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April 25, 2017

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April 25, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 21, 2017
Hi Honey, it's April 21st and I'm working from home. I try hard to be good today, but I relive every moment of this day four years ago no matter how hard I try. I keep telling myself that you are so much happier now and in pain no more, and that gives me comfort. I would give anything, absolutely anything to just hold you one more time and tell you how much I love you and how very special you are to me. I know you knew that, but I just want to see you again and make sure. I'm coming to see you when Bob gets home, it's been raining crazy here, but we'll wallow through the mud to get to you, our baby boy. I forgot to tell you, and then I figured today would be a good time to tell you that we finally put your memory wall in our family room. We did one for Melissa too, and it is absolutely beautiful, I hope you can see it Eric. You were the greatest Daddy, son, brother, uncle and friend ever, and you deserve only the best. The wall is a tribute to you and all that you accomplished, you were amazing, and I hope you finally see that as we all do. One last thing, we always put a memorial in the Buffalo News for you, Jenn always writes them. I will post them on your book so you can see them, Jenn does a wonderful job. I love you Eric, and as always, I'm sending you all my love......sleep tight my beautiful boy, Mom XOXOXO
April 12, 2017
Eric, we put Melissa with you today, we knew you wouldn't mind....take care of your sister like you always did. Love you always, Mom XOXOXO
April 02, 2017

There's this boy named Dylan and he is one of my son Brendan's bestest buddies. Only yesterday did I learn that he is your son. I am having a pretty hard time with that you were a great friend to many and I think it's important for you to know so is Dylan! Fly high Angel!
March 21, 2017
Hi Eric, it's March 21st. Yesterday was the first day of spring and we still have snow!!! Hopefully, it goes away(and stays away)soon! On February 26th, Bob, Dylan and I went to the Saints Banquet and presented the Eric C. Ness award for the fourth year in a row. These kids are so cute, and so excited that they won something! I'm not sure at their age if they really understand what it's all about and the meaning, but it is so worth it just to see their reaction! I know you would love what we are doing to honor you. Hey, the other day, Jenn's friend Kelly, joined you and Melissa in Heaven, I hope you met her already. She was an awesome person and was right there with our family every year at the AFSP Walk.....I hope she told you all about it, she will be truly missed by all of us, but like you, she is in a better place. Finally, your niece, Camryn, is doing great. Kristin and Chris are so happy, and Camryn is so precious, she is just what this family needed. I have a lot of Dr. stuff going on, so hang with me and help me through it. I'm trying to be a big girl, but all this stuff makes me nervous, any help is appreciated. I love you, my sweet boy, and I love talking to you, I know you hear me and I don't want you to miss a thing. Until next time, hugs and kisses Eric, Mom
March 14, 2017
Eric, Kristin had her baby girl today!!! I know you and Melissa were watching over us all, but I wanted to send you a picture......she is perfect, so precious, you would have been so in love with her. I love you my angel......Mom
February 21, 2017
Hi Honey, it's February 21st and today we are going to Dylan's birthday party at the East Aurora Ice Skating Rink. He's got a good day for it, not too cold, hope he gets a good turnout. He should because the kids are all out of school this whole week. I can't believe he turned 10 years old yesterday, I don't know how time flies by so fast. He is the best kid, we love him to pieces!!! I'll post some pictures of his party over the weekend, because we also have the Saints Hockey Banquet on Sunday where we will be presenting the Eric C. Ness award for the 4th year in a row. I just love giving that award to some little guy or girl, they get so excited!!! Ok, have to get going, I'm writing this to you when I'm supposed to be working, but you're my #1 priority. I love you so, and I know you'll be with us today at Dylan's party watching over him as you always do. Give Melissa a kiss from me, it was a week ago today that we had her funeral and the sun has shone brightly every day since so I know she is telling us that she is happy once again and hanging out with her big brother.........Love to you both, Mom XOXO
February 12, 2017
Love you
February 12, 2017
hi uncle eric ! i just found out about this message book for you . I miss you ! please take care of aunt melissa up there . i know you see me typing this . I love you
P.S. (<3) means a heart .
February 11, 2017
Hey E,

I know you were waiting for Melissa and I know you will take care of her. You guys are probably laughing at us already. I told Melissa to tell you I love and miss you so much and that I'm not mad at you, I was never mad at you, not even for a minute. This past week has been really hard, it's made me think of you so much and just really remind me how gone you are. Now god has Melissa too and now I have two voids in my heart that will never be filled. Please watch over bob. I love him so much and he helped our family so much when you left us and I just want him to be okay. It's really hard for me to watch bob hurt and know there is nothing I can do to stop that pain. I feel so helpless. Please watch over Kristin and give her the strengh to get through the next couple days. I know how she feels and those were the hardest days of my life. I tried to be strong during your services for mom but I was dying on the inside. I am giving a eulogy at Melissa's funeral just like I gave yours. Please give me the strength to get through it without crying because I want it to be nice for bob. You two take care of each other up there. I'll see you guys soon. But not too soon.

I love you more
Your Sister,
February 09, 2017
Eric, please take care of Melissa, you were always such a great big brother to her, and now you are together in eternity. These last five days have been a living hell, to watch someone you love slip away and there is nothing you can do but pray. I realize now that what you did was in a way, a gift to those that loved you, that we didn't have to watch you suffer and eventually pass away. I told Melissa to give you my love and I told her to take care of you and that you would take care of her. I love you both so much, and the hole in my heart just got bigger. I know that God has a reason for everything, but sometimes I just don't understand. I love you my beautiful angel, help Melissa cross over, and show her all he beautiful things that you have been waiting to show someone you love. Teach her to fly with the angels Eric, and show her how wonderful your life is now. Sending all my love to Heaven, Mom XOXOXO

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