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December 03, 2016

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December 03, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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February 24, 2013
Ten years ago today changed many lives forever. Ryan never realized what affect his life had on so many others. I still imagine him walking through the door. I will always have Ryan in my heart each and every day. Mom
February 24, 2008
Ryan was a beautiful baby when he came into this world and as every parent would wish for, he was a dream come true. As a toddler, he was full of life and had eye's and a smile that would melt your heart. I remember being told when he was young that he was going to break many hearts. School years for Ryan were filled with many memories and stories to tell for the years to come. He always had a special gift to make others laugh and bring a smile to their face no matter what the situation was. I don't believe that anyone who spent time with Ryan could say there were to many dull moments. He had a way of turning just another ordinary day into something special. Family and friends were very dear to Ryan and for whatever reason he chose to leave us behind, I'm sure he left everyone with some memory that would bring a smile to their face when thinking of him. Five years ago today was the beginning of the worst nightmare anyone could ever imagine. Until then, I never really knew what a broken heart really was. Today, I look back and realize that the pain is never going to go away. For me, life will never be the same, but knowing just how much Ryan was truely loved and is remembered does bring some comfort and makes it just a little easier to wake to a new day. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what if ... I know in reality I can't change the past, but I also know that the bond we had and the memories we've shared will always keep my love alive in my heart forever. There will always be this enormous emptiness in our hearts, but Ryan is watching over us and one thing I have learned from him, is to treasure every moment as if it were your last. My love for Ryan is unconditional and with that I'am very thankful for the 27 years of memories. Mom
May 30, 2004
I still miss you terribly. I think about you almost every day. Mackinac sure is not the same without you. I do know that you are around in spirit and that makes me feel so much better.
Until we meet again,
Love, Kim
February 26, 2004
Just a year ago last night, our hearts were shattered forever. Many times it seems like only yesterday. I now know that the pain will never go away and that there will always be that emptiness inside. It does give me some comfort to know that "Within our hearts, the ones we love are never really gone - In spirit and in memory, their legacies live on." I hear people say, God never gives you more than you can handle. My question would be, why did God put so much trust or faith in me? I wish I had the answers or even understood, but I trust in God to watch over Ryan and let him rest in peace. For now I'll hold his memories dear and keep him in my heart. Not a day will go by that Ryan will not feel my love and know how much I miss him. Ryan, your always on my mind.

Love, Mom
May 13, 2003
Dear Ryan,
Tiger Man, you are missed so much. You were the light of so many lives and your goodness was felt where ever you went. We all love you and know that your in God's hands. Please watch over your mom and brothers, and let them find peace.
Grandpa and I send our love to you. You are such a special person and we will never forget you.
Love Always, Grandma & Grandpa
April 25, 2003
It is only when you are alone
That truth draws its veil
And all your thoughts can reveal
All that is falsehood
And all that is real

To look back on your spent actions
To contemplate your deeds
And to summarise your considerations
Your thoughts for others
Solitude turns your life's motions
Into tortuous fractions

Loneliness's heated debate
In your own head
A self contained discussion
Of all that is gone
Justice by one's own conscience
Is all there be to relate

Alone to think a lonely thought
Where only memories can intrude
How one can think!
When clarity comes to the mind in silence
Life's lessons flood back
Self taught


You are missed Brother.
March 29, 2003
You were the kind of person that could make anyone smile.The kind of cousin that would watch out for me. You are the best person that I have ever known. I wish that you could have seen how special you were to everyone and to me. It is truly hard for me to say goodbye because I really can't face up to the fact that your gone. I still think your here and in some ways you are, maybe not in person, but your spirit, golden heart, strength, and smile will always be with me and and in all the other lives that you have ever touched.
It gives me comfort to know that you are in God's hands and watching over all of us. You were one of a kind and will be missed. Look after your mom, Jassen,and Chad please give them strength and hope.I will never forget you.
Love always,
your cousin Angie

P.S.- Thanks for coming to my basketball game.
March 29, 2003
It was so nice to see Ryan at the camp for Christmas. As always we had a great time just enjoying being with family. The simple things, no TV or Phone to interupt conversations. We never in our wildest dreams imagined it would be our last holiday spent with Ryan. I will alway think of my handsome nephew and feel so very sad for the missing piece in our lives. You will always fill a special place in my heart. We know that God never gives us more than we can handle so stay strong Jassen and Chad. Ryan was so proud of both of you. I've no doubt that his smile is lighting up the heavens now. Know Ryan that you were loved and that you loved well for the short time we had with you. Love, Aunt Gail
March 28, 2003
Ryan you were the man I would love to be when I'm older I remember when you took me to the air force base in Oscoda and we played a game where I had to get up on your shoulders and shoot the ball into a basket and we won a free pop for us. You are the kind of person that kept your promise like you said i could mow the yard so when we got back it was raining so we went out and mowed .One more thing was you all know the saying one doller for a quarter. If you asked Ryan for that he would give it to you . Ryan your one in a million .LOVE ALWAYS Karri Haglund {cousin}
March 28, 2003
Ryan tiger-man: you are in my thoughts & prayers every day. Its sad that your life was taken so soon. When your were in Texas you were to young to remember my kids I was looking forward to this summer comming home to Mich. For Kristinas graduation party so she could see & meet all of her relatives on my side of the family.You wont remember all the times I had to get you off the Bruggers bridge before you fell in either or the time I gave you a motorcycle ride & got a ticket for you not having a helmet on , all you said was can we go do it again. yes some day we will do it again ok. A.Barbie

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Ryan, 12/25/03

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