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December 08, 2016

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December 08, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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June 20, 2013
Gary was my best friend in high school. I've been wanting to get in touch with him for quite a while. Gary was a wonderful and sweet man. He will be greatly missed.
March 20, 2012
Rest in peace, Gary.
July 28, 2011
A reading that was done at Gary's services from his sister, Dianne. I will miss you Gary.
My brother was many things to many people – a husband, a loving Dad, an inspirational leader and a soccer coach, but to me he was simply my big brother. As children of a military family we moved and changed schools on a regular basis. It never seemed that bad as I always had Gary there with me, to make sure I found my new class and had someone to walk home with. While my schools friends changed yearly – he was always there as my best friend. Therefore I learned quickly to play army men, matchbox cars and battle ship. He protected me when I was picked on, and as I later found out, protected me from anyone that dared asked me out on a date – and I thought it was just me.
As we grew older we – we combined our groups of friends – as we traded college parties, concerts, and later trips with his buddies up to Chicago. He was my sounding board when I was dating and he would often explain “Dianne, guys really don’t think that way”. I still remember when I first started dating Todd (now my husband) and we had our first argument – Gary said – He’s a good one – just let it go – things will be fine. He was Todd’s best man at our wedding. As my career moved forward, Gary was there to give advice to me – helping me negotiate the corporate waters, especially after I had my children.
Gary was always the entrepreneur – finagling his way into odd jobs at 14 and 15 to save money. One of his first jobs in high school was taking care of mentally disabled adults. Not something I would have thought my brother would do – he embraced his patients and would even get the Ok to occasionally bring a special patient to our house for dinner. He was always earning and always talked about starting his own company. I still remember the day he took us to the Ahrens consulting offices – I was so proud of him.
Gary always gave everything his all as he tried to live life to its fullest. He had many loves – to mention a few that many of you know : The Oakland Raiders, Motley Crue, Polar Bears, and Baseball. Two summers ago, Gary, Dean and my Dad took a baseball tour driving across the Midwest to catch the Cubs, White Sox, Reds, Cardinals, Pirates and Indians. There are many funny stories that came from that “MAN trip”. Gary’s greatest love was his family. He was so intensely proud of his son Dean – calling me often to tell me of his latest soccer game, his grades, to send me a picture or just tell me about a great conversation he had with him. He could not have been prouder – nor loved a son more. When Gary met Jen – he had found what the two of us always called “Our Happy Place”. He was truly a happy man with his three kids – and embraced the introduction of pink and princesses into his life. What Jen and Gary had to face this last year was more than anyone should ever have to do. The love and caring that she gave my brother during the last 6 months was something truly amazing and I am so thankful that they had the time that they did together.
There is an empty place in our hearts today as we have lost someone so special. Please don’t forget Gary’s sense of humour, his loyalty, and what an inspiration he was. He loved his friends and family and we all meant so much to him. Please keep Gary and each other in your hearts.
Gary, I hope that you are now at peace and with our Mom. She must have been waiting with open arms to hold her son again. And if I know the two of you – you are making her laugh like no one else could. I know that she will protect you as you protected me.
Jen, Gary, Todd and I saw U2 in Chicago last summer – and to read a quote from one of his favorite songs.
And you know it's time to go
Through the sleet and driving snow
Across the fields of mourning
Light in the distance

I'll be there tonight...I believe
I'll be there...somehow
I'll be there...tonight

And your heart beats so slow
Through the rain and fallen snow
Across the fields of mourning
Light's in the distance

Oh don't sorrow, no don't weep
For tonight, at last
I am coming home
I am coming home
July 25, 2011
Our deepest sympathies to the Ahrens family and to Gary's friends. We are deeply saddened by this news. We were next door neighbors in Beavercreek, Ohio and shared the joys and woes of building new homes side by side. We both built two beautiful homes, but the best part was making new friends and having such great neighbors. We will always remember Gary with happy thoughts and will pray for the repose of his soul. May God comfort Gary's family and friends, especially his son Dean, as we enjoyed watching Dean grow from a toddler to his first day of school when he started the first grade. We know Dean has grown into a wonderful young man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God's blessings.
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