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1934 - 2016 Obituary Condolences Gallery
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December 06, 2016

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December 06, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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June 16, 2016
My words seem trivial in relation to the life we are all remembering, but I want to open another window into the life well lived by my father and share a few brief memories of our relationship and asked the namesakes of his most successful venture on the other side of the lines D&D Hot Roasted Peanuts and Pistachios, his beloved grandsons Drew and Dustin to read in my stead.
California: The very first memory I have of my dad was his return from the Vietnam war after his deployment to Thailand. With his Italian bloodline he came back a whole lot darker than I remember, so I did what little girls do best and started screaming in terror, he got me all settled down to begin what would be our father-daughter journey together. Favorite baseball memory: Games at Candlestick (and I have to add my brother Tony getting hit in the forehead by a baseball bat by who probably later turned out to be Boog Powell.)
Indiana: I have to include the ice-rink that pops crafted in our back yard after he and mom caught my brothers (most likely not me) ice skating on the community lake one too many times, so in an effort to keep us safe, up went the back yard rink. Apparently it appealed to him enough to draw him out to it to give it a shot one day, as we all sat in the house he took a few laps around then while navigating back to the house, and right outside a window, we all witness his legs in the air and a puff of snow to follow. Dad broke his ribs that day, new words were heard by us kids, and he succeeded in keeping us safe. Favorite baseball memory: Every summer at the park watching my brother's gamesthe coke was extra cold thenand then there was the Tommy John visit where I got to dress like my mom, and I have to add the road trips to Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati to see his beloved Reds play double-headers.
Missouri: The teen yearswhat to do with a teenage daughter who is giving you a run for your parenting moneyHe loved me right through it, kept me active playing softball, bowling, providing for me to attend base youth center trips to Worlds of Fun, Kansas City Royals games, my first rock concert, provided movie tickets, and of course attending EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY BROTHERS BASEBALL GAMES THAT INCLUDED EVERY SINGLE TOURNAMENT. Favorite baseball memory: The Royals games.
Arizona: My dad bribed me to come here I'll buy you a horse clearly realizing a water-bed would easily replace the horse. Starting with Sunday night trips out for ice cream with mom, life eventually led us to Phoenix Firebirds and Sun Devils baseball games, Sun Devils football games, then of course the Diamondback games. After his second retirement he met up with the Mike's from Hamilton and life began to get busy again for him. We thank you both for allowing him to come along with you as you built an incredible program. I do have to add, this caused a bit of contention when I caught him scouting Red Mountain's pitching while watching his grandson play. Favorite baseball memory: I will be forever grateful that he and mom witnessed the Diamondback's win the World Series Championship game together.
My dad was my gapper standing in with mom, ensuring the dogs were fed during the 12-hour clinical days while leaving me dinner treats in the fridge, offering to buy a mosquito net when Gilbert's notorious mosquito population found me, and baseball, it was the common thread between us, it was what we did together and it was what we were doing the last time we were fully togetherwe watched the Diamondbacks beat the Cubs.
Ephesians 6 states:
Honor your father and mother so that it may go well with you
and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.
My father honored his father and mother and enjoyed long life on this earth. My brothers and I did our very best to honor our father and as a way of honoring him after his passing it has been suggested to take something about him and carry it on in our lives. I will take his generous heart and live out my days giving of myself as he modeled for us.
The Ol' lefthander has rounded third, headed for home, and after a headfirst slide, has been declared "safe!"indeed he has. Thank you.
June 15, 2016
We are so sorry to hear about Ricks passing. We send our condolences to everyone in the family. Praying for strength and comfort from God. You are in our thoughts. Greg and Cheryl Fleger & Family and Dale Fleger
June 15, 2016
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. May your memories comfort your heart; and God help the Rivard family during this time of sorrow. Isa.41:13
June 13, 2016
"Mr. Rick"... a man who truly loved our boys on the Hamilton baseball squad. There was no bigger cheerleader of these young men than him ...from early on through college ball. See you in Heaven, Coach! You are loved and will be missed dearly.
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