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June 28, 2015
miss you dear brother, your brother Richard 2015
June 27, 2015
Here it is the fourth anniversary of your passing. Dearest Ziggy you are greatly missed, I feel you loss every day. I miss our talks on your front porch with Mary, you were always so giving of yourself to all. Miss you and love you always. Till we meet again.
June 22, 2015
Rip our dear friend.
June 22, 2015
I know they always say the GOOD dye young and that was you. I pray for you and your family daily and miss you greatly; including our chats about cars.Things are not the same with out.
June 21, 2015
Today is the 4th anniversary of your passing. Hard to believe that 4 years has passed, but the pain of losing you, my dear brother is just as painful today as it was in 2011. You are always in my thoughts, my words, my heart and my prayers. Miss your beautiful smile, your hearty laughter and those great big bear hugs you used to give me. We're all taking care of mama, she, too, misses you terribly.
Till we meet again. I love you, always will. Your little sister, Barbara
March 05, 2015
happy birthday my friend, wow would been 60 now, right behind you sir, turned 58 back in january, watch over us, with god's speed we will be with you,
March 05, 2015
Ziggy another year has passed but you are kept in our prayers daily and are missed as well. Happy Birthday to a great person.
March 03, 2015
The pain of losing you will always be. Never in a million years did I think we'd not be celebrating your 60th birthday together. I think of you everyday and especially today, your birthday with much love. Happy Birthday my Big Brother. I know you're celebrating with Tata. March 4, 1955. Love, Your Little Sister
February 07, 2015
Ziggy,Ziggy you will never known how much I miss you. You were one that always gave encouragement. They say time heals all wounds.... I really do not think so. Memories are a comfort. Missing you....
February 06, 2015
Happy Birthday our dear friend.
February 05, 2015
just a thought about you, your brother Richard
February 03, 2015
Missing you terribly. Thinking about when we talked about celebrating our sixtieth birthdays together. Yours would have been this year. Never thought you wouldn't be here to celebrate you. Love to you always my big brother from your little sister, Barbara
June 23, 2014
Ziggy, its been 3 years and no one can take your place at work, you were 1 of a kind, sure do miss you, my wife thinks of you often. We miss Chris also. Work has changed so much, from your stories and laughter to a non-stop talking person. God Bless today and always, your in our daily prayers. RIP
June 22, 2014
Miss you Ziggy Love Roxie and Sandy
June 21, 2014
Your family and friends miss you dearly!
Rest in peace Ziggy!
June 21, 2014
Dearest Ziggy I cannot believe that it has been three years that you are gone, it seems just like yesterday. They say time heals all wounds, I don't think so. I miss you so very much. I wish I could talk to you, you were easy to talk to, always encouraging, always willing to give freely of yourself. A day has not gone by that I don't think of you. Love you forever and ever.
June 21, 2014
June 21, 2011, the saddest day of my life...the day God called you home.
Think of you everyday and missing you everyday. I think of both of us when I see Mama and Wujciu Kazik together, brother and sister and how often we talked about that being us (you and me) in about 20 years.
I miss our times together,going to the movies just isn't the same without you.
I know you are watching over us and keeping all of us safe. I also know that you are near...I found that one cheerio.

Love You Always, Your little sister
June 21, 2014
three years ago today you left us for a better place, we miss you each and every day. Your in our thoughts and prayers. love your brother richard
June 21, 2014
Dearest Ziggy I cannot believe it has already been three years that you are gone. I miss you so very much. A day has not gone by that I do not think of you - wishing that I could talk to you - you were an inspiration to all. You always knew the right thing to say, always encouraging, always there for me and everyone else. Ziggy you are so very much loved and missed. Love forever and ever ...........

June 20, 2014
I was just going crazy because when I first attempted to visit the guest book, it said it is no longer online. Very upsetting since Richie, Helene and I paid to have it on permanently.
Well this evening is when Mary and I spent the entire evening at the hospital. We sent everyone else home, Chris, Kathryn, Richie and Marge because we thought you were going to be ok. The moment the drs. came in, Mary's and my heart was crushed, without them even having to say one word.
God must have really needed you to take you from us as God knew we really needed you too.
I am remembering our conversations about when we grew old, you and I would be like Mama is with Wujciu Kazik. We were always happy she had Wujciu.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and pray for you. I know you are looking down at us and watching over us. I also know you are with us...I found that single cheerio.
Love you Always,

Your Little SIster
March 05, 2014
Happy Birthday Zig. Not the same without you around. Always in our hearts. RIP friend.
March 04, 2014
Well, you birthday is here again, I know you are in a better place, but it doesn't mean you are forgotten. Well, your wish has come true that Chris would get a job, his college is finished and he left for a better job and benefits. I know you are watching over him and your family. However, I still miss having you around, our laughter and chats work was always a joy when you were here. God Bless and RIP.
March 03, 2014
Happy 59th Birthday.Another year we don't get to celebrate our birthdays together, but I know you were with me on mine, two weeks ago and I know you are with us today on yours. We celebrate you. We love you and Miss you very much.
I am so very proud to call you my brother, I was always Ziggy's little sister.
Happy Birthday.
Love, Your Little Sister Barbara
March 03, 2014
happy birthday ZIG thinking of you each and every day, mama sends her love to you, love your brother richard
March 02, 2014
Thinking of you everyday, wishing you were still here with us. Your "59th" birthday is coming up. Ziggy I miss you so very much. I always think about when you, Mary and me sitting on your porch talking you always so willing to give of yourself to others. No one can ever take your place. You are always close to my heart. Memories will live on. Love you dearly forever and ever till we meet again.
February 27, 2014
Just thought of you, your son graduated from College and has his first job. Were are all proud of him your brother love your brother richard
February 23, 2014
Kathy, your dad loved everyone so much. He would be proud of you and your brother. Love Sandy and Roxie.
February 22, 2014
Know you are always your dads little girl. He spoke of the love for his children every time we saw him. He will always be looking over you. Your in our prayers sweet girl.
February 19, 2014
I never looked at this guest book until right now. I'm in school using the computer at the library. It's bringing me to tears, seeing how much we all loved you Dad. And how much influence you had on everyone. I love you so incredibly much, always will. Miss you more and more with each and every passing day. I know you're with God now, Dad.

Missing you down here.

Love, your little girl.
December 29, 2013
The holidays are just about over, soon a new year will be upon us 2014. Ziggy you are missed and loved dearly. Everyday I think of you and remember all the times we talked. Those memories will never die they will live forever. Love and miss you.
December 25, 2013
We miss you so much Ziggy ! Roxie, Sandy and Matthew.
December 24, 2013
Another sad Christmas without you. Tonight we will have our traditional Wigilia and a place set for you. You are no longer with us, but you are with us in spirit and always in our hearts.
Missing you more then words can describe and remembering all of our Christmases together with a smile.
Love, Your little sister Barbara
November 11, 2013
Thank you my dear brother for your service to our country and for keeping us safe.
Happy Veteran's Day to you and Dad and all who served the United States of America. I always was and always will be PROUD that you are my brother.
Love and Missing you,
November 11, 2013
Happy Veterans Day to you Ziggy. Miss you
November 10, 2013
There is no a day that goes by that I do not think of you Ziggy. You are always close to my heart. I miss you so, I cherish all the memories.

Love Dina
November 09, 2013
Just another day thinking about you my dear brother love Richie
November 08, 2013
Barb your in our thoughts and is Zig. We miss him so very much. Sending you love and hugs.
November 07, 2013
That was so sweet Barbara, even in our hearts we are heavy, our thoughts are in the heavens where all our loved ones are at, we love the memories that we have and continue to have over and over,
November 06, 2013

I'm home sick today, so my thoughts are of you. Helene, Richie and I went to 53 Goodyear a month or two ago, to see where we lived when we were little, I closed my eyes and I could see us playing in what seemed like a big yard, but in reality is a very small yard. Remembering all our loved ones who are part of 53 Goodyear Avenue, who are now in heaven, who held a special place in our heart and who made our childhood very special.
Miss You, Barbara
July 01, 2013
To my little Brother "The ZIG " miss you and always thinking of you. with love and respect Richard Solecki
June 29, 2013
We miss you so much. Roxie, Sandy, and Matthew. Rest in peace.
June 24, 2013
Hey Zig, Driving to the Mr. Rochester this weekend with Mickey and Eddie. The conversation turned to you...again. Great bodybuilder, wonderful,faithful friend. Your in the Lords arms now, but forever in our hearts. Love and miss you so. xo
June 21, 2013
Ziggy today marks two years since your death. Its seems like it was only yesterday. I miss you so very much. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Memories of you help me cope, those memories mean the world to me. They say love is unconditional and Ziggy you gave of yourself freely to others. You are now up in heaven looking down on us you are our guardian angel. Rest in peace. Love your forever and ever.

June 21, 2013
No further away than a picture,
A smile or remembered phrase,
Our loved ones live in memory,
So close in many ways!

Rest in peace Ziggy!
June 21, 2013
WOW 2 years. Seems like yesterday. Will say a special pray for Ziggy and your family today. God Bless you!
June 21, 2013
Ziggy ,wow its 2 years already, seems like only yesterday. No one can take your place at work, miss our chats and the way you took care of your car. Chris is really a great help to your family and you would be proud of the man he has grown to be. My wife misses the stories I would tell her about my day at work with you. You are dearly missed. We keep you in our daily prayers. Ziggy, rest in peace.
June 21, 2013
June 21, 2013
Never in a million years would I have thought you would have passed away at such a young age and leave us broken hearted. It's two years today since you passed away and the pain is just as great as it was on June 21, 2011. I miss your beautiful smile, your funny laugh, your sense of humor, your great big bear hugs, your phone calls making plans for the movies especially when a new movie was coming out and the calls when you spoke to me in Polish, not being able to get the words out correctly, oh how we laughed. I miss you each and every day and am honored to call you my brother.
You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. Give Tata one of those great big bear hugs from me.
I know that when my time comes, the first angel I see will be you and what a homecoming that will be.
Love You.... Barbara
June 19, 2013

In a few days it will be the second anniversary of your death. Oh how much I miss you, being able to talk to you. Ziggy you were someone I could always talk to you and you would listen. You are always close to my heart. I cherish the times we had together (all of us). You were not only a very good friend but a "brother" to me. A day does not go by that I do not think of you. Rest in peace Ziggy.

Love you forever and ever,

March 06, 2013
Ziggy things aren't the same without you, miss our chats esp. about cars and repairs,and family. Your replacement at work just talks non-stop. Chris took your 58 Birthday hard just like other holiday and daily living, but you would be proud of how he has grown in many ways. We keep you in our daily prayers. Miss you dearly.
March 06, 2013
Dearest Ziggy,

Remembering you on your 58th birthday. Ziggy, Ziggy oh how you are missed. There has not been a day that has gone by that I have not thought of you or talked to you in my own way. You my dearest Ziggy were always there for me, you gave freely of yourself, it was so easy to talk to you. You were the brother I never had. You are always close to my heart. I cherish all the memories of you, you Ziggy were someone very, very special. You will never be forgotten. Love you forever and ever. Rest in peace.
March 05, 2013
We miss you so much. you are thought of so much.
March 04, 2013
Happy Birthday little brother, miss you and always thinking about you, Love you forever. Richard
March 04, 2013
happy birthday dear brother, miss you and always thinking about you. Love always your brother Richard
March 04, 2013
Happy Birthday Zig...Mr Buffalo will soon be here. Not the same without our friend. We were remembering the Mr Buffalo's past and your name came up again and again. Your friends miss you so. We hold you in our hearts Ziggy. RIP
March 03, 2013
Tomorrow, March 4th would have been your 58th Birthday. We celebrated your life today with a few stories and cupcakes. I will always remember when I took the day off for my birthday and you would call to see what I was doing and I would usually say just relaxing. You'd then say you and Mary were coming over with a cake or you would take me out to lunch to celebrate. Birthdays always meant a lot to you and me and it is sad becasue you are no longer with me to celebrate, either of our birthdays. You will stay in my heart forever and you are always in my prayers. Happy 58th Birthday my dear brother. Missing you so very much.
Till We Meet Again...

I love you always,

Your little sister, Barbara
June 29, 2012
Can't believe your gone a year. We speak of you often at Golds. Our hearts are broken Zig, missing you so. RIP xo
June 27, 2012
My dearest friends and family, its been a year, that went so fast, Cora and I had a mass for Ziggy on his first year, our hearts are sadden, to have him gone, I know he is watching over us. God bless you and all in Bufflao,
June 23, 2012
My Dear Cousin,

I have been thinking about you and it brings a smile to my face just knowing you are having fun with Michael. I know he's taking good care of you and showing you around that heavenly place.

Life has not been easy this year for all that loved you. Maybe you can help bring a peacefullness to their lives. It took us forever to realize that Michael was in a very serene place with his heavenly father. Mama,Tata and I still cry over him like we do over you. The peace comes knowing that we will all be together again someday.

Hug my brother and let him know that he is always in my thoughts and heart as are you.

Much Love,
June 22, 2012
A year has already gone by without you Ziggy,the tears keep flowing. They say that time heals all wounds but when does that start. I miss sitting on your front porch with you and Mary just talking. It was always so easy to talk to you, you always listened, you understood things that others did not, always giving of yourself. Oh how I miss that, Ziggy, you were the brother I never had. Miss you. Love you now and forever. Till we meet again. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you! Ziggy I will always be there for Mary, Chris, Kathryn and the family.
June 21, 2012
I understand how hard today must be for the family; but Ziggy is always with you and watching over the family. I feel for Chris, he has to deal with the fact at work, and that must take a toll on him; being at work and not seeing his father. I pray daily for the family and Ziggy too! God Bless and take care of this special family always.
June 20, 2012
A year ago today 6/21/12 God called you home. Missing your beautiful smile, your laugh, your voice, the phone calls especially the ones when you pretended to be someone else and especially those great big bear hugs you gave so often.
Sending love and hugs for you and Tata.
Love You Forever and A Day! You are always in my heart.
Your Sister, Barbara
June 20, 2012
To the Solecki Family, Mary, Chris Kathryn Gramma and the rest of the Solecki family, it does not seem like it has been a year since Ziggy left us. We all miss him and think of him all the time. Ziggy, we know you are watching over your beloved family. We love you Ziggy and Miss you. God Bless!
June 20, 2012
Well, its been a year dear brother that you left us, think of you each day, miss our taks, most of all miss you. Take care of things in haven, hopefully see you some day. love always your brother richard 7/19/12
June 19, 2012
Even though its been a year since Ziggy left us to be with the lord, he is still alive in our hearts and is greatly missed!
March 27, 2012
Ziggy; Couldn't wish you a happy birthday, because it was to hard not having you here. We are not whole since you left us. 9 months have passed and it still feels like it's not real.We Love You your sister Helene
March 05, 2012
Zig, my brother, my friend, miss you and love you, memories of you live on, say hello to all our departed friends in haven. your kids Katherine and Chris are doing fine, and your wife carries on your name and good deeds love your brother Richard
March 04, 2012
Ziggy wishing you a Happy 57th Birthday, I will never have a boss like you again, my wife and I pray for you daily. I miss our talks about various things but esp. about cars and the laughter we had together. God Bless
March 04, 2012
Happy Birthday and miss you so.
March 04, 2012
Happy 57th Birthday My Dearest Friend:

Today will be a sad day for all of us that love you. You were always there for me, always offering your support, your love, your friendship. I will never forget the times we all spent together. I vividly remember whenever I called to wish you a Happy Birthday you always made sure that I was coming over. You always gave freely of yourself, that is why ZIGGY you are special now and forever. Till we meet again... I love and miss you terribly. You were the brother I never had.
March 03, 2012
Happy 57th Birthday My Dearest Brother.
It will be sad as it is the first birthday we won't be together. We celebrated each other's birthdays for my 55 years and your 56 years.
Not a day goes by that I don't cry ...
Missing you terribly, especially those great big hugs you always gave.
We will celebrate our birthdays together again someday. Until we met again,I love you, your little sister, Barbara
September 21, 2011
Ziggy you are so missed by all. Keep watching over Mary, Chris, Katherine and MaMa and the rest of your family. Till we all meet again.
September 12, 2011
Dear Barb,
Prayers go out to you and your family. I never knew Ziggy but apparently he was a wonderful man. I know that from all of the beautiful memoirs I have just read. Just know he is in God's hands now. Be strong. I'm sure that's what he would have wanted.
September 04, 2011
Time as gone so quickly, image that he is now with god and the rest of the angels watching over us making sure we are safe... take special care of the ones that are in your hearts and in your soul.
September 01, 2011
August 04, 2011
To Mary, kids, and family I am so sorry to hear about Ziggy. It was very unexpected as he was so young and healthy, He will be missed truly, as I thought of you all often. I am so sorry I could not make it to say my farewells in person but the economy has not been great here. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.
Tony Biel from Chicago
August 03, 2011
Dear Barb,
Ziggy would be very happy to know that you loved him so much. Always remember that you have friends and we are here for you. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask. You can find peace in the good memories that you have. I know this is hard, but you can make it through. It takes time!
Friends Forever
Love, Linda
July 21, 2011
Mary, Chris. Kat and family we can not believe that it has been a month since Ziggy's passing. Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel in Ziggy to watch over you.
Love, Roxie, Sandy, Matthew
July 19, 2011
I am so so sorry about your dad. I was so upset when I heard what happened. Your dad was such a great guy, he always made me laugh. He will truly be missed by many. You are such a strong girl and I know you will be okay. Just know that your dad loved you very much and he will always be watching over you. I am always here for you and your family, please let me know if you ever need anything. Much love.
July 13, 2011
Mary, Chris and Kathryn,

There are no words to express how badly we feel and are still in shock to hear of Ziggy's passing. We apologize for not being able to attend his funeral. You all have been in our thoughts and prayers.

I've been after Steven to get the sympathy card in the mail, however I know that he's having a hard time writing it. I'm in touch with Kathryn through Facebook and I think you all should consider taking a break and coming to visit us.

Know that our good Lord is always there for you and will see you through this sorrowful, heartbreaking time.

Take good care and God's blessings always!

Love and Aloha,
July 12, 2011
Sister Mary and family, Mere words cannot express the shock and sorrow that we felt when we received word of Ziggy's untimely death. Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt sorrow go out to you all. Ziggy is in our thoughts and prayers always. Mary, Chris, and Kathryn, we pray that our Good Lord will walk with you and console you in this time of pain and sorrow. Ziggy is with our Lord now in that heavenly place that we all aspire to gain access to someday. Love and prayers from brother Charlie and family. God Bless You All..................Aloha
July 06, 2011
To Mary and Family,
You have been in our thoughts and prayers. May you find the strength you need from family and friends to get you through this time. May God Bless you and keep you in His arms.
With Loving Support, Randi Mednick-Pollina and Family
July 01, 2011
To Mary and Family, We are so shocked to hear about your husband and father to your children suddely passing away, I heard from Barbara thur via e-mail, on saturday, if there is anything we can do just call us at 916-826-1911, or 916-391-5476, our prayers are with you and your dearest ones. God bless you and your family, love Juergen and Cora Bleecker
June 29, 2011
Dear Mary and family: There are no words that can truly express our sympathy for you all at this most difficult time. May God give you the strength to carry on and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers always.
June 29, 2011
June 29, 2011
God's Blessings to you and your family. I am so very sorry to hear of your husbands passing. From what I have read in the posts and heard from others he was a wonderful man!!!!
You have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Laurie Roza
June 28, 2011
My Deepest Sympathy to all of your family. I have fond childhood memories of not only Ziggy, but also your whole wonderful family. May he rest in peace. With Love...God Bless!
June 28, 2011
To the Solecki family,
I am so sorry to hear about Ziggys passing. I only knew him for a short time, but I have to say he was one of my favorite patients. He always said he looked forward to my visits, and I looked forward to visiting him aswell. :) Although I only knew ziggy for a short time, he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. A great man and I am sorry for your loss.
June 28, 2011
We all lost a great friend when you left Zigg.My heart goes out to your Family.I still look for you at the gym.I miss the talks about Motorcycles and how one day you'd like to get another one.We knew that wasn't gonna happen but it was fun talking about it.Peace Brother
June 28, 2011
Dear Mary, I am sorry for your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand and give you peace. - Angela
June 27, 2011
Mr. Richard Solecki,

I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. You're a good family man and I know you will find peace from this terrible loss.
June 27, 2011
To The Solecki family,

I was very sorry to hear about Ziggy's untimely passing. We went to high school together, and I still have very fond memories of those times. May the Lord hold all of you close,during this trying time. cherish your memories, and celebrate his life. He was a great guy. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Joelle Jarosz Winkowski
June 27, 2011
...may flights of angels sing you
to your rest.

Fond childhood memories ,
...never forgotten.
June 27, 2011
Dear Mary, Chris and Kathryn,

My sincere sympathy goes out to you and the entire family.
Ziggy was a part of our family at the Catholic Center and will always remain in our hearts.
I will miss him personally as a friend and co-worker. His smile, good sense of humor and his kindness will not be forgotten.
He will always live in our prayers.

God Bless,
June 27, 2011
Solecki Family,
I am sorry for your loss, know that you have my deepest sympathies. Ziggy and that great smile of his is fondley remembered in many of my childhood memories from cayuga creek road.
June 27, 2011
Words cannot express my sadness for your loss. Wonderful fathers with wonderful families such as yours is a blessing to us all. As suffering gives in to the glory of your precious memories of "Ziggy" - may peace and calm fill your lives, and make room for the future joys you will surely share.
June 27, 2011
Mary & Family

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry for your loss.

June 27, 2011
Ziggy may God bless you and keep you in his loving hands. My deepest sympathy to my extended family the "Solecki's" on your loss. Ziggy gave unconditionally of himself, his love, his friendship. We are all better having had Ziggy in our life. Ziggy I will always cherish the memories, sitting on the porch with you and Mary talking, your offering to help me at the gym. It was so easy to talk to you, you always listened. Mary, Christopher, Kathryn I love you all and will always be there for you. May you all find comfort in knowing how much Ziggy meant to all of us. Love, Dina
June 26, 2011
May God's loving Angels and those around around you hold you and your family close and heal the pain of such an untimely loss. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were neighbors who went through high school together. I'm sure that the memories your family have will become more precious and provide loving strength to help them through this difficult time.
With our sincerest sympathy, love and prayers,
Tom and Diane Ardary (Podniesinski)
June 26, 2011
In one brief moment everything changed
He glanced up toward the sky and
His Dad said, come son, stay with me
The feeling was so powerful
I knew it was time
I see all of you crying
I hear you call my name
Mom, I am ok
Mary, Chris and Katherine I am safe
Please go on and live your life
I will guide you through
Think of me with every beautiful rose you see
With each sunset and rainfall
I am not far away
I will be waiting
Till we all meet again

I imagine this is what Ziggy is thinking. We are very sorry for your loss. Jo Ann, Don, Jon, Sean and Stacey Timkey (Bartus)
June 26, 2011
Let the love of those around you help you through the days ahead. May your memories give you strenghth. Ziggy was a great man. Always there to help out & show support during our children's time at St. Josaphat School. Deepest Condolences for you family.
Jim,Rachael,Jessica&Cassidy Janiszewski
June 26, 2011
May God's healing grace give Mary, Chris, and Kathryn the strength and peace in the loss of their love one..Ziggy was a man of great character and strength, spoke his mind, but a real gentle giant of a person. He took pride in his work and his friends. He will always watch over his loving family.
Shalom...Sharon (Hamburg, NY)
June 25, 2011
My Dearest Brother, You take with you a piece of my heart. The bond that we share will never be broken,not even through death.
Say hello to Tata, both Babcias, Both Dziadzius, Michael, Teresa and Wujciu Leszek.
Please watch over all of us especially your children, who you were so very proud of and who were so very proud of you.
Till we meet again.
I love You So Very Much!
June 25, 2011
My dear little brother Ziggy
You were a gentleman and a gentle mam Between birth and death its what you have done in between that counts. Mary, Christopher ,Kathryn smiles, love, friendships, laughs, crys, the gym, your cars, the rosary, the family, the neighborhood kids, church,
a great life in between love you richard your brother
June 25, 2011
Ziggy, I will miss our talks about cars and life between sets at the gym. You helped keep my spirits up during my long unemployment. You will be missed my friend. My sincerest sympathies to the family and friends.
June 24, 2011
Mary, Chris & Kathryn you have my deepest sympathy and prays. I was very shocked to hear of his death. Ziggy was a man of great character, loving, speaking his mind always, an truly a gently giant.. I know he will always be watching over his family. God Bless... Shalom
June 24, 2011
Mary and Family -

I am so sorry for your loss.
June 24, 2011
My sincere condolences for your loss. I have fond memories of growing up with Ziggy. From making mini bikes to rafts floating down Cayuga creek. He was always fun to hang around with in our teenage years. I'm deeply sorry for your loss and I'm sure he's smiling down on all of us. God Bless all of you during this difficult time.
June 24, 2011
Dear Solecki Family,

My sincere condolences. I am shocked and saddened to hear of Ziggy's sudden passing. Though over the years we have not kept in touch, I have warmhearted memories of Ziggy (his sisters, brother, and cousin Teddy too) from my childhood. Growing up Ziggy was our neighbor (2 doors down) and my brother's friend.

Wishing you strength to sustain you during this difficult time and the healing that soothes both mind and spirit.
June 24, 2011
Our deepest sympathy to the Solecki Family-
It is still a shock to think that every time we drive down the street, Ziggy won't be outside doing yard work with a smile and a wave. Your neighbors are here if you need anything,
Much love,
The Reesor's-Lynn, Steve, Stephanie and Alyssa.
June 24, 2011
Dearest Mary and children,
Words can not express how shocked and saddened your friends at Heritage Centers are. We hold you in prayer and wish you nothing but beautiful memories of Ziggy.
God Bless...with heartfelt sympathy,
JoAnne Vaughan
June 24, 2011
Dear Solecki Family:
My deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to you in this time of loss and sadness. I will always remember the great conversations about life and such Ziggy and I had at Gold's Gym during my time in buffalo from 2002-2005. He was such a wonderful, kind person! Every time I walk into a gym, anywhere in the world, I will think of Ziggy. May God bless Ziggy and his family, and I will be praying for him!
June 23, 2011
Mary, Chris & Kathryn,

We are so sorry for your loss. Ziggy was a great person and we are all glad that we had the opportunity to know him. You are all wonderful people and we wish you comfort and prayers at this very difficult time. Please know you are in our thoughts.

Marty, Yvonne, Katelyn & Megan Mazurkiewicz
June 23, 2011
Our deepest condolences for your loss. Mr Ziggy will be truly missed. Our sons, Jack and Luke loved to go down the street and talk to him whenever he was outside. They both appreciated the kind things he said to them and both have expressed sorrow for your loss.
God Bless you Mary, Chris, and Kathryn. May your memories help you through this sad time.
Your former Leonard Post neighbors,
Dan, Gretchen, Jack and Luke Kellick
June 23, 2011
May God Bless you and keep you in his loving hands Ziggy! You were a wonderful friend, coworker, father, and husband. May God also watch over your family and help them through this time of loss while they celebrate you life!
With my sincere condolences
June 23, 2011
My Dearest Cousin,

You will always be in my prayers. I know you and Michael will have fun together watching over us all.

All my love,
Catherine Kawalek
June 23, 2011
Dear Mary, Chris, Kathryn
We are so saddened by Ziggy's passing. He was our favorite cousin. Whenever
we ran into him, he always greeted us
with a great big smile and genuine
warmth and affection. He will be sorely

With Love,

Irene, Ted, Mary, Joseph, Edward, Paul
Lisa and the entire Kawalek Family
June 23, 2011
Dearest Solecki Family:
My deepest condolences on the loss of Ziggy. My thoughts and prayers are with Pani Solecki, Richie,Lala,Basia, Ziggy's wife, children and the rest of the family. Ziggy was an acquired brother to me when we were little kids growing up-so many fond memories. Rest in Peace, Zbysiu. (your dad will keep you busy up there).
June 23, 2011
Mary and family,
I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. May God bless you.
June 23, 2011
Mary, Chris, Katherine and Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with
you at this difficult time.
June 23, 2011
Ziggy, So many fun,happy memories at Golds gym.Seeing you onstage at Mr.Buffalo, beautiful,strong man! You will always be remembered by Tommy and I as our kind and loyal friend. Barb and family, your in our prayers. RIP Zig
June 23, 2011
MY fondest memory of Ziggy is when I was stuck in the work elevator and from the floor above he offered to sing to me to keep me calm. He offered jokes and kind words of encouragement until the elevator door was opened. Such a kind and gentle soul... You will be missed Zig! To the Family My sincere sympathies and prayers are with you.
June 23, 2011
Ziggy you will truly be missed.. Prayers go out to your family
"Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow."
June 23, 2011
so sorry for your loss I'm still in shock Zigg was a good man I will miss
our talks at the gym.
richard schiener
June 23, 2011
My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.
Carol Gioia-Your long time Allentown friend.
June 23, 2011
Ziggy you will be missed. I loved all the times chatting with you at the gym. Thanks for all the stories and the friendship.
June 23, 2011
Mary, Chris, Katherine, Gramma and family, we are in total shock. Mr. Ziggy, was such a great friend, he was loved by all. we will miss him. he will never ever be forgotten. God Bless you and your entire family. Ziggy is watching over all of us and he will keep guard. Zigg rest in peace
June 23, 2011
Ziggy God Bless you and your family you were a good man you always had good positive things to say you will be missed. Michael Sciandra (Buffalo NY./Tampa FL.)
June 23, 2011
Mary, my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. Mr. Ziggy was a wonderful man and now may he rest in peace.
June 23, 2011
ZIG...I feel blessed to known you. I can still remember the great talks we had in between sets at the gym. You will never be forgotten. May god bless you and your family.
June 23, 2011
We are so sorry to hear about Ziggy. Your whole family is in our thoughts and prayers.
June 23, 2011
Mr Ziggy you will be sorely missed. Summers wont be the same without you outside washing your car, cutting your grass or just offering a friendly word to the kids on the block, including my son Adam. He looked up to you and I am glad that we had the opportunity to express that to you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary, Kathryn and Chris, From your neighbors Karen, Kathy, Adam and Nassr Kassem
June 23, 2011
May the Lord Bless and Comfort you and your family always and forever.
June 23, 2011
Mary and children, we are so very sorry for the loss of Ziggy. He is watching over you all now and he will be remembered always as a wonderful dad and husband. Gospodarski Family
June 23, 2011
Mary, Kat and Chris,

We are so very sorry for your sudden loss. May God hold you close and comfort you at this time. If you need anything at all from us, we are there for you. Many prayers offered for all of you and "Papa Zig", Courtney's 2nd Dad.
June 23, 2011 were taken way to soon! It is still so hard for me to believe that you are gone! May you rest in peace.
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