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July 07, 2015

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July 07, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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June 21, 2015
Happy Father's Day to my beautiful boy. I talked to Dylan this morning and he is doing okay, this is a very rough time for him. Sara took him to the WWF Smackdown on Tuesday night and he had a great time. She is doing a great job being Dad and Mom, but I pray that she meets the right guy to help her, she has more to handle than most Mom's and it makes me sad for her sometimes. I hope you have a nice day, give Grandpa a hug for me and tell him I miss him too, spend the day together like you used to, that would be nice. Our 4th of July sleepover is next Saturday on the 27th, so I'll let you know how that goes.......sending you all my love, Mom
June 07, 2015
Hey Er,

I think of you always but the past few weeks I can't seem to think of anything else. You've been in my dreams the past few nights and sometimes I want to sleep forever just to be with you. I know you'll never read this but It is the closest to you I ever feel. I just wanted to say that I love you and that whether its 2 days, 2years or 20 years since we've lost you, the pain remains the same, the hole in my heart and void in my life still waits for the day your smile or laugh makes me whole again. I like to think you had a part in sending hope to our family, she has been the only thing I've loved since I lost you, she helps me get through to every tomorrow. I really miss you eric but I know your OK now.

I love you more,

Your Sister xo
May 24, 2015
hi eric its bob I dont talk very much on line but I think of you everyday, I miss you very much and just want to say dylan is spending the night and I hope to take him to a car show on memorial day, oh ya say hi to all the soldiers for me love you see you soon bob
May 22, 2015
Hi Honey, I missed the 21st yesterday, for some reason I thought it was Friday. You know it doesn't take a lot to screw me up, lol. We spent last week in Vegas, we left on Mother's Day and came back on Saturday. We had a great time, stayed at the Monte Carlo, took a bus trip to the Grand Canyon and went on the High Roller on our birthday. We both had Monday off and now I've been working from home because they started on siding on Wednesday. We're going to see the D man this weekend and hopefully Aubrey and Ashley too, missed those kids while we were gone, and can't wait to see them. I love you Eric so much, I'll talk to you again soon honey. Love, Mom
April 21, 2015
Eric, I got your message from Kim today. That is the most precious gift you could ever have given me. You loved me in life and you love me still. Even though I knew that in my heart, your message to Kim confirmed it. I will go to sleep tonight with a smile on my face knowing that my baby boy is truly happy. I know you, and I know that you were probably not able to truly be at peace until your message was delivered, and now you are. I love you with every ounce of my soul.......Mom
April 21, 2015
My beautiful angel in Heaven.......two years ago you left us. I'm sitting here at 1 a.m. missing you so. Jen S. put the picture of you and Ashley swimming on Facebook, and I look at that beautiful face, and I can still hear your voice. Oh Eric,I would give anything in this world to hear you say 'Hi Mom' again. I know we will meet again someday, I just don't know how it will be.....will I be able to find you, will you remember me, will it ever be the same? I have to tell myself yes to all those questions, otherwise, I think I may not survive. Coming home from work tonight, I saw this rainbow in the sky, one of the biggest, brightest rainbows I've ever seen....and I know it was you telling me that you are fine and telling me not to be sad. So I won't be. I'm going to bed now, and I promise I will be good tomorrow, I'll make it through okay, because that is what you want.......promise. Love, kisses, and never-ending hugs my sweet boy, Mom
April 05, 2015
Happy Easter Eric, I hope you have a wonderful day, I'm sure the celebration in Heaven is glorious. Today is also Jenn's 27th birthday, and she was sad at midnight because you always called her. We all know you are happy and free, but we miss you unbearably. Dylan and Sara are coming for dinner, and Dylan will be dressed to the hilt because that is what Daddy always did. Mark, Jenn, Tom, Kristin, Melissa and Mason will also be here, it will be small compared to some years, but it will be nice. After dinner, we'll be coming to see you, even though it is snowing, lol, go figure. I love you so my beautiful boy, always in my heart, Mom P.S., I know you will be with me on Thursday, we can do this together.....XOXOXO
March 30, 2015
Hi Honey, oh boy, did we have an awesome Saints Hockey weekend!! Missed you so, but I know you were with us, we felt your presence, even Sara said so. Friday night was the Parents Game, and your brother did a great job standing in for you, Dylan was smiling from ear to ear. There were Dads and Moms on the ice with the kids and a good time was had by all. Mark scored and so did Dylan, very good time! Then yesterday was the big championship game between the Northstairs (you're old team) and the Sabres. The Sabres were down 1-0 in the 2nd period, but came back to win it 2-1, it was a nail biter! I was there with Bob, Jenn, Tom, Kristin, Melissa, Mason, Peggy, Dan, and of course Sara. You would be so proud of her Eric, she is doing such a great job with Dylan, she took him to hockey three days a week from October - March, and she has him signed up for next year. I've put some pictures on here for you, your little buddy is an amazing kid, you did a great job with him. Love you so, Mom
March 21, 2015
Hi Honey, alot has happened since we last talked. We were invited to the Saints Hockey Banquet on March 5th and presented another Mite player with the Eric C. Ness award. They put a page in the yearbook for your award, and they put a picture of the winner from last year. Every year they are going to have last years winner present the award to this years winner. Last years winner was Thomas Parini, and he presented a plaque to Christoper Gosciak, who won this year. They were very cute, it is a special moment. Dad and Mary went with us this year and Dad was so proud, he got very choked up. Dylan was also there and besides being part of your award, he also got his trophy and a Sabres puck with his name engraved on it with #8 from his team awards, he had a really fun night. All the 'big' players sat at a table together without their parents, and they had a great time, Dylan is making some life long friends, just as you and Mark did. Last weekend, Bob, Dad and I went and picked out a stone for your grave. It is so wet up there, but the cemetery told us that it should be safe to put one in this year, and they are going to try to get it in in time for your birthday. We asked everyone what they wanted on it, and I think you will really like it, alot of love went into it from everyone. Dylan is also in the playoffs, they won their first 4 out of 5 playoff games and are already in the championship game on the 29th. He is coming to stay overnight with us and tomorrow he is going to get his chance to play goalie. He's been practicing all week, and he's excited. I know you'll be with us as you are at every game. I think that's about it, hopefully I didn't forget something, which I do alot lately, lol. I love you my beautiful angel, stay happy and smiling that beautiful smile.......Big Hugs and Kisses, Mom
March 02, 2015
I feel like everyday I'm just waiting you to come you just went a way a while. I love you and miss you so much eric, all the stupid things I took for granted haunt me everyday. Why my Brother?

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