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October 08, 2015

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October 08, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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December 01, 2014
Mom would have liked this floral arrangement that is currently at the Memorial Rock, because she liked flowers and Christmas. They are sparkly red Poinsettia flowers and mixed in is a green glittery spike accent that has big and small Christmas ornaments attached. Merry Christmas mom!
December 01, 2014
Here is my most favorite trophy that is currently hanging on the wall in my home office. It is a collection of signed baseballs, but my favorite is the baseball signed by all of us (including mom's autograph) during mom's 70th surprise birthday party at the ballpark. The photo in the center of this trophy case is of all of us at the ballpark on April 6th, 2004. What a great memory!
November 30, 2014
November 30, 2014
I am very thankful to God that I was born to Bill and Mary. Great parents especially figuring that they both did not have much role modeling to walk down that road. All four of us kids had a good childhood. All around full of most every aspect of growing up. Mom and Dad had their own struggles but never let on to us about them. So different today, I think, as I watch young parents today. Our parents were so unselfish. Their world was our world. And oh so much fun! Mom certainly made our ordinary life an adventure. Just think about it....what adventures we talk about from my dress flying off the trailer which was being pulled by our glorious chariot, somewhere in Oklahoma to the hippies in San Diego. Mom was fun. Mom loved us, unconditionally. Sometimes we made her mad or sad, yes especially me, but she still loved us. Mom wanted to be with us. Mom enjoyed us. And the best part is we all wanted that with her. Because of Mom's love, first to God, and secondly to us, her children, we, the kids are that much better as human beings. I always thanked Mom for hatching me and then loving me forever. What an unselfish person she was and that is too be admired. Since Mom's death, I have tried to implement her patience, love and unselfishness in my own life. I have a long way to go, but I try, because I do believe that she somehow knows a smidge of our current life. And so as God parts the clouds a bit for Mom to peek and see us, I want that time to be when she could be proud of me and not shake her head.
I am not sure who ever said that "it gets easier" after someone dies. I believe that actually it is the opposite....I just really miss MY mom so much. Pattio
November 21, 2014
Still miss Mom after two years. In some ways it doesn't seem like that long, but in other ways, it feels like it was so long ago that we last talked. I miss her empathy--I could always get a sympathetic "Brrr!" out of her when I would tell her, "It snowed again..." or "I slid down the hill today..." She always enjoyed talking with her children and friends.

I think back to our childhood. She sure was hard-working. She always kept us in clean clothes and kept the house (yes, even the Mackey House) scrubbed. She remained optimistic in the worst of times. I REALLY miss her, and I know we all do; it's like there's a hole inside each of our souls that craves another conversation with her, a hug, or a laugh together. I am thankful for the hope of seeing her one day again.
October 15, 2014
Well mom, we took your remains along with Jason's and Crystale's to Camino del Sol funeral home in Sun City West and had them put the ashes into urns, under the memorial rock. So the 3 of you are now in your final resting place. Your plaque came out beautifully and I just know that you would have approved of this memorial rock. Someday, Pat & Dave (and their pets) along with Kathann & I will join you under this memorial rock, though I hope not too soon. Love you and miss you!
December 21, 2013
Well mom, it's been slightly over a year now since you've left us and as Patty would say, "this last year was one long, but short year". And that is exactly how it feels as so much has happened in this past year. I still miss our visits and our phone conversations, especially when you would call and say, "hi Andy, it's just mom." That always made me chuckle to hear that, because you were more than "just a mom" to me.

But I believe that God gave us all something to assist us until we meet again and that is a memory bank in our brains. Memories of good times, fun times, laughter and serious times. And that is what I find that I rely on mostly when I think about you is all of the great memories.

I also cherish the examples that you gave to us and to love every minute of every day.

You might or might not know this, but some of us and our pets will have our remains buried with you under a large memorial rock at a funeral home in Sun City West. And this is where I need your help. You see, Patty believes that we can all play mahjong under this rock for all of eternity and mom, you know that I don't like that game. Now if we could play Yahtzee or Trouble under this rock, that would be okay with me. Maybe you could have a talk with Patty and set her straight.

Okay mom, take Crystale for a nice long walk and tell her that I love & miss her too. Until we meet again, I love you and miss you much.
December 02, 2013
This Thanksgiving as I looked at a figurine with "Count Your Blessings" inscribed on it, I immediately thought of Mom. She often reminded me that even when things look bleak, we should still count our blessings. I miss hearing her tell me that things could always be worse. I miss her voice when she would phone us on the holidays. I miss those final three words she would utter at the end of a phone call, "I love you." I love you, too, Mom--still!
November 28, 2013
Well, a year later and I miss Mom the same amount, actually a smidge more. So much has happened since her death that I find myself wanting her know! Godd and bad. Mom said that one's life was like a book. You have chapters that are different but still telling the same story. Even if one of the main charcters die, they still live on in memory and other characters relate back to them...Mom would reply to anyone that would be down about something, "well, it is the same story but a different chapter!" So as David and I have Thanksgiving dinner with friends here at our house in Sandwich, (wishing we were at our casa in AZ), we give many thanks to God for a wonderful our wonderful lives. Our loving, fun, non-judgemental family. But most of all I am thankful that God borned me to Mom and to Dad, and into the best family!!! I really miss Mom. Pattio.
November 28, 2012
I miss mom sooo much. I always thanked her first for hatching me and then putting up with me! We literally shared our lives with each other. It is just so sad that i can not talk to her. We talked a few times a day. Most jsut little stuff. What we each were doing-sometimes the color of our nail polish to what we were going to watch on tv. Mom always asked what was for dinner. Most times she liked what I was making for David. Our joke was that David was coming over to bring her a plate. I have been through the death of loved ones, but the death of mom is so very hard and very sad. It helps when I read stories and thoughts of all of you whom were so lucky to have been touched by Mary. Many thanks to everyone who shares the kids grief of losing their mom. She was the best not only mom, but friend anyone was lucky to have! Pattio
November 20, 2012
My favorite memories of Aunt Mary include the holiday get-togethers at each of our family's houses. Mom and Aunt Mary would plan for weeks the holiday meal for 4 adults and 7 children! The blessing was said by the host family and I remember her blessings to be very sweet and thoughtful. After the meal we would sometimes play scrabble, crazy eights, go bowling or play ping pong. Putting on a meal was hard work but Mom and Aunt Mary really enjoyed each other's company and visited away their chore. Playing scrabble with Aunt Mary after the dishes were put away, really made my head swim because Jerry combined a second set of letters from another game by removing many easy vowels and substituting harder consonant letters. It was a lot of fun learning how to make new words during those challenging games. The first time I sat down to the “stacked” game I was overwhelmed a bit. I remember Aunt Mary saying that in life we can't always count on things being the same and so it was with the Grimson version of Scrabble.

Another memory was when the Grimson's moved back from New Mexico. As a young teenager I was excited about their move and wasn't provided a perspective of the consequences which brought it about. All of their possessions were loaded into a small UHaul which was pulled by a small compact car – a Comet which had a 100 hp 6 cyllinder motor. Looking back – I never remember Aunt Mary being angry about their dire circumstances. I do remember Aunt Mary saying that anything was possible with prayer. I was glad to have my cousins back in Downers and as the saying goes – it was the best of times and maybe the worst of times – but Aunt Mary's attitude was the difference because I never thought of the times being sour at all. I can't remember Aunt Mary making just one glass of lemon aid – she made a whole world of it!

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