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July 24, 2016

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July 24, 2016

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July 21, 2016
Hi honey, happy 21st of July. We have had a crazy week and have a couple of crazier weeks coming up. Tomorrow night we are having our 4th of July sleepover a few weeks late, lol. We are taking the kids to Seneca Niagara, they do a outside movie every Friday in July and tomorrow night the movie is Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, I think they will love it. We've got goodie bags for them and red, white and blue cookies to take with us. There will be food trucks and concession stands, so we'll let them get a snack for the show. Then on Saturday night, I have my 41st class reunion at the Olcott Yacht Club so that will be fun to see old friends and find out who is left and what everyone is up to. Then on Sunday, Jenn's friend Linzy is having a bridal shower. I got invited because Jen is the maid of honor, so that should be a lot of fun, it's at The Columns where your stepsister Stephanie had her bridal shower years ago. Then next week, we will be running around getting everything ready to head to Angola and the cottage. You would love the place we have now, it's so big and really nice, we have a great time. And of course, we always take you with us and put our picture of you and Dylan on the fireplace mantle. I'll bring you some sand and shells like I always do, but you will be with us always in our hearts. The girls and Dylan are really excited, they count down the days until we go. I love you baby boy, I'll talk to you again soon. All my love until next time, Mom XOXOXOXO
July 08, 2016
HAPPY 34TH BIRTHDAY HONEY!! I hope you have a wonderful day in heaven, this year Grandma is there to celebrate with you, just as she was in Florida with me and Dad to celebrate the day you were born. What a wonderful day that was, that was truly the beginning of the most wonderful part of my life, my kids. Yesterday I was reliving that time and couldn't remember if I had ever told you this story about your Dad. You were born in Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boyton Beach, Florida, and when Dad left that night, he had to cross over some railroad tracks to get back to our apartment in Pompano Beach. He was so happy and excited that we had our first baby, he stopped on the railroad tracks, got out of the car, and in the middle of the night hollered 'Eric Christopher Ness' at the top of his lungs. You know your Dad, and for him to do something like that, shows you how blessed we both felt. I hope I shared that story with you, I panicked yesterday thinking that I hadn't, but if not, now you know. I love you so, and miss you more.....I'm making a list of things to tell you when we are together again. For now, my sweet boy, party with the angels and rest in peace Eric. Love forever, Mom
June 21, 2016
Hi Honey, it's June 21st and summer is officially here! Sunday was Father's Day, we had a nice day. Dylan came to visit you, here's the picture Sara took of him. Can you believe how big he is getting? He is such a sweet kid, and handsome like his Daddy. Addison is going to be 6 years old on Thursday, it seems like yesterday she was born and we came to Millard Fillmore Suburban to see her. I would give anything to go back to that day, but that isn't going to happen. I love you so, had to stop and say hello and sending you all my love until we talk again, Mom
May 21, 2016
Hi Eric, another 21, in fact it's May 21, and Bob and I just had another birthday! I can't believe I'm 59 years old, I truly don't feel it, but I truly am, lol. We had a great time in Vegas except Bob caught my cold when we got there, poor guy. It was under the weather for the first couple of days, but we managed to have a good time as always. When we got back, the kids came and stayed overnight, we had fun, they love the room we did for them, which is exactly why we did it. I put a couple of pictures on here of Aub and Ash, they are getting so big. They are such wonderful girls, you would be so proud of them, they miss their Uncle Eric very much. Dylan stayed over last Tuesday and him, Bob and I went to Ashley's chorus concert at Lancaster High, boy, did that bring back a lot of memories. We're heading to Niagara Produce when Bob gets home,I'll try to get you flowers that the deer won't eat the first day, lol, although I'm sure that makes you smile. I love you so much, thanks for watching over Melissa and getting her to where she needs to be, I know that you are helping to take care of her for Bob, and he knows it too. A lot going on with the weather getting warmer (finally). Have to get your garden going, Bob accidentally pulled out one of your perennials, he is a trip. Until the next time we talk my precious angel, all my love, Mom
April 21, 2016
Eric, it has been three years today since you left us, it seems like a hundred and three to me, I miss you so much. Every year, I think this is just another day, but all day yesterday and today, I still have trouble breathing. I talk to myself and scold myself, and remind myself that you are OK now, that you are safe, no one can hurt you, no one can stress you out, you don't need to worry about anything. You are free and happy and eternally resting in peace. I know that God saw you needed that and took you home with him to end your suffering. But I'm still sad, I try so hard not to be, but sometimes I can't help it. I know you would say That's OK Mom, I love you and give me one of your big hugs.' I know that it will never go away, there's a hole in my heart that will be there until I see you again and can hold you forever. I'm coming to see you today and sit with you for a while. The sun is shining and I know you are saying hello. I also know that you are with me always. Although I can't touch you, I feel you in my heart and that helps.I love you so, my beautiful angel, Mom
April 21, 2016
I still here and miss your voice, but sometimes I feel stronger inside. Believe it or not but you influenced be more than anybody, and i know your still with me. I love you eric very muc.
April 10, 2016
Hi Honey, just had to drop you a quick note and tell you about the new bedroom we set up for Aub, Ash and Dylan. It's really the 'Grandkids Room', but we hardly ever see Addison or Mason. Anyway, we had our after Easter sleepover last night and we gave them each a box of candy and on the back we wrote 'We hope' 'you love' 'your room'. And when they finally figured out what was going on, they went flying up the stairs and they love it!! We got them a new bunk bed, futon on the bottom like Mark used to have on Pleasantview, a new TV, a new laptop, and a bunch of neat pillows, desk supplies, etc. They love it, we were so excited to show them. I know Dylan would give anything to show it to his Dad, but I know that you were with him, because you always are. Love talking with you honey, until next time, all my love, Mom
March 27, 2016
Happy Easter honey, I hope you have a wonderful day. I have the table set, the food is cooking and we're waiting for people to arrive. This was one of your favorite holidays and you always had your family dressed so nicely. I can hear you wishing me a Happy Easter like it was yesterday. I know you will have a glorious day in Heaven with Grandpa, Grandma, Nanni, and all your friends. Heaven must be beautiful, I wait for the day that you can show me around. I love you so my precious angel.......Mom XOXO
March 21, 2016
Hi Eric, it's March 21st, and it looks like it might be a pretty nice day. I'm working from home today and Dylan is on Easter vacation so he stayed over last night. We had fun last night, we watched a Goosebumps movie he picked out and we made some Minion cookies. Jenn and Tom finally got their office cleaned out upstairs, so now we can fix the ceiling, paint the walls and turn it into a 'kids room' for Aub, Ash and Dylan. We bought them a futon bunk bed, a dresser, a TV, a laptop, some big floor pillows and new bedding. We are painting the walls light grey and everything will be decorated in black, grey and silver. Dylan is so excited that he brought over three posters to put up on his walls! I'll send you a picture when it's all done. Bob and I are as excited as they are, can't wait for them to see it. That will be our 'after Easter' sleepover surprise! I love you my beautiful boy, I'll talk to you again soon, but until then, all my love.......Mom
March 06, 2016
I love you my beautiful boy, hope you had a fantastic day, I know we did. We went to D's game, he played goalie, they tied 3 - 3, then we took the girls to see Eddie the Eagle, and then went to Hillview for dinner. I love you so, I know you were with us today, as you always are.......and I know you were smiling all day because you are in such a better place than you were three years ago. I love you so, my angel........Mom XOXOXO

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