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October 09, 2015

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October 09, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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September 08, 2013
This has been a very hard week Eric. I'm not sure if it was because of the first day of school or all the events coming up to honor you or what, but I have been missing you terribly.
Yesterday, was the UNYTS (Upstate NY Transplant Services) Walk to honor all donors from 08/2012 to 09/2013. We took Dylan, and explained to him how Daddy had donated himself to help other people live. We kept it high level and not really sure if he understood, but boy was he proud of you! They had a mile and a half walk around Delaware Park and they had pictures of all the donors along the path. He searched and searched and when he saw your picture, he face lit up and he went running up to you. One of the UNYTS Staff members stopped us and asked if they could take his picture, because the sign on his back said, 'I walk for My Daddy, Eric Ness'. They gave each family a medal of honor, which we will cherish forever. They had a picnic afterwards with hot dogs, a live band, cotton candy, and snow cones, Dylan really enjoyed it. You would be so proud of your boy, he is an angel, just like you. I love you so, Mom
September 03, 2013
Missing you and thinking of you so much this morning Eric...wish we could see your beautiful face. The girls start school tommorow at William Street, they're getting so big! They've been hanging out a lot with Jen lately,which they just love. She's helping me teach them the right ways in life,just like I know you would be doing if you were here,I know you're up there so proud of her and of them.They were so excited, Jen brought them to Abercromie for new school outfits, they begged me for them and i kept saying it was too expensive so they got them from her,they wanted to be 'cool' in their new school,lol. They're so cute and talk about you all the time, they pray to you every night when they look at your picture on their bedstand. We love you so much, you are always in our minds and hearts......wishing i could just give you one more hug....
September 02, 2013
I slept with your shirt last night, it still smells like you and it brings me comfort on my nights that seem unbearable... I just stare at your picture think to mysleff, I would give my life just to see his face one more day, just to head his voice, to see that smile that brought so much joy to my life or most if all to tell you how much I love you.

Im only 25 years old yet I Count down the days until I can hug you and never let you go
Come visit me Er, I need a day where you send me a sign; anything, just let me know you're here:

I miss my brother and most of all my bestfriend. I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart. My love for you is timeless:

Keep me safe and keep me grounded, be my strength on days I can't find the strength to stand on me own. Raise me up to be a better person in life/... ALL THE THINGS YOU DID AS MY BROTHER.. Don't give up on me Eric, right now I just can't be strong, be my strength.

My forever Love,.
Your baby sister- Jennjfer xo
September 02, 2013
Eric, we took Dylan to the Clarence Labor Day Fair yesterday, we had such a good time. We saw the demolition derby, which he loved, listened to the band and danced for about two hours. We ate BBQ chicken, beef on weck, and french fries, Dylan had his own order, and he ate the whole thing! We told him he could pick two rides to go on, so the first one he picked was the Tilt-O-Whirl, and Bob went on it with him. When he got off, and we asked him what he wanted to go on next, and he said he wanted to go on the Tilt-O-Whirl again, so they did. When they got off, Bob said, boy, you really like that ride, and Dylan said, 'yeah, it was me and Daddy's favorite ride'. He is the most precious thing, and you are always on his mind. To top off the day, we sat in the back of your truck with the hatch up (like you used to do) and watched the fireworks. We had a great time, and the little guy fell asleep on the way home to Mommy's. I know you were watching and smiling down on us, Love Mom
August 31, 2013
Couldn't get you out of my mind today. You were with us at the game today, I just know it. Your name/number came across my cell phone twice when looking for a number to call and then when I was posting Brady's picture today there was your picture. I was breathless and just felt that you were right there beside me. It was the strangest feeling I have ever felt. Stop by again.....our world is just not the same without you. Love you Eric~ Steph.
August 26, 2013
I love you, you were always the one person in the famjly who was always by my side and never left. Sometimes I wish you took me with you, that's how bad I miss you.

I love you Eric
August 24, 2013

I am driving mark to dads for work today and the whole time mark and I were just laughing about things, you know how we use to just get so stupid and laugh about everything.. It was one of those mornings and we both looked at each other with hurt in our eyes because we missed you and know you should be with us still. It's like no matter where mark and I go we always feel something missing. I always look to the back seat to see your face when we would joke with you and make you sit In the car seat haha. God I miss you, I'm finally starting to get mark to come around, I know you waited until he was OK before you left... I will take care of him, I promise.

I'm gonna come visit you today, I love you Broheim-

You are always in my heart... A.l.w.a.y.s. ECN <3
August 22, 2013
Eric, I put this on your guestbook yesterday, but for some reason it didn't show up, so I'll try one more time...........................


Four months......four months since I last saw your beautiful face that Sunday afternoon. Four months since my world was shattered by losing you. Oh, I pray that you are happy and at peace, you were so sad, no one realized how sad. We have formed a team (Jenn's the captain) named "A Walk to Remember: Eric C. Ness", and all of us and all of your friends will be walking in the Out of the Darkness
Walk at Delaware Park on September 14th. It is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If we can save one person from thinking this is the only way out or one family from going through this, we have done some good. We couldn't save you, oh God, how I wish we could go back and know what we know now, but I know that can't happen, so instead we go forward. We go forward, and celebrate your life, and honor your memory and try to make something tragic turn into something meaningful. We know you would approve.
Eric, you were such a wonderful son, brother, and Daddy, and you touched so many people lives. I know you will be with us on September 14th, and every year that we walk after that. Keep smiling my beautiful boy, and keep watching over Dylan, he is such a sweetheart. Sending you hugs, kisses and all my love forever, Mom
August 22, 2013
Hi eric its bob I just wanted to tell you we are taking dylan to get his sneakers for school this weekend.I promise I will watch over him and make sure he tries out for hockey.I really miss you today, love you eric.
August 17, 2013

I started fundraising for your walk that I'm organizing in your memory.., today alone I raised about 600 Dollars.
I hope you're proud of how far I've come and everything I'm doing to keep your memory alive. I love you Eric and thanks for paving a new carrrr oath for me in life, you know damn well I won't ever let your death become merley a statistic... You were so much more than that and ill make sure everyone knows that.

My forever Love,
I hope I make you proud
Because I am so honored to be your sister. Rest easy E

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