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Richard Anderson 1949 - 2014

Richard Anderson

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April 29, 2017

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April 29, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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April 16, 2017
Thinking of Richard too, as am in Joshua Tree National monument. Will always remember his smile and hair ! Love to Bob. Love to Terrie Lee. And to Deb.
April 14, 2017
We think of you all the time but especially today, your birthday. It's the third year in a row that the Three Amigos born in April weren't able to celebrate together. You are so missed!! I've had dreams about you lately where I see your face, your smile, and hear your voice. I hate waking up from those particular dreams. Bob has been taking great care of Jack; or should I say "spoiling" Jack. Jack brings us joy because he is a part of you. We are so lucky to have him although I'd rather have you here too. Happy Birthday in Heaven, dear friend. I love you and we miss you.
April 14, 2017
You came to mind today, your birthday! I know wherever you are, you are surrounded by love.
December 19, 2016
Richard we miss you dearly and know you are with us in this holiday season, your warm smile your generous heart , and your giving love to everyone you touched. Thank you Richard for always being a friend to me and my family. My daughter always talks about the bithday cake you made for her in Kaui , just one of those little things you did generously♡ Forever in our hearts. Amen
December 12, 2016
It's nearing another Christmas without your presence, and it still seems unreal that you are no longer with us.Your name always comes up in conversation, when we gather...always with smiles, and the feeling of love for you, is constant! We will always miss you...your gentleness and love for us all. And for this, we will be forever grateful to have known you.I will be visiting your sister next spring! She calls me her California sister! I am glad we maintained our relationship! God Bless you my friend, and may there be peace in your beautiful spirit, always.
July 08, 2016
Many of us will have Richard heavily on our minds right now with our feelings & memories. We all have in common that we are grateful to have had him in our lives - even though not long enough. I hope everyone is out there being kind to others, helping people & animals. I will going to Yosemite & plant some seeds again with love - as I know he would like that. My next trip to Cody I will also plant. I wish I could plant lemon trees as those were his babies. No I won't be planting a lemon tree off somewhere with no one to take care of it.
April 19, 2016
For friends still checking for thoughts of Richard...The day after Richards birthday I went to Asparagus festival with my friend that has her birthday on same day as Richard. My thoughts were things like...He would have liked the location better than the old one - but he would have not tried the asparagus ice-cream!!! I got keys to go to Harley Davidson & try to start the "Give away Harley". He would have given a huge smile over that - & - would have gone with me to try the keys! I spun all of the wheels & got freebees. If he was with me he would have been doing them too - my friend didn't spin any & consequently she spent a lot more than me on souvenirs. If you see these things we write here in your book Richard, we all think of you often - some with more memories than others - I know some of your favorite times were with Bob & Debbie & Dave. We loved you RICHARD - because you were you.
February 23, 2016
So often we talk about Richard and still miss him terribly. He was such a part of our family for over 25 years helping all of us with his loving, handy hands. We loved him so much and will never forget him... God Bless You Ricardo, Our Dear Friend. Kim and Dick
February 21, 2016
For Valentines weekend I went to the beach with some girlfriends. We looked up at the sky the first night & imagined Richard welcoming Glenn Frey & Maurice White into Heaven. As most of us know those were two of his favorite groups. His presence is remembered often with love.
December 27, 2015
Well another Christmas gone by, and it's still hard to believe you are no longer with us. Sometimes I can feel your spirit,
if you are still around, then you know your sister and Gene have settled your estate.. your house has sold..they were here for dinner and Gene was reminiscing on the Sturgis trip...which brought smiles and laughter to us all. It's been difficult for them.. getting together has eased their pain somewhat. Future trip (s) from now on, will be staying here with me...
of course they are always welcomed, and I look forward to it. We miss you Richard, we know you are in God's loving hands, and that in itself, brings peace to our hearts....

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Hike with Jack in your honor July 2015