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December 02, 2016

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December 02, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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October 04, 2013
Whats up brother i try to pretend that this dont hurt i think to much and cry to little i wish it didnt have to be like this u know better than anyone how i really am u were never the one to pretend everyrhimg was ok and werent afraid to tell me when i was wrong i miss u so much i would give anything right now to hear your bad advice ha ha luv u anyway
October 03, 2013

Dylan has his first practice for the Saints bright & early Sunday morning. I kno you'll be next to me on the bleachers watching our little boy get on the ice for the first time. Give him the strength, balance and confidence he needs... I know u will!

We miss u so much!!
Love you always
October 01, 2013
You are always with me
I Love You

Always and Forever
October 01, 2013
Hey you,

I had to take my car in to get the breaks done today so mom let me drive your truck till tomorrow. I got in it and didn't even drive 2 feet before I started crying remembering the day you got that truck and how excited you were to show me and I bought you a new air freshner. I love our memories and thank god for them every day.

You are heavy on my heart lately, this void in my life seems to grow instead if close in. My biggest fear in life is that I am going to forget you. I am so afraid I will forget your voice, forget your smell, your laugh, your smile, the way you acted when you were annoyed or didn't think something was funny, most of all I am afraid I am going to forget your love, how safe I always felt knowing how much I was loved by my big brother. I don't want to forget our memories and sometimes it's hard for me to remember everything. It's like I just want to take notes every time I remember something about you. I miss you so much Eric. I'm going to come visit you tomorrow and just sit with you and write for a while.

I Hope you will visit me soon, I could use some strength from my angel.

Goodnight Er,
I love you to the moon and back
September 29, 2013
Hi Honey,

Yesterday was Greg and Missy's wedding, Bob and I were honored that they gave your invitation to us. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and Missy looked gorgeous, and you should have seen Mark in his tuxedo, he was so handsome, and I was very proud. During the Prayer of the Faithful, they asked to pray for their friends that couldn't be with them today, Eric Ness and Jim Szafranski. Then, when I kissed Greg in the reception line, he said "Eric is with us today" and he showed me that he had on the wristband from the walk on 09/14. After the wedding, we brought you a program and a container of bubbles, so you could share in their day. They came to see you Friday before their rehearsal. The reception was at Creekside and it was very nice. They had a picture of you holding Kylee when she was born on the table with the seat assignments. There was also a pix of Jimmy, and a sign that said In Loving Memory of our friends Eric and Jim, gone too soon, it was very nice. The reception was great, Bob and I were there, Mark and Sara too, Greg F., Nick P., Al M., the whole gang. We had a great time, good music, good food, good company. Around 10, everyone went outside and the wedding party did wish lanterns. Missy, being the sweetheart that she is, gave Jen and I one to do for you, There were about eight or nine of them, it was really beautiful. I just wanted to share this with you and tell you, once again, how proud I am to be your Mom and how much I love you.

September 23, 2013
Dylan is doing well in school. He's adjusting great to 1st grade. There's a few kids from his kindergarten class in his class which always makes the transition easier. He had his first project recently... One of the questions that was asked was "what do u want to be when u get older?" Of course Dylan wrote: A sheet medal worker. Dylan is so proud to speak about u... There are a few things that you left at our house that he now keeps in his room. Your leather belt, old bottle of cologne, t-shirts. Small things, but very symbolic to him.

My brother and your brother have really stepped up as being great male figures in his life. But, no one can do it quite the same as you. The playful fighting, the secret handshakes, they way you'd help him w his homework. How you'd always make sure he was a gentleman and used his manors. How he was your WHOLE world. Truly breaks my heart!!!

Miss you so much
Love always
September 22, 2013
It's so weird how 5 months can seem like just yesterday and forever at the same time - If only I could turn back time.. I'd go back to the day that you and I would sit on the porch on pleasentview and try to guess the color of the next car.. I would always cheat and try to look ahead.. I played that game with Dylan the other day and he had so many questions about me growing up as daddys sister...I shared alot of memories to say that least lol.

Visiting you tomorrow
I Love you to the moon and back
September 21, 2013

Another 21, another month without you, five months to be exact. I miss you so, you can't even imagine, but I'm hanging in there and I'll be fine, I promise you.
Dylan is coming over to spend the night, life is always easier when he's around, he makes us smile. He starts hockey soon, and he is excited. He's doing good in 1st grade, he worries about not reading as good as the other kids, so Sara and Jenn have been working with him on that.
I love you honey, so much. I know you are happy now, and I'm so thankful for that. Keep smiling that beautiful smile and watching over us my precious boy. I'm always with you.
Love forever, Mom
September 16, 2013

Mark and I are proud of you everyday but never more proud than we were Saturday at the AFSP WALK. We walked side by side on Saturday with our heads held high, smiles on our faces, a weight in our heart and your face constantly running through our minds.. We couldnt of been more proud to honor our amazing older brother. Mom was so strong, but I know you already know that. Mom has always been strong since as far as any of us remember. She is so proud of you and misses you so much, but she keeps going because she has to for mark and I. Everyone always says how strong I am and I look at mom and realize exactly where I got my strength from.

p.s. D and I went shopping a few days ago and he asked me to buy him daddy's cologne. So of course I did and it was a moment that broke my heart and made me smile at the same time. I see you in Dylan everyday and the thing that makes me so happy is that he still lives his life according to your rules: he said to me the other day " I can't have pop this late, daddy doesn't let me" I held back the tears and just hugged him. You should be very proud of your son, I know he is so proud of you.

Come visit me soon E.
September 14, 2013

Today was the AFSP Walk at Delaware Park, I know you were with us when I looked up at the blue sky. I hope you were proud, we raised over $3100 and came in 4th place out of 107 teams. We tried like heck for 3rd, but we were about $50 short! Jenn was flippin out, I guarantee we'll be in the top three next year! Uncle Mike and Aunt Rita were there from NJ, along with Uncle Bill and Aunt Bev. Uncle Barry was there and pushed Aunt Lori in her wheelchair. Mark, Jenn, Tom, Sara, Jen S, Lindsey, Leo, Cori, Nick D, John D, Greg, Missy, Milty, Travis, Stephanie and one of her boys. Jen's friends, Courtney, Lisa, Lindsay, Jessica, Jamie Sage. Liz from next door came, it was an awesome turnout. I haven't listed everyone, there were too many to keep track of. Ahren, from your union came with her Mom and her three kids. Paul Crist was there and another one of your coworkers named AJ, super nice people!! AJ talked to Bob for a half an hour, and boy, did that man love and respect you!
Eric, you were so loved when you were here, and everyone misses you so. I am so proud to be your Mom, you know I always was, you are my special angel.
Jen had shirts made and had your hockey number on the back, we knew you would like that. Bob and I ordered wristbands that say 'Eric C Ness Forever In Our Hearts'. We will be honoring you and participating in this walk every year Eric, and we will always take you along with us. Keep smiling and watching over us, my beautiful baby boy............
Love forever, Mom

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