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Jarrad Forcella Cole

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December 03, 2016

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December 03, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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September 07, 2011
Has it been 4 years For you it must seem like yesterday i do hope the pain has eased and the great memories took its place,There is still nothing i can say that won't dredge up the sorrow you all must feel,know i still think of you and yours fondly and sometimes even chuckle,I believe if you remember them they live on
September 06, 2011
I just saw Lauren Forcella's (Jarrad's mom's) newpaper column in our local paper (9/4/11), that was in honor of her son. What an insightful tribute she has made to him, by reading the Harry Potter books that he loved so much. Like Lauren, I felt the books were unworthy of our family's time. I thought they were too new, just a fad, and had an unfortunate context of witchcraft. But just this past year, for various reasons, I decided our family should give them a chance. And they are such a gift. And now when I think of these books, I will also remember Jarrad and his mom.
November 18, 2007
November 18, 2007

To My Son Jarrad,

I love you very much sun/son...more than my own life. And I miss you sun/son. Although I know we are never truly apart, I do wish you were still physically among us and being you. I miss your touch, your laugh, your smile and your eyes and your voice. I know that what you have contributed to all of us even after your passing over the gates of death is another one of your gifts. Please know, you are still making a difference in peoples' lives and an impact with your friends. You know I asked you several times to promise me to allow the natural order of death in families to happen; namely, parents precede their children..but you would never make me that promise...Perhaps because it pained you so...And, I know we are still together and will be together again..and for that I am grateful...

To His Mother

Dear Lauren, I will not pretend to know how much grief and sorrow you feel for the loss of our sun/son, Jarrad. I do know how much you love and care for our children. Our children could not have had a better mother. I can only assume how deeply you feel the loss of our second child, Jarrad, Jaybird, Jay, Jayrod, & JJ. I know how empty my life is without our sun/son and so it must be with yours. He was our sun/son and shined very brightly upon our lives.

To His Siblings and Our Children, Lennon, Sawyer and Akasha.

Most of my sorrow and grief are with all of you because the majority of your life, yet to be lived, will be lived without Jay being involved in your growth and joy and happiness and as siblings going through your lives together.I so look forward to the day that my eyes would close and know that the four of you would be together...Now, I hope that you continue to remember your brother for the rest of your lives and think of him all ways.

To Twyla,

Thank you for caring for Jay in ways that allways brought him joy and happiness. Thank you for caring for him during his spell with mono and bringing him Jamba juices and water and sandwiches upon his request at SWS. I know how much you miss him texting you.

To His Godparents Laura and Keith,

Thank you for making his final resting place a welcoming home for all his family, his friends and all those who wanted to pay their final respects to Jarrad.

To All His Friends Near and Far

Please remember my sun/son and hold him close to your heart and let him live on through you.Thank you.
August 31, 2007
Dear Cella, Evan, Lennon, Sawyer and Akasha

My first thought when hearing of Jarrad's passing was his beautiful heart. It was large, bright and full of passion. In my mind, heart and soul, it still is.

I carry Jarrad as a young boy teaching my son to light sacred fires, to fish, to paddle a canoe and do the things that boys do. I carry Jarrad as a handsome young man playing basketball and coming into his own manhood. He is with me everyday, smiling with a combination of his smile and yours, Cella.

As are you. I will be there when you need me the most. I am here always and forever.

I love you all.
August 20, 2007
Cella,Lennon,Sawyer and Kashi,
Sending all our love to you from across the country. All of you (especially Jarrad) are in our thoughts every single day. Will never forget Jarrad's wonderful, wonderful spirit, kindness and epecially his smile. We love you, Mary-Anne, Chanel, Britta and Kevin Jr.
August 17, 2007
Alex got to know Lennon and Jarrad while at SWS.

When we were moving last year (2006) to NC, where Alex is attending college, we needed someone with a truck to take all the furniture and other stuff we donated to Goodwill.

Well, Jarrad had a truck and he and Dominick Ali came up to help us. After what seemed to be their 40th trip to Goodwill, the four of us sat down on the floor to have lunch.

I had bought sandwiches, chips and soda to all of us but Jarrad declined his soda, saying that he didn't drink any to maintain his clear skin. After all, he wanted to do modeling as well.

Since that was the first time I was having a conversation with Jarrad, I thought him to be the sort of person who would do very well in life: he knew what he wanted at that time and was focused into getting it.

I was impressed, not only for his incredible beauty but also for his inner beauty as it was easy to see the type of man he already was and that he was to become.

After they moved all the furniture, I gave Jarrad all my mattresses. He wanted to cover his room with them so that he could have a lot of people sleeping over. It was a fun idea!

Ours was but a very brief encounter, though I want to say that he left a mark in my soul.

So, it is with immense sorrow that I am now writing this memorial. I have only one son, but I think that no matter how many children we have, nothing, nothing can ever fill the deep hole that is left in our soul when they leave us.

That bad things happen to good people is a judgment that I can't make; for who is to know what is good and what is bad? I think, however, that tragedies such as this should not happen to anyone, let alone to such a great and generous family.

I am so very sorry about Jarrad leaving you and this world so soon. It is too soon… I am sure he has more important things to do which he could not do while bound by a body. His was a higher call and though it cuts too deep, we need to appreciate the honor of having him in our lives, briefly as it may have been.

I know there is not a word that would console any of you, not now, not in 50 years, so I can only wish that you find peace. You already know that you are embraced by love, as Jarrad is and always will be.

May you be blessed,
Maria Moratto
August 17, 2007
Someone told me the guest book was closed so I came on the site to see. It says it is open and is being maintained by Friends from Ninestone. Wow. For those of you who don't know, these are our amazing neighbors from Ninestone Court in San Rafael where we lived when the children were very young. Akasha was born there, Sawyer spent his years giving the name Bare-bottom court, Jarrad went to kindergarten there, at the Marin Waldorf school, and first and part of second grade, Lennon was in first, second, and part of third grade there. These were wonderful years with our neighbors the Fickbohms and the Issacs, and their children Daniel and Sasha who played daily with our children before we moved to New Hampshire.

I am eternally grateful to read your letters here and/or to have seen you at the Memorial. And now to see that it is you that is keeping the guest book going really touches my heart.

I dreamed last night that I was at a big function and Jarrad was there, very alive, and I was beside myself that we were all acting like he had left us when he was clearly still here. I thought we had all lost our minds. I woke up shortly afterward and came back to where I am now, thinking about him non-stop, still not quite able to grasp it fully, still thinking he is walking into the room or is on the phone.

I want to say that without all of you out there, friends from far and wide, and those from near and close, I don't know where I would be. I never understood what the bereaved really needed before... and it is your love and feelings for Jarrad. Your love for him is healing me and carrying me like you will never know.

Thank you all so much...

With love,
Lauren (Jarrad's Mom)
I love that boy so much....
August 17, 2007
Cella, Evan, Lennon, Sawyer, Akasha,
I am thinking of each of you often these days. Recalling many times of high energy with all of our children playing here in NH through their elementary school years. Jarrad, with his handsome smile and rascally ways bring a smile to my face. I wish you all well as you move through this time, saying good-bye to Jarred as he moves away from your daily lives. Your names and past events come to many conversations here in NH these days, as we in your Pine Hill School community process and send best wishes to you all at this time. We miss you all. Jeremy and Jocelyn send their love. Be well. Judy Fayre
August 14, 2007
Evan & family:

Though I neither met Jarrad nor, thankfully, lost a child, I felt the need to let you know my thoughts are with you when Darlene Flagg told me of your loss.

Of course, I can only imagine how shattering such an experience can be. I can only liken it to those nightmares all fathers and mothers must occasionally have in which they feel deeply and viscerally the dreamed loss of a son or daughter. In such cases, of course, they awake to a great sense of relief from the sudden recognition that it was only a bad dream. That’s certainly a far cry from actually experiencing the loss, as you have.

I’ve got to believe you and your family will find a way to cope and mend over time. Though I suppose one never "gets over” the loss, I trust you’ll find a way to cherish the time you did have with Jarrad. I know it's not much of a consolation, but I suppose it’s the only way we can get past the emotional impact of this event and redirect our focus to life and those of our loved ones who remain.

August 13, 2007

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