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July 31, 2014

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July 31, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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May 26, 2014
My Dearest Darling Fredna,

Another Mother's Day has come and gone. Another year without you my dear. It has been two years since you left me to be with the Lord. I miss you more than ever. It has been so hard without you. I still talk to your picture on the bedroom wall. It helps me feel closer to you. I long to see you again and tell you how much I love you. I still pray for you each day even though you are now in Heaven with Jesus. With your memory and the Lord's help, I feel I am a better person and I am trying to live each day as you would want me to. I can never be as good a person as you are, but I am trying. At times I cannot believe that you are not still here with me. It just doesn't seem possible. Thank you, Fredna, for being such a wonderful wife. You are still my wife and I am still married to you and wearing the wedding ring you gave me. I look forward to the day when we will be together again forever with the Lord. I love you very much, Fredna, and I always will.

Your loving husband,
May 26, 2014
Fredna Roberson Exemplary Teacher Award

On May 14, 2014 at Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama, the first annual "Fredna Roberson Exemplary Teacher Award" was presented. This award will be given each year to a teacher in the Whitesburg Baptist Church Early Education Ministry that exemplifies the personal and teaching characteristics of Fredna Roberson. Cindy Abercrombie, who was the previous Director of Early Education and a close friend of Fredna, made the following introductory speech.

"We are so happy to honor the memory of Fredna Roberson today in giving this award. I would like to tell you about Fredna. She was my friend and co-worker. We both taught three-year olds. We spent many happy times together planning our lessons, sharing the playground, and sharing the growing pains and joys of our own children as they grew up.
Fredna was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and teacher. She taught three-year olds in our Weekday Ministry here at Whitesburg for 23 years. Fredna retired in 2003 when her husband Don retired from his job. Then two years ago this month Fredna lost her life to cancer but gained her eternal life because she knew Jesus as her Savior.
Rarely, does one ever have the privilege of knowing such a fine, godly person as Fredna was. She prayed about everything and for everyone she knew. She thought through situations and spoke wise counsel to her friends, her own children, and the parents of children she taught. With her own children, Fredna put much of her counsel in writing. Her counsel was prayed over and based on God's Word.
Fredna was conscientious and dedicated in her work using good classroom management skills where discipline was balanced with love. She made learning fun and she taught children in her care about Jesus' love for them. Fredna also modeled Jesus' love as she taught songs, read stories, directed play, and helped them play readiness games that prepared them for more learning to come.
Fredna was devoted to her family, her preschoolers, and her friends and to her Lord.
Those of us who knew Fredna will always miss her and love her, but her memory lives on as we honor a special teacher from the Weekday Ministry today with the Fredna Roberson Memorial Award."
May 10, 2013
Dear Savior and Redeemer,
As Mother's Day is once again upon us my heart is heavy and aching. At the same time it is full of love, thankfulness, peace, and joy. How can I experience all of these emotions at one time? I know it is because of your love, most gracious forgiveness, and peace that passes all of my understanding. My heart grieves from the loss of my precious mother. One more hug… One more kind word exchanged… One more beautiful smile… What I would give just to have that today.

On a day meant to celebrate mothers, I had to say goodbye to mine. Goodbye to the sacrificial woman that spent so much of her time and energy teaching me and my brother about you, your love, and the amazing plan you have for us. I am forever grateful for the mother you chose just for ME and the impact she had and still has on my life.

My children; Josie, Jillian, and Grayson, miss their Nana and all of the time spent together playing, reading, singing, painting, and laughing. It is beautiful to daily see and feel my mother in the actions, words, and hugs of my children. What a precious gift.

Jesus, I cannot thank you enough for the blessings you have placed in my so unworthy and undeserving life. You know exactly where my heart is and what it seeks. I have no greater desire than to seek your will and obey your commands. You have tenderly and mercifully transformed a life through the loss of a life here on Earth. You, my precious Redeemer, have brought your light into the darkest places in my life and shone your glory and grace. You have breathed life and pure beauty into ashes and made pools of tears into a pure spring. You have become my fountain of grace and river of mercy. What you, my Lord and Savior, have done through the beautiful life and tragic death of my mother, Fredna Carol Roberson, has been a glorious work of your mighty hand.

This Mother's Day, exactly a year after I had to say an earthly goodbye to my mother, my two daughters are choosing to publicly share their life-changing decision of accepting You as their personal Savior. On May 12, 2013, Josie and Jillian will be baptized. My mother/Nana prayed for her grandchildren EVERY day and for their salvation and walk with you. Oh how I wish she could be here to celebrate this wonderful occasion with us. There is no doubt that she is celebrating with you in heaven!

I miss my mother more than I ever imagined possible. Her soft skin, loving personality, sparkling green eyes, precious smile, and tender hugs. Thank you for comforting and embracing me with your arms when I desire the gentle touch and conversation with my mother. I long for the day we are all back together again as a family. It won't be long, I know, before we are singing "Jesus Loves Me" and "Tis So Sweet" together once again. Until then, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which YOU are calling me. (translation from the Living Bible that my mother gave me) You are my strength when I am weak and the beautiful treasure that I seek. I thank you for what you have done and are continuing to do in my life and the life of my family.
Forever grateful,
Janet Carol Roberson Smith
May 08, 2013
My Dearest Darling Fredna,
Next Sunday is Mother's Day, the day one year ago that you left me to be with the Lord. It has been a very hard and lonesome year. I miss you very much. I never dreamed it would be this hard. I think of you many times every day. I look at your picture on the wall in the bedroom every morning and every night and say a few words to you each time. If only I could see you, hold your hand, give you a kiss, and tell you how much I love you. I know you are happy with Jesus and I look forward to the day that I will see you again. I can't believe you have been gone a year. The Lord has helped me endure this time without you. He has shown me what a wonderful person you are and how blessed I am to have you for my wife. You were such a good example to me of how a person should live. I try each day to make decisions and do things the way you would have done. I pray for the Lord's blessing and guidance so that I may live in a way pleasing to Him and in a way that you would want me to live. I miss you being by my side and helping me each day. Every day I see little items around the house that bring back sweet memories of you. There is the little "Liberty" bell that was always by your bedside which you would ring if you needed me. There are the pictures and souvenirs from our vacation trips and the little "music jug" that I brought you from New Orleans. Also, there is the "Leaves of Gold" book that I gave you on the day you graduated from college in which I wrote these words: "Presented to the one I love with all my heart on the day of her graduation from college. May these words inspire you every day of your life and help you know fully my love for you. Love always, Don. May 28, 1968." That was exactly 7 months before our marriage on December 28, 1968. It has been 45 years since I wrote those words and I have loved you every day since and I will continue to love you both here in this life and for eternity in heaven. I look forward to the day when we will be together again forever with the Lord. I love you very much, Fredna, and I always will.
Your Loving Husband,
December 02, 2012
Fredna is especially near and dear to my heart during this Christmas season. There are so many memories that I shared with her in the short time I was blessed to be her friend. How we enjoyed packing our Christmas shoeboxes together last year. She was so anxious to share those gifts with unknown needy children as she loved and prayed for them.
My family and I are enjoying very reverently the beautiful snowman she gave me just because I commented that I really liked the one she had beside her beautiful Christmas tree. The next time I visited her, she had one just like it for me. She was the sweetest, kindest, most loving and giving person I've ever met. My snowman has a very special place among our Christmas decorations because of my love for my dear friend.
I know this is a wonderful time for her as she gets to celebrate this Christmas with her Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, we surely miss her here with us, but she is very happy there I know and reaping her rewards for a life dedicated to God and serving others.
I pray that her family will feel her loving presence with them as they celebrate this first Christmas without her. May God hold you very close in His loving arms. Please know that we love you and share some of your loss.

Merry Christmas and my love to you, Fredna.

Your friend, Jo Robinson
November 30, 2012
I met Fredna and Don going on now 18 years ago as I climbed into a family van bound for Walt Disney World. I had been invited to go by a dear friend of mine, Janet Robeson, during Christmas Break of our sophmore year at Samford University. Little did I know at that time that this trip would change my life forever. In four years time, I would become a member of the Roberson family by marrying the man of my dream, Brian Lee Roberson. Now, God had not only given me loving and caring parents, but parents-in-law as well, who have prayed, listened and invested themselves into this life who stands before you today.
Don and Fredna...the names just go together...its even difficult to say one without the other. If you are Josie, Jillian, Braden and Grayson, Nana and Pawpaw are used quite naturally together. If they only see Nana, the first question is, "Where is Pawpaw?" and vice versa. What Don and Fredna (or Pawpaw and Nana) did, they did together...aside from Fredna's occasional run-offs with her daughter-in-law to get her ears pierced to the unsure suprise of her husband or registering for baby gifts or looking for houses and secretly splitting a Snicker's Bar before going back home.
As I now sit by the bedside of Fredna, who is on the verge of seeing our Jesus face to face, my heart is filled with a joy and excitement for her that I cannot explain; for my own soul yearns for the day when I will be complete in Him. To hear those words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. Come and enter into all I have for you."
In II Corinthians 12:9 Jesus tells us that in this life..."His grace is sufficient for us, for His purpose is made perfect in weakness." Oh--weakness...you know--when your heart seems to be failing within you; fears leave you feeling depleted and discouraged; everyone is asking you for answers to questions and you have nothing to give; exhaustion brings you to the end of yourself where you find a longing of need in the deepest part of your being. It is in this place where we truly recognize our need for Him...have no other option but to depend upon His strength, provision, power and energy to live out the life He has given us.
I have been given the opportunity of having a front row seat to watch God's grace and power enable Don and Fredna to walk through this journey over the last two plus years. Don, as he has been given strength and courage for each day to faithfully walk his wife home to her Heavenly Father, holding her hands the whole way; smiling and speaking tender, encouraging words through tears as he so deeply shared in her pain...reminding her that this was not the ultimate end! Fredna, enduring and perservering through countless operations, procedures, pricks and pokes...never complaining, always concerned for others...constantly giving her loving looks and sweet smiles to whomever came in the room.
I celebrate God's amazing grace and power in which He has sustained my Don and Fredna, the parents of my husband and the grandparents of our precious child and nieces and nephew. They have and continue by God's grace to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren of how to live life well, how to suffer well, and how to die well for His glory. The picture of Christ and how much He faithfully loves His Bride, the Church, is beautifully portrayed through the lives of this dear couple.
I pray that my own personal testimony could be as strong. Faithful is our God...even when we are faithless. May our weaknesses proclaim His strength. The refining fires of this life will only seek, I pray, to draw us all closer to Him; where we will one day see our Fredna (Mom, Nana) and join her in perfect peace, joy and praise of our King, the Creator of our faith, Jesus Christ.
September 08, 2012

I've wondered how to say thank you
for all that you have done;
For taking me to school
and making childhood fun.

For listening, talking and sharing
about life and friends being made;
For all the hash and tuna fish patties
and love I could never repay.

God used you to create me,
to teach and guide me straight;
To show me the kind of lady
I should look for in a mate.

You, oh Mama, are so very precious,
"Special Special" to God and me,
so fight the good fight and finish the race
with Him we will alway be.

I love you,
March 2011
August 22, 2012
While most of the childhood memories of Fredna and I have faded, I still remember a few. Fredna did something in her life that very few people do. She served the Lord her entire life without ever turning back, even once. She ran the good race to the finish like the apostle Paul.
It amazes me to think that right now, at this very moment, she is finally with the One she loved and served faithfully her whole life. Her eyes have seen the Glory!
She also told me a week before she passed that she was looking forward to seeing our Mom.
To say that Fredna greatly impacted my life would be an understatement. She did for me the greatest thing a sister could ever do for a brother. She faithfully and unselfishly prayed, along with our Mom, for many years while I was lost and separated from God that I would accept Jesus into my life and be saved. Finally, at thirty eight years of age in 1991, it came to pass. For her diligent prayers I am eternally greatful.
Fredna's Little Brother,
Benjamin Mott
August 07, 2012
If Jim and I could say something to you, Fredna, it would be that we wish we had had a chance to get to know you and Don better before you took ill and couldn't attend Bible Study anymore. We'll just have to do that in heaven one day, won't we?
July 24, 2012
Don, I know without a doubt you miss Fredna more each day. God gave you the strength to help her through all those difficult months of "pain" and "procedures", so I'm sure He will continue to help you in the days and weeks ahead. God Bless. Most Sincerely,

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