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March 02, 2015

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March 02, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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February 06, 2015
We are saddened to hear of your great loss, she is a great loss to many people. I never knew Jane personally or met her, but my husband and I would have been thrilled to have met her. We are connected in such a special way. We are Blackfoot and Jane, Lucien and Abe were in our community back in 1938 doing there filed work. Such priceless work. We are forever indebted to the trio for their research amongst our ancestors. We had the privilege of speaking with Jane back in 2009, she was 101, I believe. She created an invisible bridge through her work between our grandfathers and our generation. We wanted to make a special trip to Vermont and meet Jane in person, but sadly never turned out. She was among our people when our values were still intact and she witnessed a healthy, happy people. We are open to the opportunity of meeting her children and family, to stay connected.
Gabriella and Duane Manyshots, Siksika, Alberta.
November 26, 2014
Somehow, the expected still carries the shock and sadness when it arrives. It has been several months since my friend and mentor passed, and I've just learned of it. I call her friend, even though we've never met face to face. Several years of correspondence and telephone conversations, that eventually faded after several moves and life changes, have solidified those feelings. My work for, and with, the Blackfoot people eventually led me to her door. And there, I was greeted with friendship, kindness and guidance, as well as assistance, in my own work.

For me, it was the thrill of meeting the person whose boxes of field notes I had been pouring through for several years. It was a link to those elders who left stories and a history of earlier times. And Jane was more than willing to connect me to those long gone people on a personal basis. We talked of people she knew personally and whom I'd only heard of in stories. I got the impression it was a fun time for her and Lucien that she enjoyed remembering.

I don't think either of them realized how important their work was in preserving details of the culture and history of the Blackfoot people. That work would come to be utilized by the people themselves to fill in gaps of knowledge and details to revitalize Nitsitapiiysin – the Blackfoot way of life - which suffered under programs of assimilation. Younger generations, educated in modern research techniques, have added Jane and Lucien's work to their own cultural knowledge gained in the traditional way.

She will be missed, not only by me, but the Blackfoot People as well. But certainly not forgotten.
October 21, 2014
You've done us good
(Pop, you too).
On the occasion of Mom's 100th birthday
Park-McCullough House
North Bennington, Vermont
August 2, 2008
We've all known Jane in various ways… she's known as “Mom” to us brothers.
Mom: your aura as a loving soul is known to us, and others.
You've known us for all of our lives and carried us nine months more.
And for all of the childish things we've done you never showed us the door.
You scrubbed our ears and dried our tears and looked-after us countless years.
You showed us the world as our lives unfurled and hugged away our fears.
You taught us to respect the people and places we'd visit
You'd take the time and answer our questions like “What is it?”
You taught us foreign languages and cultures the world around
And through this time you led us there's one main thing we've found
So I'll cut through all this verbiage and try to plainly state:
We've seen in every case from day one on – Mom you're great!
So, in sun or snow, in heat or cold or flashing storms that thundered
We raise a glass in thanks to you – Happy Birthday Mom: you're one-hundred!
Peter, Toby and Nick
September 20, 2014
A magnificently enquiring mind and a helpful heart. Jane and Lucien were my supporters when I was a student, then in Pownal, then Jane was my very dear neighbor in N. Bennington. I will always miss you, Jane; the world is diminished by your leaving..
August 12, 2014
The Blackfoot people will forever be in your debt for the work you and your husband did among them in the 1930s. The information you gathered is still being used today.

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