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December 20, 2014

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December 20, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 21, 2014
Eric, one year ago, my world stopped, never to be the same again. I lost my baby boy, my beautiful Eric. I never thought I would be able to survive 365 days without one of my children, but I keep going because I know that you would want me to. I miss you so, and I love you more. I close my eyes and think about you, and I know you are happy, and that you are at peace, and that is all a mother can hope for. Until we are together again my sweet angel, sending you all my love, Mom
April 20, 2014
Happy Easter Eric, you will be missed at our Easter dinner table. You are with God this year, and in a much better place than all of us. I know you will be smiling down on us and we will be thinking of you as we always do. Dylan and Sara will be with us, and I suspect that Dylan will have on his new suit that we got him for his birthday. He always wants to get dressed up on holidays because that is how you raised him. He's such a sweet boy, you did a great job, and he talks about you all the time. I hope you like the flowers we brought you for Easter, I think spring is finally here. Love you so much my baby boy, Mom
April 16, 2014
Hi Honey, we got a beautiful gift yesterday. We got a new little puppy, and her name is Hope. She is nine weeks old and was in a pound in West Virginia. A local organization named Open Arms went to West Virginia and picked her up along with 16 other dogs. It was fate that brought us to her, and when we found out her name was Hope, we knew we had to have her as our new family member. Dylan is in love, as we all are. She brought alot of smiles to alot of people yesterday, you would love her Eric. And last, but not least, her birthday is February 8th! Hugs and kisses my sweet boy, Mom
March 31, 2014
Eric, I felt you with me this morning. I'm trying to do the right thing, you know that. Stay with me. I tried to help you when you were here, and I'm doing my best to finish this for you, regardless of the outcome. I know you see me, and you're with me and you love me. That's all I need from you, we'll finish this together. Love you honey. Big hugs, Mom
March 24, 2014
Hi Eric, it's Mom again, lol. We thought Dylan's hockey was over for the year, and then they announced they were going to have the game at Buff State!! It was Sunday morning at 8 am, Bob and I were there, Dad, Jenn, Tom, Sara and Peggy. He had the biggest and loudest fan club of all the players! He did so good, and most important, they all had a riot. I told Bob afterwards, I could almost hear you and see you on that bench cheering him on, it was the strangest thing, I could just feel you there with us. I love you honey, and I had to share this with you..........So much love, Mom
March 21, 2014
Hi Honey, hope you are still smiling and flying higher than ever, I miss you so. A lot of things have happened since the last time we 'talked' and there was an empty spot in every event we had without you being there. First on February 27th, Bob and I went to the Saints Hockey Banquet with Sara and Dylan. Dylan got his first hockey trophy and he was so thrilled, I know you saw him walk across that stage. We were guests of honor and we were so proud to be able to present the first Annual Eric Christopher Ness award to a Mite player. His name was Tommy and he is the nicest boy and his family and him were so thrilled, I know you were with us, and I hope you were as proud as we were. Sara and Dylan went on the stage with us, and we were all so proud of you, we will be there every year to make some young hockey player smile and to honor you. It brought back so many memories, Dylan was running around with all his friends having everyone sign his yearbook just like you and Mark used to do. Then on March 1st, Dylan had his 7th birthday party at Dave and Buster's and he had a really good time. I made him two big chocolate chip cookies, that's what he wanted this year instead of cake. Everyone was there... Me, Bob, Dad, Jenn, Mark, Kristin, Melissa, Peggy, Aubrey and Ashley, the whole gang. He got alot of great presents and had a really good time, Sara did a good job! Then last Monday, on March 17th, Dylan had his very first official hockey game. Even though they've been practicing all year, they never had an official game and it was supposed to be at Buff State, but it ended up at Fireman's Park instead. Those kids didn't care, they were so thrilled, and Dylan is going to be quite the hockey player. He reminds me so much of you on that ice, and he loves it so much, Sara already has him registered for next year, and he will move up to the Mites. I know you're with him, when he's out there, even Sara said she knows you are watching over him, and he knows it too.
Oh Eric, eleven months without my baby boy. Sometimes I wake up and just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head and not face another day, but then I think about you and I know you wouldn't want me to do that, so I make myself get up and go on. You were always so proud of me and I never want to let you, or Mark and Jenn down. I've had some rough days in the last couple of weeks because I keep thinking that last year at this time, you were still with us. I never realized how sad you were, I didn't help you like I should have. I know I can never change that, but it breaks my heart to know you were suffering so bad, and I should have known, I was your mother and mothers should know
and I'm sorry Eric, I'm so sorry. When we see each other again, I will give you the biggest hug and never have to let go again. I take comfort in the fact that you are suffering no more, and that gives me peace and makes me smile. I promise I'll hang in there and I'll be talking with you again soon my angel, my sweet, sweet boy. Love forever, Mom

P.S. Wow, had to come back and add this. When I just uploaded the picture of Dylan getting his trophy, it was number 888 on my camera, you truly are with us......
March 08, 2014
hi uncle eric this is ashley i miss you andlove you so so much i wish you could be hear aubrey and i are doing well and did i ever tell you dylan is the best hokey player ever and dylan is doing well also i cant belive i could talk to you but i dont know were to start i have to much things to tell you i have tons of memories about me you aubrey and dylan and my dad i mean remember te one time were my dad lost his keys in the park that we were playing football and you had to go back and get them oh and at te time at the laundry mat were we randomly ran in to you. Well anyways im at grandma robins and grampa bobs right now and im about to go to basket ball and im number 11 i play on the huskies my coach tells me to always remember that huskies make yellow snow and thats what color i am yellow well ill text you on my computer i have to go to basketball well in my 6th year well i love you so so muc so by
Love yours truly,
March 08, 2014
hi uncle Eric this hope hevan is going good these days . Right now were at grandma robins house about to go to ashleys basketball game . I miss you so much . Did you see the thankyou card ashley made you ????? I hope you did . well have a good time in heavan . Love you into bits , Aubrey
March 05, 2014
hi eric its bob I just wanted to say I am thinking of you alot .I really dont like the world anymore and I miss you so much cant wait to talk to you again I will always wath over mom, love you eric.
February 21, 2014
Eric, I thought I uploaded this picture with my last note, but I guess not, lol. Just wanted you to see that we did have you with us in Vegas. Love you, Mom and Bob

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