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June 02, 2015

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June 02, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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April 14, 2015
easter came fast this year, all the grandchildren were here. i took a picture of all 9 of them you would have laughed. they all have themselves turned every which way, covered eyes, some hidden behind another one, funny faces, just so so cute..the days all just go together, still at a loss, miss you so much. love you g
February 14, 2015
Happy Valentine's Day Daddy <3 love and miss you xoxo <3
February 08, 2015
love you
February 02, 2015
Hey Dad,

Just wanted to say hi and I love and miss you. The girls and I have seen a bunch of cardinals lately, they say they are a sign from heaven, so I just assume they are you :) love you and miss you.
December 31, 2014
hey james its new years eve 2014, the days just seem to float together. just miss you so so much. all the grandchildren are growing, im hoping youre seeing them all from heaven. i still see you walking up and down the stairs, i think i even hear you at times, so uncanny..love and miss you so much. happy new year and all the rest of you that are together. im toasting you all. love glor
December 24, 2014
Hey Daddy,

I hope you have the merriest Christmas up there. I miss ya a whole bunch and wish you were here. You would love our Christmas weather right now, it's so warm! It's very bizarre but I'll take it. I love you and miss you. Merry Christmas in heaven <3
November 01, 2014
Hey Dad, well we finally have a back fence. We had it installed for the giant beast of a dog we have. You would have liked Benji I think. The guys were worried about getting wood dust in my house and mentioned it to Steve. He told them not to worry I would surely welcome it. And I did, there is a pile currently on the bottom of my boots. I forgot how much I miss the sound of the saw going, or a hammer. Or the sawdust, silly right? You would like this fence, it's actually built correctly. The one guy welcomed a cup of coffee when I offered it. I could hear you in my head saying "ya know Michelle he would probably enjoy a cup of coffee" just like you did when you were working on anything, especially on a chilly fall day. Steve of coursed bragged to the guy about the tables and fireplace. I told him you would have built the fence if you were still here. I miss you. I miss you sawdust and your rough hard working hands, your ticklish mustache, your laugh, your smile and man your hugs. Kelsye talks about you all the time. You would be so proud of her. She played baseball this season, and made the swim team and is such a fantastic reader. She loves to learn about everything and anything. You would be proud of hailey too. She is such a whip, she is a strong girl in spirit and strength and goes for what she's after. She is still a book worm too. I like to think you see everything they do. They tell me you watch them everyday and that your always around. I sure hope so. Love you so much <3 and miss you so much too.
October 13, 2014
So I thought you would find this interesting. I defiantly have inherited your cracked fingers problem. It's so early in the season but my hands are dry and have been cracking like mad...Now I understand your pain, remember when I used to rub lotion on your hands at night when I was little? I felt so bad your hands were always so dry. I want to thank you for working all those cold days outside for years, putting food on the table, cloths on our backs and a roof over our head. You were a very hard worker, out in the sun on those hot nasty days. I will never forget all you have done for me ever. It was cute today at the foodstore, the man in front of me was getting a few different chocolate bars. I mentioned how I was always so good the entire time in the store avoiding chocolate until I came up to the line. He said oh they are for the people at home. I laughed and said that was great that you used to bring me home a candy bar every time you went to wawa. I miss that. You always always put us first and I am so blessed to have had such a great compassionate dad and I am also blessed my girls will remember you. Thanks Daddy, love you <3
September 26, 2014
Hey Dad. Guess what they now make? V-8 with pepper! Go figure now they do after all the years of you trying to shake pepper into yours :) thought that would make you laugh. It's the little things that bring up some great memories of you :) it still is hard to remember your not here. I find all sorts of stuff to tell you and I can't...I love you.
September 18, 2014
Hey Dad! I bought myself a new flannel and man would you have looked good in it. It's orange, I know not really your color but it would have looked great on you :) Hailey and Kelsye are both swimming now. You would be so proud of their dedication and waking up at 5:30. Kelsye is also doing baseball, she took her first throw to the face today. The coaches said they thought she was so brave because she surprised them by not screaming and crying :) I mean she cried but I guess they thought it would be worse. She is actually enjoying it so hopefully it hasn't deterred her. I told her to tell everyone tomorrow that she won the fight :) Well Dad I love you and miss you. Life isn't the same without you :( love ya.

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