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March 23, 2017

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March 23, 2017

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March 27, 2016
Happy Easter honey, I hope you have a wonderful day. I have the table set, the food is cooking and we're waiting for people to arrive. This was one of your favorite holidays and you always had your family dressed so nicely. I can hear you wishing me a Happy Easter like it was yesterday. I know you will have a glorious day in Heaven with Grandpa, Grandma, Nanni, and all your friends. Heaven must be beautiful, I wait for the day that you can show me around. I love you so my precious angel.......Mom XOXO
March 21, 2016
Hi Eric, it's March 21st, and it looks like it might be a pretty nice day. I'm working from home today and Dylan is on Easter vacation so he stayed over last night. We had fun last night, we watched a Goosebumps movie he picked out and we made some Minion cookies. Jenn and Tom finally got their office cleaned out upstairs, so now we can fix the ceiling, paint the walls and turn it into a 'kids room' for Aub, Ash and Dylan. We bought them a futon bunk bed, a dresser, a TV, a laptop, some big floor pillows and new bedding. We are painting the walls light grey and everything will be decorated in black, grey and silver. Dylan is so excited that he brought over three posters to put up on his walls! I'll send you a picture when it's all done. Bob and I are as excited as they are, can't wait for them to see it. That will be our 'after Easter' sleepover surprise! I love you my beautiful boy, I'll talk to you again soon, but until then, all my love.......Mom
March 06, 2016
I love you my beautiful boy, hope you had a fantastic day, I know we did. We went to D's game, he played goalie, they tied 3 - 3, then we took the girls to see Eddie the Eagle, and then went to Hillview for dinner. I love you so, I know you were with us today, as you always are.......and I know you were smiling all day because you are in such a better place than you were three years ago. I love you so, my angel........Mom XOXOXO
February 21, 2016
Hi Honey, it's a great 21st, and we are having a great weekend. Yesterday was Dylan's 9th birthday. Sara had a really nice party at her apartment for him, you would have been proud of her. Bob and I were there, Russ and Leslie, Dad and Mary, Mark, Jenn and Dan. It was very nice, she had some appetizers, and then pizza and wings, and a giant chocolate chip cookie for dessert. D got a new hockey stick, a baseball mitt, money, and tickets to see AC/DC with Dan. He was one happy little guy, and next weekend, he's having a kids party at Get Air. Today, he played goalie in their third playoff game, he was amazing! I know you already know that because you are always with him, but he did such an awesome job, saved at least 15 shots, and they ended up tying 3 - 3. March 3rd is his hockey banquet and Bob and I are going, Dad, Mary, Mark and Jenn. We will be presenting the third Eric C. Ness award and we will be so proud. This is the last year that we will be there when Dylan is there, so it's very special. I love you so much, I try to keep you up to date with all the happenings, but I know you are watching over all of us, and I truly hope you are smiling that gorgeous smile. I love you so much, my baby boy, I talk to you again on March 3rd. Hugs and kisses til then........Mom
February 12, 2016
Hi Eric, I know it's not the 21st, but I needed to talk with my boy. I woke up this morning and I am having a bad day, and I really don't know why. I'm off today because we have our big conversion this weekend, that could be part of my problem. I always shared my successes with you, and I can hear you saying 'way to go Mom' and I know that won't happen this time. Jenn and Tom finally found an apartment and are moving out starting this weekend, so that is probably more of my problem. I haven't had an 'empty nest' since you've been gone, and I think I'm a little bit scared. I just wish you were here to give me a hug and tell me everything will be fine. I'm just being a baby, and I can hear you laugh at me. Mark's doing great, Jenn is doing great, Bob and I are happy, and my grandchildren are the love of my life and make me smile so. I saw a picture of Addison the other day, and she is absolutely gorgeous. I know you watch over her, and I know you always will, so we don't need to worry about her. I do worry about your little guy, but he is doing good, getting so tall and handsome, he looks like a mini version of you. I put a picture on here of him in a new shirt Peggy bought him for his birthday, its got a number 8 on the sleeve, so cute. OK, I feel better just chatting with you, it always makes me feel like you are closer. I love you Eric, wish me luck this weekend and I will talk to you real soon honey.........Love, Mom
January 21, 2016
Hi Honey, it's another 21 without my boy. It's about 12:25 am and Bob and I just got home from a little celebration. I got my annual raise today, and a bonus and a little more. I couldn't wait to share it with Bob, and then I called Mark, and then I called Jenn, and then I would have given anything to tell you. You were always so proud of me, almost as proud as I was of you. But I know you were with me today, I feel you in my heart, and I could hear your voice telling me 'Way to go Mom'. I know that we will be together someday and then you owe me a whole lot of hugs and kisses, I am going to hold you to that. I'm going to hold on to you and never let go again, you will be stuck with me for eternity, whether you like it or not, I never want to lose my baby boy again. I owe you a picture of Dylan in his goalie gear, I'll post it tomorrow for you. He's having a good year, he's going with your Dad this weekend, and then he'll have his game on Sunday, we'll all be there rooting him on, and you will be there watching over him like I know you always do. I love you to the moon and back Eric and then even more than that......until I can hug you, I'm sending you all my love, Mom XOXOXOX
January 01, 2016
Hi Honey, it's officially 2016, I can't believe this is my third New Year's without you. I always get so sad, because you were always the one I could count on to call me at midnight. No matter who you were with or what you were doing, you always remembered your Mom. I love you, and I still can't breathe sometimes when I think about you, please don't be mad at me. I just wish you were here to enjoy Dylan, he's playing goalie Sunday in his game and he's so excited. I know you are always with him, I just wish he could see you watching over him. He's coming over tomorrow and we are going to Strong Museum with him and Mason. Last time we went there, he kept talking about when he had been there with you. I know we all must move on, I just wish I could turn back the clock for a few hours and spend the day with you. I would give anything in this world to do that, but I know it is a silly wish. Instead, I send you my love and know that you are happy, and I promise that I will take care of your boy. He told me that his Saints jacket was his favorite present, that he loves it and that he is going to wear it everywhere and every day, so I guess we did good. I'll send you some pix of his game in his goalie gear, lol. Love you so my beautiful boy, Mom
December 25, 2015
Merry Christmas Honey, I hope you are having a great day!! We had fun on Christmas Eve, we got Dylan a Saints coat, he loved it, we also gave him some Matt Christopher books, a hat trick of hockey books. I told him you used to read Matt Christopher books, so then he liked them. I love you so, I miss you more, but I know you are having a wonderful celebration in Heaven. I'll be up to see you later my angel, I hope you like your Christmas decorations. Love you my baby boy, Mom
December 21, 2015
Hi Eric, it's that crazy time of the year again. I forgot to tell you about our sleepover that we had on Dec. 5th. The kids came over and as usual, we had big goody bags for them. On Friday night, we made a gingerbread village, it turned out really cute. Then we watched a movie called 'Shelby', it was about a dog at Xmas and it was so good, Bob and I even liked it. Everyone enjoyed it so much, we watched it again on Saturday, you would have loved it too. On Saturday morning, Ashley had basketball practice and Dylan had hockey practice, so Bob took Dylan in your truck and I took the girls to basketball at Como Park school. When we got home, we finished decorating our village and then we went to the St. Aloysuis Christmas Fair, Bob used to go to it when he was growning up and it was really fun. They have a bunch of booths and they have different prizes, there was a Beany Baby booth, a wine booth, a turkey booth, a variety booth, a Wegmans grocery booth and a bunch more. Anyway, you put your money on a number and then they spin the wheel, if it lands on your number, you get to pick a prize. I won a bottle of wine and some Christmas towels. Aubrey liked the Beany Baby booth and she took home three of those. Ashley won a beautiful blanket at the variety booth, and Bob didn't win anything, but we shared. Dylan played it safe and gave his money to the clown making balloon animals, he came home with Spiderman, Iron Man, Snoopy and some sort of Christmas hat. At the end, Ashley and I went to the Magic Fishing booth and Ashley told the Magic Man inside the booth that she had a brother named Dylan and he didn't win anything. She put her basket into the box and asked for something for her 'brother' and he got a little green sports car. On the way home, Ashley says 'Hey Grandma, look at the car Dylan won' and I looked and it was Car #8, so we all knew that you were with us. I love you so, my baby boy, we are coming to put up your Christmas decorations today. I have you in my heart always, but my heart always hurts more this time of year. I know you must have a glorious celebration at Christmas and that is what it is all about. I will talk with you on Christmas morning, and I'll show you what we got your boy, I know you will like it. Love until then, Mom
December 16, 2015
Hi Honey, yesterday was our 20 year wedding anniversary and you were on my mind all day. I remember our wedding like it was yesterday, such beautiful memories. You were Bob's best man and you gave such a beautiful toast, I remember how nervous you were and you did such a great job. Oh Eric,I love you so and would give anything to just talk to you once more and tell you how very special you are......I know we'll be together again someday, but some days are so hard. I try to be good, but sometimes I don't do such a good job. Today, I'm wrapping presents, but there's none for you, and that makes me feel empty. I promise I'll do okay again this year, but if you could give me a little help, I could use it, lol. I love you my angel, sleep in heavenly peace, Mom xoxoxo

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