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July 16, 2018

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July 16, 2018

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August 19, 2017
Will always miss him. He loved the Glen Alum Reunion and would always stay at my house during that time. Granville was one of a kind. His dad & my grandfather are brothers & we grew up together. Granville helped me get over my fear of the dark when I was around 14 years old. I tried to put this on here years ago, but for some reason the site would not save it. We were all a close knit community - everyone looked out for each other. You certainly wanted to have Granville on your side if anything went wrong. He was a kind, gentle giant who always showed great respect for everyone he knew. I look forward to seeing him again when I get to heaven.
July 03, 2015
Dear pops,
I don't know why, but today I miss you. Some days more than most. You were a true friend as well as father till the end. I miss our talks, laughs, breakfast, rides, walks, pool, and just chilling on the porch in the rocking chair in front of the roses on a day like today. Just you listening was the best. I miss you I'd love just one more chance to tell you how much those things really meant to me. Someday I'll see you again and I will make it a point to tell lord Jesus Christ just how much I was blessed by having you my pops as well as momma. I know without a shadow of any doubt I had the best two parents and friends I ever needed. I love you both and miss you everyday. I wish people that still had their parents would realize how special they really are. I love you with every thing in me..... Still!
April 28, 2013
Granville, today is your birthday.
I know your children are thinking
about you, missing you. I know
Abby is missing you too, as you both share the same birthday. I miss you so much. still doesn't
seem real. until next time LOVE.
March 22, 2013
Dear Brother, i havn't written in a while. tonight i am lonely, miss you much..sometimes I want to call and talk with you,then I realize you are in HEAVEN, oh brother how I love you. words can't express, how much I love and miss you. one day will be together again. until then, sister loves you.
May 12, 2012
I really don't know why you have been on my mind sooooo much the last few days, maybe you are trying to tell me something!! If so, maybe this time I'll listen! Me and Maymay talk about you all the time, she misses you too. We both know you are at peace and all your pain is gone and that helps us. We sure had alot of good times all those years with my 2 babies. Grant, I am so very proud of, he is a man now, making his way through welding and going to work everyday like you always said, a "real man" should. Maybe some of you rubber off on him, I hope! Maygan, she is so very beutiful and stubborn as mom! I know some of mom is in May, she acts so much like her, and I am not complaining, I am really glad, mom was the best! You don't mess with May's family, AT ALL! And that was definately mom's input. Sometimes, no matter what others think, I enjoy speaking out to the both of you. Not much time can go by without me thinking of you both and missing you terribly. Pops, today is the day you died 5 years ago and tomorrow is Mothers Day...........I Never want time to pass by, but this weekend, I'll be glad to see Monday!!! With all my love always!
May 08, 2012
Words can not ever explain how much you are missed by me, Grant and Little Maymay! Can't believe it's 5 years passed! We love and miss you.
Your baby, Chanda Katie Doodle!!
June 20, 2011
Granville, we just had the Glen alum
reunion a couple weeks ago.we all missed you a lot. now yesterday we celebrated
Father Day. I know your kids missed
you and Sandi, you both were great parents. I still can't believe you are gone from us. I really miss you.
with much love sister, Charlotte.
January 30, 2011
Granville, I am so glad Raina is getting
this Bible. you ask me so many times If
I knew what happened to this Bible. God
is bringing it home. I miss you so much.
God needed you more than we, your family can understand. I love you.
sister, Charlotte 2011
January 27, 2011
Dear Pops, there was a gentleman that called me today from Cincinnati. His name is Michael Dye. The family bible that you had searched high and low for has been found. They are sending it to me soon. It came from a Benjamin Miller originally from Honaker, VA. It will be interesting to see it and have it back where it belongs. Will probably pass it along to little Matt one day. There's not a day that goes by that I dont think about you and Mom. I hope this puts your mind at ease. I love you and miss you. Love Raina
May 13, 2010
Dear Brother, I miss you so much.
I still can't believe you and Sandra,
are no longer with us. It does't seem
real. I guess toots will be joining
you soon. we are just waiting to get
the word. talked with Denny last night. your children speaks well of
you and Sandra, talks of their love
for both you and their mom. I love
you so much-Gran as daddy called you.
Its been 3years now. we are getting
ready for the Glen Alum Reunion! so
many Glen Alum folks have left us. will all be together one day.

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