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Jay Dean Jones

Jay Dean Jones

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August 27, 2015

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August 27, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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September 20, 2013
A friend contacted me to let me know of the passing of one of the best men that I ever had the great fortune of knowing. I was out of the State and could not attend, but his loss, your loss, the community's loss, has never been far from my mind.

I look back with fond memory of the 3 years that this wonderful man helped to shape my life and gave me some of the greatest memories and experiences that I have ever known.

He had faith in me and at that time in my life, it meant so very much.

To say that he was influential would be an understatement of enormous magnitude.

Bright Blessings always, the stage will always have room for you.

Charmain Fletcher
Class of 1987

Beatrice - Much Ado About Nothing

Mrs. Englanderova - I never Saw another Butterfly

Beatrice Hunsdorfer - Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds
August 15, 2012
I learned about this far too late -- six months after the passing of Jay Dean Jones. I hope it isn't too late for me to add my words of tribute and thanks. Jay Dean was a drama teacher who truly emphasized teaching as much as drama. I think I learned more from watching him direct plays than from performing in them myself. He knew how to get results without being at all "dramatic" about it, and this applied to his relationships with his students as well as to his work as a director. I have spent much of my adult life in theaters, not as a practitioner of the art but as a theater critic and reporter. Jay Dean's kindling of those interests in me was so masterful that I have yet to burn out, 44 years after I graduated from Westwood. Most weeks, even now, I see at least five or six shows a week and write about many of them. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to find out about this, but perhaps it's fitting that I'm remembering him six months later, in the heat of August, because it demonstrates that he will not soon be forgotten.
April 02, 2012
Jay Dean was a wonderful drama teacher. He was kind, creative, thoughtful, supportive, and empathetic. Of all the teachers I've had over the years - from high school through ASU, Jay Dean is the one that stands out. He changed my life in significant ways. I was so sorry to hear of his passing. He honestly lives on in the hearts of so many of his former students.
March 15, 2012
Jay Dean: You certainly changed MY life. I will never forget you. Ever.
March 04, 2012
I loved Mr. Jones like a second father. When I was a little girl, I would always go to Westwood auditorium with my family in the summertime to watch the musicals that he directed. I especially remember "Show Boat" and "The Sound of Music". His wife was my 5th grade teacher. When I was older, I had the priviledge of being in one of his drama classes at Westwood. I loved to ditch school at that time, but his class was one that I always made sure I attended. My dear mother just passed away on February 15th. I think she caught the same ride to heaven that he did. They're both up there with my dad now and I'm sure they're having a great time catching up. I didn't make the funeral due to my mother's passing, but I wouldn't have let anything short of that keep me from going otherwise. My heart goes out to all of the Jones family. I know right now it doesn't seem like things will get better, but they will, I promise! Keep on living and enjoying life. It's not the end, only the next act.
February 29, 2012
I'm so sorry to hear of Jay Dean's passing. I majored in dramatic arts because of him,and later taught drama in high school. He was such a sweet, kind, and effective teacher. I miss him.
Marilyn Bird Taylor
February 27, 2012
I was saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Jones, or simply Jay Dean, as we would call him. I was privileged to know him both as a high school student and later as a wannabe thespian in two productions of MMT-Camelot and Hello Dolly as well as 'Lil Abner, which was a WHS production while I was a student. What fun I had and what great memories I have! May the Lord bless and comfort you in your knowledge of life beyond the grave and the opportunity you will have to be together forever, even if you are apart for a "little season."
February 22, 2012
Dear Michael,
I wish I could have attended your Dad's funeral and honored him for his wonderful life. May the good Lord continue to send you peace and comfort. Take good care of your Mama. I hope you are well and happy.
Jeany Macdonald Vitters
February 21, 2012
I am so sorry for your loss. I will never forget Mr. Jones. I was a shy introverted transfer student at Westwood HS, and found the courage to audition for and get parts in a couple of plays that he directed. I am truly fond of those memories.

Adam Rodriguez
Class of 1980
February 21, 2012
To the Jones family,
Earlier this last week, I posted a remembrance of Jay Dean, but didn't see it when I looked through the numerous memorials to your husband, dad, grandfather and great grandfather.
He was an inspiration to me, being a young teacher in a very large school in 1964. He was there for me as a great friend, colleague and as the "Westwood Genius"! No matter what the issue, Jay Dean had the saving response, because of his cool temperment, and wise understanding of people.
He is a person not easily forgotten and I will keep him in my heart as I have for all these years. Each time I participate or see any play, musical or any production my thought is "How would Jay Dean do this?"
He will live in all who have known him for years or for just a day.

Our hearts are with you and hope you will be encouraged by the outpouring of love seen in so many memorial thoughts of this great and wonderful man!

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Mom, Dad, James, and my Son Hayden.
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