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December 28, 2014

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December 28, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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February 08, 2014
Hey dad. Its been a whole year. Still feels like yesterday to me. 205 am. I think of you constantly wish you were here. Songs on my way to work, things around the house, everynight i put hollis down you are inches away from me. Somedays are easy and some are hard. Some bring tears and some bring laughs but everyday is a memory. I wish i could just give you one of my really big hugs and say thanks. You were so special to so many people and in so many different ways. I miss being able to get advise whether good or bad. A quick joke that made us giggle. A cold beer being shared in the garage and just talking about life. Seeing you for 5 minutes always made my day. Your such a great man and its still hard to imagine i cant see you. I hope you are doing great and wish you would drop by and say hello as much as possible. Any day and any time is okay with me. A quick jump in my dream a flicker of a light or anything that says hello. I love you and cherish everything you are.
February 07, 2014
Well Pop, here we are at the one year mark and this is my first entry, even though you and I talk all the time, usually about my need for more patience. As you already know, you are thought of often. Your love is felt throughout our home in the craftsmanship you gifted us. From rocking chairs and horses, to toy boxes, cabinets and molding, you are everywhere and it's wonderful! It all makes me smile and feel incredibly grateful. Grateful to have loved you, grateful that you are my children's POP, grateful to have you as our guiding light through life's craziness and grateful that one day, I will get to feel those whiskers tickle my face when you give me a kiss again. One year ago tomorrow, we all stopped what we were doing to honor you as our husband, father, brother, POP, uncle, friend, and veteran. Many of us cried because you were no longer going to be as accessible as you had always been, but then we all celebrated your life on earth as we looked at pictures, told funny stories, hugged, and laughed. The science behind energy is an amazing thing and supports that energy can NEVER be destroyed. Rather, energy moves on and transfers to another existence or form. We feel you, we hear you, we can smell you, and we saw you through the window on Christmas day. On the one year anniversary since you took on another form, I say see you later POP. Woo Woot!
February 05, 2014
ive lost an acceptional man, kind, considerate, the most compassionate caring soul. i was thinking of the egg salad i made, you wanted onions in it, made it taste better, so i did. i handed it to you and you always always said "thank you" no matter what i ever gave you, ive missed you so much just to talk and sit with having a cup of coffee, house is just so so lonely. issues have arising, im sure they might have with you here, but it would have made it a little easier to handle. when i lost you, my heart became broken, its not been whole since, it really does ache for you. wherever you are, i certainly hope youre ok, at peace and not in pain. missing you dearly and i love you so so much...g
February 04, 2014
man I just miss you so much Dad <3 I can't believe in just 4 days it will be a year. I love you <3
January 30, 2014
I was just remembering the time I had a bowl of ice cream and I was walking down the steps and fell. I had dropped the entire bowl . You met me on the landing and I was so sad. It was the last of the ice cream and you asked if I wanted you to go out and get me more and I said yes and you did. Thank you for always being the caring , loving dad a girl could have. I love and miss you so much <3
January 26, 2014
well today is our little girls 30th birthday, never would have believed you would not be here to see what a beautiful young women she has turned into..we all miss you so much, wishing you a great day, know that you are so loved..g
January 07, 2014
This time last year you were on your way to a new adventure. We all had high high hopes that you would be okay. I wish I was looking you straight in the eye and saying congrats you did it! I hate that I haven't seen you or heard your voice for 11 months. It's the worst thing in the world. I miss you very much and love you. <3
December 31, 2013
Happy New Year Dad. Stay safe wherever you are <3 you are greatly missed.
December 31, 2013
happy new year and its been a very lonely year. you are so missed. i love you so much. im always looking or hearing you walk around the house, i look up and see nothing, ive gotten out of bed in the night thinking i hear you in the kitchen, so many little things i try and do but they dont come out right, you were always able to make everything right, even conversations that we would have, missing you is so unreal. i do hope where ever you are yours happy safe and not in any pain. love you so much...g
December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Dad. I hope you had a great day in heaven and you were laughing along with all of us. I love and miss you <3

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