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September 18, 2014

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September 18, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
April 03, 2014
Three years to the day and you still are in our hearts. I am 82 years old and have had a full life and can't believe your life was taken just when you were going to start being an adult. your probably looking down at us now. and saying I am OK now. God Bless
March 30, 2014
Remembering you Anita. I still cant process it through my head, that this actually happened. I tatted the date over my heart, because you will Always, have a place there. I went to visit you last year also.. I should be going this year as well. I miss you, its almost the third year anniversary ... Please watch over your mother, always. We all know how much she loved & did everything for you. Rest in paradise
March 25, 2014
I remember reading about her in 2011 and I still can't believe what a terrible thing to happen especially so young and really starting her adult life. Lord please open to her
January 25, 2012
Dear Prima i Miss You Like Crazy We Had So Many MEmoriesz Together tha Cant Be Earsed !!!! i Rember Wen i First Came Down Here We Got Alonq So Quick Thaa i Always Wanted To Stay At Your Place !!! i Jusst Cant BElieve That Your GOne iTs Juss Hard Buh i NoYour In A Good Place NOw Watchinq OVer All Of Usss ... i MIss You && Loovee You Always Be In My Heart Lovee Always YOur Cousin -Crystal
December 16, 2011
Dear Anita, I visited your final resting place here on earth today and i am so happy that there is a picture of you on the grave stone. Your big happy smile was so great that it brought tears to my eyes. Please Lord , welcome her soul in heaven. I pray a special prayer every Sunday for you Anita
November 29, 2011
wow, almost 8 months since you passed away Nita . I cant find the words to describe the pain I felt when I found out, I still find it hard to believe.. I mean we grew up together, I think God took you wayy tooo soon . But he does have his reasons you know . I'm sorry for not always texting you, or calling more often, I feel so bad right now, but remember I'll always love you, &you'll always be a best friend to me, just like before . I still remember all those times we spent together, omg, they were the best . Those will always be the best most memorable stories/memories of my childhood . I think this was a very hard impact in my life, I just refuse to believe it, every now &then I remember you&tear because I realize I cant hit you up anymore, it's too late. I still have your number in my phone.. I don't even know what else to say .. ****For PAT, CAT&RICKY, and of course your MOTHER, I send them my support&my sympathy I hope to see them once again, soon . They might not even remember me&all but I know they will.. &they are probably some of the few STRONG people I know, someway somehow they will get through the rough times together .
November 03, 2011
Thank you so much to everyone for all your sister has passed seven months ago is the hardest thing we have dealt with in life.we miss her dearly. She was one of a kind and inspired many.she is forever loved and will never be forgotten as we celebrate her life everyday.God bless you all.
October 06, 2011
My codolosis for the family of Anita, I also am Anita Munoz and I am a widow. I know the pain when you lose someone you love. I just happen to Goggle my name to see what would pop up about me. But I felt sorrow. knowing what had happen to your daughter. She was 16 I am 61 yrs. I know the pain you are going threw. But as time go's by It hurts less. I will be praying that the Holidays go quick because the first year its the worses espcialy the holidays, But you are not alone in your pain. Anita was so love that it hurts less.I will be praying and thinking of your Daughter and family. God has been my strenght and he will also be yours Too.
May 21, 2011
anita i love you forever in my heart
May 12, 2011
i cried tears for someone i never knew or met but somehow you touched my heart and i dont know why. i drove from chandler and placed a card,candle and flowers at your memorial on 67th and west ocotillo. i attended the car wash for you and had the pleasure of meeting your sister. the next day i was telling a friend of mine about a you tube video about and air france flight that took off from LA went over the ocean and somewhere in europe while a camera was outside the window two angels formed off the wing. .i was telling my friend Mike and when i said Mike i couldnt believe forming outside the window were 2 angels my computer which was setting by itself across the room made a bloop bloop noise which it never had happened before and your photo popped up on my screen. i couldnt believe it! after i had calmed down i felt as soon as i said angels it was your way of communicating to me that you were ok and you were and angel. i wanted to share this with anita's family and friends as this was a miracle that had never happened to me in my life. i made a copy of that photo and placed it next to my rosary in my rear view window of my car as and inspiration that no matter young or old our lives are fragile and can be taken from us at anytime and we should appreciate everyday on this earth. i checked with two computer experts and they told me there is no way that could have happened unless you actually pressed on that link. i wasnt even near the computer this was truly a heavenly experience. i feel blessed anita that for a moment you were the friend in spirit that i never knew in life. thanks sammy

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