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1955 - 2016 Obituary Condolences
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December 06, 2016

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December 06, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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May 13, 2016


I didnt learn of Kim's death until you got my Christmss card that year and you called to let me know. I've never heard the depth of sadness from a voice like I heard from yours on that call.

I cried that day, and I wrote you this note--but I couldn't send it because I couldn't bear the thought of making you sad.

I wish I had.

So here it is...a life late perhaps, but now it won't make you cry, because Kim is by your side:

"A single person is missing for you and the whole world is empty."

Words are pretty meaningless in a situation like this; but to the extent they can convey some feelings perhaps its worth fumbling through them as best I Can.

I am so deeply sorrowed by your loss and by knowing that the end result of your lifelong devotion and love is a hollow pit in your spirit that can only be filled with bittersweet memories.

Everyone that has known you and Kim from our days of youth envied the relationship you had. There were so many times when I thought to myself how do I find a love like Neal and Kim; and over the years I came to realize that it can't be done by intent or desire, but can only arise from a place so remote that most of us will never know that measure of love.

And love like yours endures not just the ages , but for eternity. It is a cliche to refer to someone as your soulmate, but in your case you achieved that unity of spirit that is the true purpose of life. And I believe that Kim is by your side still, watching over you, and trying to soothe your heart and your sorrow.
I know she will wait patiently for you to join her as you climb the last few hills of Your life.

And I know some day I will see both of you in a special place, whatever it may be, and we will laugh and joke and make up for all the time we have lost as friends in this short life.

I love you Neal, and I hope to see you very soon,

May 13, 2016

I suppose its a good thing when sad news travels slow from Battle Creek, to Saint Louis, MO.

I was gonna see you this summer--I was; for real. The trip was planned; It was gonna happen.
I felt so bad I missed your and Tim's birthday party last year because my mother had passed. Never thought it was my last chance to see you.

Now I just want to know...what happened to those Friday and Saturday nights playing cards, listening to music, drinking strohs, or vodka and grapefruit.
Falling asleep to Floyd's Ummagumma.

What happened to that cat at Farrells kissing the fridge when it dared to walk across our poker table in plain view of you.

What happened to your red '48
Ford; and my blue 68 Camaro.

What happened to Nells, and Preed, and Hacksaw, the wildebeast, and the Candy Man.

What happened to those nights driving to Detroit, Ann Arbor, East Lansing, or Wings Stadium, to see Bowie, Mott, Yes, Starship, Black Oak, JoJo Gunn, Cactus, Mountain, Todd, Amboy Dukes, Frank,
Queen, Rush, Roxy Music,
Hunter, Ronson, Gensis,
John Cale at Bookies, the New York Dolls (thank you so much Preed for turning me on to the Dolls), And 92,000 of us with The Who at the Silver Dome.

What happened to the parties on Maple Grove, Highland, or at Riverview Apts?

What happened to Fresh Air Freddie when you just couldnt hold back another fart assault from the back seat on I-94 in the dead of winter. "Are you gonna stop now Neal...its cold back there with the windows down."

What happened to those times; what happened to my band of brothers, my family of friends,
my Panther pride.

Time happened; jobs happened; families happened.

We weren't the Facebook Generation. We didn't take and post pictures. We made memories... Lasting memories; memories I wish we could have shared later in life.

And now this happens. Over and over now, it happens. And I just want those Friday and Saturday nights back. And I want loss to stop!!!
April 21, 2016
Just found out Thursday April 20th about Neal's passing. My wife Sheila and I are heart broken to find this out so late. Neal was a neighbor, friend, for years. Now Kim and Neal are together again in a better place. You are missed. Archie and Sheila Smith. R.I.P. Neal and Kim.
April 8, 2016
So very sorry for ur loss. Neal was a great guy! So much fun to be around. He will be missed!
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