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July 16, 2018

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July 16, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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November 17, 2016
September 26, 2011
2 years later I still have no words.
December 29, 2009
It has been 3 months. It still seems so unreal to me that my mother, best friend, yelling partner & hero, is gone from the world that I knew. I have just now built up the courage to read through everyone's entries, and write one myself. I dont know if this will make sense but I feel like a child in a crowd of people, who fell behind trying to keep up with her Mother's foot steps, and got lost in the crowd, standing there crying out loud for someone to comfort her and tell her not to worry "We will find your mom and place you back in her arms", except Im 29, standing in the middle of this earth, crying out loud for God to give me the strenght to understand that I will not be in her arms right now, but that one day I will see her again. I think about her every minuet of every day. My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me she went to her daddy crying, and he asked her what was wrong and she said "Im just scared I wont be a good mom." My Grandfather looked at her and told her "You will be a GREAT mother." I just hope she knew before she left me that I thought she was the BEST mother in the world. I love you Mom and I miss you so much. I will see you again one day and I hold on to that with everything I have. It is so awesome to know that you have met Jesus our Lord and Savior!!! I bet it was so Amazing!!!!

Love Your Daughter,
Angielinia (Babygirl)
November 28, 2009
This is Called the Seed in The Tower
Originally Written on Mar 30th, 2005 by me,

Darkness brings of Decay

As eternal Light haunts my cave

Lost in Lonelyness found

Deep penitrating my ground

least not wonder, does the day

Yet save for a mind held at bay

Fore a word of wisdom sought

From a tiny thought

A word unbenounced to many few

Fore that small thing that surely grew

A wish of a time seemingly lost

A shadow cast long before the frost

Many moons hath come and left

Fore this seed hast slept

Fore a tower now stands many worlds tall

Lonesome dove crowded now draw

This past hath lead a world at bay

To Shield you from deaths dark decay

Bringing you back from where you were killed

Laying you down upon green marrows filled

With a Thought that not many shall know

From deep inner soul find now grow

Till the end shines near

Nore more shall fear

The end we will face

Light over powers dark in this place

Feelings light as a eagles feather

Holding you in me now and forever...
November 28, 2009
Dear Anyone that would read this,

I wanted to share the ever present Fact that This is the Woman the Forged me to Whom I am today. My Mom, Jan Huffman, she Was the reason i did well and ever better in HS, she was the reason i graduate HS, then to go into the USMC. She was the Reason and Hope that Carried me through Basic Training in Paris Island, SC. She used to send me little candies too in like tooth paste boxes all re-wraped in plastic like you'd never think to check em, and they never did. She was soo Intellegent i'd never think to re-wrap em...but candies aside, she would tell me to keep my head up and keep on pushing, to do what the DI's told me and try not to get into trouble... It always seemed like the punishment they would give me was never as bad as when i'd mess up at home... I believe that was because i loved her very much and hated when she punished me for my mistakes but we live and learn.

All in all My Mom, Janice Huffman, Was an inspiration to everyone she came into contact with. She is one of the most headstrong and caring/loving individuals i've ever encounted in my life, and she was a really good mother.

I will miss her very much every day i walk this earth til that one day that God will call me home and i will be able to look her in the eyes and tell her i love her and i'm home.

Clinton Chester Huffman
October 24, 2009
Dear Uncle Spike and family,

I wanted to sign this guestbook to honor the life of Aunt Jan and to honor her beloved husband, my Uncle Spike. It was evident to all the love they shared was so real and so unconditional.

One of my earliest memories of Aunt Jan is when I was a youngster, and she made us the most awesome lasagna..It's the simple things in life like that that can leave a lasting impression, that one never forgets.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family..May you be comforted, loved, and may you find peace in all the wonderful memories you have..until you meet again in heaven. We love you all!

Mary Rose and Srdjan
October 24, 2009
I could never come up with the right words. I will never stop missing and loving you Momma Jan. You touched so many people every day. I'll never stop holding onto all the emails you sent me each day. You helped my relationship with HIM and helped me pray more often than I did. I'll never forget the way that I used to stand over the stove and watch you cook. And Lauren wonders why I'm so much better at it. And that cheese dip you used to make, I sure do miss so many things about you. But most of all, I miss being able to go to the M's in my phone where your number still is and call my Momma Jan. I miss and love you soo much. And I always will. I know you're watching down on us, and taking care of Connor and Maddie. Connor got over a sonus infection in 2 days, Thank You for that! I will live the rest of my life trying to make you, my Dad and Mom proud of me. I know you're watching down on us and Angie making sure that new baby IS a boy. <3 always Your Baby Girl
*Kristen Huffman
October 23, 2009
I have never had someone so caring and concerned everyday, always there, always wanting to know what was going on in my life and praying for me. I have never known someone so religious, never gave up on God. If it wasn't St. Mary's on the Hill it was Steven's Creek. If it wasn't them it was Joyce Meyer's, gosh did momma love that woman. We would listen to her on tapes in the car haha. Feels like yesterday we were just in the kitchen talking about granite countertops and Huffman flags for the front garden. She was so happy for me and how happy I was. She was so happy to be working again, with such amazing people that she spoke of so often. She wanted to be everyones friend. You never know how much you someone means to you until you can't tell them how much they do anymore. You never realize how short life is until someone leaves you here, recognizing death is so realistic. I miss Momma so much and there is not a day that goes by I don't think of her. she taught me so much about the woman I am and try to be. She has and will always be a great influence on my life and my future. and although I can't call her or see her, I talk to her everyday and know she is watching over me. I just wish I could have had some babies sooner so she could have met them. Life will go on, but she will never be forgotten. And I will live my life trying to make her proud, until we meet again. I love you Momma, love always, your pumpkin.
October 20, 2009
Chester my heart goes out to you and the family. I was in a state of shock when I heard about Jan.

All I can say is I learned from the best. Jan was my instructor when I came to Columbia County Sheriffs Office in 1999. I remember I was scared to death and she put me on the radio my first day. Of course Dan Barnett wasnt to crazy about that back then...but she instilled the confidence I needed and taught me well. I credit Jan for making me the dispatcher that I am today. I went on to other places in the Dept. but I have never forgotten the dedicated training she gave me. It has been well used and I know this world is missing a great lady tonight and always.

My prayers are with you during this time.
October 19, 2009
Chester, please accept my deepest sympathies, for you and your family's loss.

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She was so very proud of her New Job!

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