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June 01, 2015

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June 01, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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July 22, 2014
Hi Honey, yesterday was the 21st and I meant to write you a note, and I fell asleep last night!! Work has been crazy, I worked 15 hours on Sunday and last night I couldn't stay awake, but I was thinking of you as always. I love you so Eric, but I know you know that. Your brother is getting a new truck, you would really like it. He's doing good, getting a lot of work lined up, I know you're watching over him. Your sister has some job prospects that look good, so keep watching over her too, you are the best guardian angel anyone could have. Last Friday, we had our belated 4th of July sleepover. We had tacos (Ashley's request),played water balloons, made cookies and had a fire and ate smores. We were supposed to watch a movie, but we never made it, lol. It was really fun, as usual. This Friday, we are taking Dylan, Aubrey and Ashley to Bills Training Camp in Rochester, that should be fun, they're all wearing there Bills gear and bringing stuff to have autographed. I'll let you know how that goes. I love you honey, and I'm sorry about yesterday, you're Mom's crazy as usual, lol! Talk to you so, my sweet angel. Lots of Love, Mom
July 09, 2014
Hi Honey, I left you a Birthday message on your book yesterday, but it never went through, not sure why that happens sometimes.
Yesterday turned out to be a very nice day, I came to see you around 1:30 and it was pouring, I sat in my car for about 15 minutes and it started to let up. I ended up sitting with you for about an hour, I hope you like the flowers and gifts I brought. Then as I was leaving the cemetery, the sun came out and I felt like you were saying Hi Mom and thank you. I love you so, if I could have anything yesterday, it would have been to give you the biggest birthday hug ever. When I got home, I made you a birthday cake, and last night we sang to you, and Jenn blew out the eight(8) candles. Until your next birthday, fly high Eric, and smile with the angels. Love always, Mom
July 08, 2014
hi eric happy birthday I still cant believe your not here. I feel sometimes that your missing and not gone. I know that seems dum but its how i feel. I know I will see you again because I dream that we meet again and I cant wait to see you I miss talking to you and hearing you. I am going to put a fake flower by you the reason is because it will last forever just like you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON.
July 04, 2014
Hi Eric, Happy 4th of July! We didn't do much today, came to visit you and then just hung out at home with Hope. We weren't sure if she would be traumatized by the fireworks like Morgan used to be, remember that, poor thing used to try to hide under the furniture. Hope was pretty good, seemed more curious than anything, we sat outside with her and she growled at a couple but seemed to enjoy most of it. She's a sweetheart. Bet you had the best fireworks show, Bob and I were saying hi when we were watching, I'm sure you heard us. I'll be coming to hang out with you on Tuesday, which is your 32nd birthday. I took off from work (and I will every year) to celebrate one of the three most special days of my life. I love you my baby boy, sweet dreams, see you Tuesday. Love, Mom
June 25, 2014
Hey you,
Im trying so hard to get everything ready to prepare and start fundraising for your walk. I am having a really tough time this year. Last year I was such a good captain and I know this year I won't be as good and I guess I am afraid to let you down...I just miss you so much and don't understand a lot of things in life anymore. Guess in a way I lost my faith in humanity and i have lost my confidence and fearless attitude in life..but everyday I am reaching down deep to try to find the person I was before I lost you..because I know how proud of that person you were. I was the luckiest sister to have been loved so much by you. I love and miss you er, I hope you're flying high and finally at peace and out of pain. As long as you're in a better place I can battle the pain I feel everyday...I just hang on to the hopes in one day seeing my big brother again..until then check in from time to time because it's starting to feel like forever since I smiled.

I love you so much, I've always loved you and looked up to you and that's one thing that will never change.

Fly high angel and save me a spot up there and I guess one for our marky mark too, one day the tri-pod will be together again until then, mark and I love each other enough for the 3 of us
I'll see you soon then,
All my love always,
June 21, 2014
Hi Honey, it's been fourteen months, just wanted to say hi and that I love you. We are having a really nice summer, the weather's pretty nice, hotter than normal, but bearable. Your memory garden that we put in for you last year is absolutely beautiful, the flowers came back so nice, and it is just gorgeous. Dylan helped Bob set it all up, he works so hard to make it nice for you. He goes out there alot and sits and talks to you, I think it brings him some comfort, he sure misses you. We all go out there to sit with you, it brings us all a little bit of peace of mind.

We are starting to plan and pack for the cottage, you know me and my crazy lists! It gives us something to look forward too, so that is always a good thing. Dylan, Aub, and Ash are all coming down for most of the week again, so that will be fun, they keep each other company, they really have a good time. We will be there again for Mark's birthday, so it will probably be crazier than last year, but it will be a good crazy, lol. July 18th is our Fourth of July sleepover with the grandkids, so Grandma and Grandpa have to plan our 'special something' for that. It's a little past the 4th, but no one really cares, we like to stretch things out. I just like talking to you and keeping you updated on what is happening. We go on without you, but I know you are always still with us, I feel you there. I love you Eric, so much. To the moon and back and then some more. One more thing, we sent Addy a Happy Birthday Cookie Bucket for her birthday, I'm sure it will make her smile. Can't believe she's going to be 4 years old on Monday!! I know you are watching over her, and we are too. Til our next chat my sweet boy, I'm sending you all my love, Mom
June 17, 2014
Happy Fathers Day from one Dad to another, love you.Bob
June 15, 2014
Happy Father's Day Eric. Dylan made a Father's Day present in his class and gave it to Bob the other day, Bob was so touched because he knew it was really for you. He promised Dylan he would wait to open it when he was here, so Dylan went camping with Dad and Mary on Friday and Dad dropped him off at our house around 3. Bob waited for him to open the present, and Dylan was so proud. I put the pix on here for you to see, you have quite the special boy there, he is a true sweetheart. You were the best Dad Eric, and I had to share this with you. I love you so my sweet Angel, Mom
May 26, 2014
Happy Memorial Day honey, love you and thinking of you. On our way over to Sara and Dylan's for a cookout, I'll give your little man a hug for you. Just wanted to say hi quick. Sweet dreams, Mom
May 21, 2014
Hi honey, miss you and love you more. I had a very nice Mother's Day, Jenn and Mark gave me some nice gifts and we had a little cookout. Then on Wednesday, Kristin and Melissa came over to celebrate Bob's and my birthday, that was a very nice night also. Last Friday, we had our after Easter sleepover with Aubrey, Ashley, and Dylan. We decided to go see Godzilla at the Transit Drive-in and Dylan was smiling from ear to ear because we took your truck. We made popcorn, baked cookies and took some candy and some drinks. We froze our butts off, but we survived until the end of the movie, and a good time was had by all, lol. After that, we went home and had root beer floats at midnight, you can get away with alot at Grandma and Grandpa's. Yesterday, Bob and I talked with Kreag Ferullo and decided to end the whole issue we have been dealing with for the last six months. We know in our hearts we tried our best, and that is the most we could do for you, I know you understand. I love you so, I promise we will take care of everyone going forward, and give them all the love you always did, you were the best. Oh Eric, I love you so my sweet boy and you are always with me and in my heart. I'll talk to you again soon. Until then, hugs and kisses, Mom

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