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Richard Anderson 1949 - 2014

Richard Anderson

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May 26, 2016

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May 26, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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April 19, 2016
For friends still checking for thoughts of Richard...The day after Richards birthday I went to Asparagus festival with my friend that has her birthday on same day as Richard. My thoughts were things like...He would have liked the location better than the old one - but he would have not tried the asparagus ice-cream!!! I got keys to go to Harley Davidson & try to start the "Give away Harley". He would have given a huge smile over that - & - would have gone with me to try the keys! I spun all of the wheels & got freebees. If he was with me he would have been doing them too - my friend didn't spin any & consequently she spent a lot more than me on souvenirs. If you see these things we write here in your book Richard, we all think of you often - some with more memories than others - I know some of your favorite times were with Bob & Debbie & Dave. We loved you RICHARD - because you were you.
February 23, 2016
So often we talk about Richard and still miss him terribly. He was such a part of our family for over 25 years helping all of us with his loving, handy hands. We loved him so much and will never forget him... God Bless You Ricardo, Our Dear Friend. Kim and Dick
February 21, 2016
For Valentines weekend I went to the beach with some girlfriends. We looked up at the sky the first night & imagined Richard welcoming Glenn Frey & Maurice White into Heaven. As most of us know those were two of his favorite groups. His presence is remembered often with love.
December 27, 2015
Well another Christmas gone by, and it's still hard to believe you are no longer with us. Sometimes I can feel your spirit,
if you are still around, then you know your sister and Gene have settled your estate.. your house has sold..they were here for dinner and Gene was reminiscing on the Sturgis trip...which brought smiles and laughter to us all. It's been difficult for them.. getting together has eased their pain somewhat. Future trip (s) from now on, will be staying here with me...
of course they are always welcomed, and I look forward to it. We miss you Richard, we know you are in God's loving hands, and that in itself, brings peace to our hearts....
September 12, 2015
I am doing good & I don't write as often as I look for notes from others. I am trying to clean up my act in the book. We all have special memories. He told me about that trip Nancy. When I read what you wrote I could hear him telling me his stories. He was never sorry to spend time with friends & help. Yes I miss him still but time helps. I have many good memories & I'm grateful to have them. Hopefully soon I will share my trip to Yosemite in Richards guest book.
August 25, 2015
To Rick's loved ones,
I met Rick in 1974 and worked with him at the juvenile department in Bend. I left a year later and when I wanted to return to Bend in 1983, who flew to Florida, packed my things, and drove them back to Oregon? Rick! He was an amazing friend who genuinely loved those in his life. No one ever took better care of damsels in distress and asked nothing but friendship in return. Having just learned of his passing, it seems so poetic that he left this world doing what he loved most. Terrie Lee, your messages are so beautiful and I do hope you find peace in having loved this wonderful man!
July 12, 2015
Sometimes it feels like you left us just yesterday and sometimes it feels like such a long long time ago! I hope you knew how much you were an important part of our lives. Five of the seven hikers from last year in Yosemite went on a hike this weekend to Peter Grub Hut along the PCT. Bob took Jack with him. He said they all stood around the camp fire and saluted you and paid tribute by sharing stories about what a great guy you were, and how the whole group stepped up to take care of you a year ago today. Two of the hikers still give monthly donations on behalf of the trail crew that helped them get you home. I'm glad you were in the most spiritual and beautiful place on this earth. You soared from Yosemite to heaven! We love you and miss you!!!
July 11, 2015
Been thinking of you a lot more recently. We met Dave in Phoenix last month and took that trip to Sedona you wanted to do. I felt you with us out there in that beautiful scenery. I see why you wanted to go there. It was stunning. I dread tomorrow. I miss you every day!
July 11, 2015
Thinking of you on this anniversary of your passing. The year went by so quickly, still hard believe you are no longer with us... This has been an amazing and hard time for your sister, Barb and Gene, working hard to finalize your wishes....especially when you use to say to them you would live to be 100! God Bless and keep you and hope your spirit is filled with love, sent by us.
July 10, 2015
Well Richard I'm going to Yosemite this weekend. I will be there where you were when you made your last footsteps on Earth. I will look for your spirit all around me. If you can see me you are proud of me. I love you.

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