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March 18, 2018

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March 18, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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July 19, 2013
Dear Sarah, Anna, Lincoln, Donna:

I was saddened to learn about "Uncle Harry."

Harry was a man of many and widely varied interests and many friends and collaborators.

One very specific personal memory is his playing the piano for his sister Mary and me at our wedding. He selected and suggested, as suitable and a little different, the Wedding March from Mozart's Marriage of Figaro.

Another personal memory - when Mary and I decided to marry, he wrote me a gracious note welcoming me into his family.

May your memories of Harry make you smile and appreciate your lives together.

July 18, 2013
As a little girl, Uncle Harry was a part of my life. Mom used to tell stories about growing up with her older brother, Harry, whom she looked up to and shared a lot in common with. The two of them shared a lifelong passion for the arts.

When I was little Uncle Harry used to send me nice children's books for Christmas, with charming illustrations. I still remember my favorites, "Make way for ducklings", "One morning in Maine", and "Big George".

We always spent time with Uncle Harry when we went to visit our grandparents. He would take us to museums and to see the sights around Boston. We loved his old house in Scituate, and the beautiful gardens all around the house. I remember how the house was filled with statues of the Buddha.

While he was still a bachelor, Uncle Harry sometimes came to visit us in Chicago. It was always fun to be with him. Later after he was married and had his own children, I'll never forget how the whole Heineman family came to my wedding in Bloomington, IN. It was 1980 and my three little cousins Sarah, Anna and Lincoln were adorable.

Every year without fail--up until the last couple of years-- Uncle Harry would send me a bithday card. He never forgot, even when I was an adult, well into my 50's.

I haven't seen Harry for many years now, but I still remember him as vividly as ever. I think fondly of him and I pray that his spirit will be at peace.

Sending heartfelt sympathy and warmest wishes to my three cousins Lincoln (with whom it was a great pleasure to reconnect with recently!), Sarah and Anna.
July 14, 2013
Uncle Harry was my favorite Uncle. He was an original- one of a kind and a renaissance man. He taught me how to whistle when I was growing up. Harry had stopped to visit our family in Illinois while on a cross county motorcycle trip. I looked forward to his Christmas cards every year. My best wishes to family: Donna, Sarah, Anna and Lincoln. Rest in peace Uncle Harry.


July 12, 2013
We first met Harry one spring about 20 years ago, when the Arnold Arboretum organized a visit to his garden. We were just beginning gardeners then, and since Stef had developed a mild interest in Magnolias it seemed like a good idea to go. Well, for better or worse, our lives (especially Stef's) have never been the same since. It was like walking into the garden of the gods to see Harry's trees that day. Magnolia ‘Diva' (aptly named for its beauty, although its temperament is much better than that of human divas) was a temple of vivid, fuschia-colored flowers, towering over uncountable other beauties in every shade of pink and white. We were dazed as we wandered from tree to tree, and we wanted them all. As the tour ended, Harry was talking to some old friends of his, but we hung around to thank him for the visit and to ask a few questions. It became clear to Harry that Stef was smitten with Magnolias, and recognizing he had a live one on the hook, quickly talked him into joining The Magnolia Society. Harry is definitely to blame for the hundreds of hours that Stef spends every year running the seed exchange for The Magnolia Society! We had several fun trips with Harry to meetings of The Magnolia Society, including one especially memorable trip to southern California when there was still snow on the ground back home, but the gardens we visited out there were filled with the fragrance of camellias and magnolias in bloom.

We are so sad that we'll never see Harry again or talk with him about operas, plants, or any of the many other things he was so interested in. But every spring when the Magnolias bloom in our garden, we will remember Harry's great generosity and joie de vivre, and be grateful we knew him.