-in-law, by myself, and heather. we just adored you...rest with God now.
February 10, 2013
To the Gant family, so sorry for your loss! The world lost a great man. Pop would want everyone to celebrate his life then mourn. Someday you will all be able to breathe again but in the meantime many prayers are being sent your way!
February 09, 2013
Michelle and family, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May your Dad rest in peace.
February 09, 2013
Gloria I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Jim. I will keep you in my prayers and hope the Lord gives you strength in your time of sorrow. Please feel free to call me anytime I will be up in March and we can sit and talk. Again my deepest sympathy. Love Karen (Steidel) Klinger
February 09, 2013
Myia and Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers in your time of sorrow, please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your brother. You spoke of him often with love and pride.
February 09, 2013
I am soo sorry for your loss. My heart bleeds for your family and you are in my prayers.
I wish I could say I can only imagine your pain, but I can't because I've been there. And it sucks.
I can promise you that it will get better, and hurt less. And one day you'll notice you've stopped crying when you think of him, and only smile instead.

RIP Uncle Jim
February 09, 2013
Jim was a wonderful man and will be missed by so many people.It was an honor to know him, and I am glad for the years of happiness and love he brought to my cousin, Gloria, and their family, He was a very talented man and his carved ducks were amazing. The world is dimmer with him gone. my heartfelt condoloences to all
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