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September 06, 2013
I remember Janice staying overnight and watching me and my brother when my mom was away when I was younger. I had a wonderful time the last year eating out with her, Chryss and my mom! She was a wonderful, sweet, caring, loving women and am glad I got to meet someone like her! She will be forever missed. Deepest sympathies to the Knowles and Rustad family!
September 01, 2013
My deepest sympathy goes out to the Rustad and Knowles family. I have many fond memories of Janice patiently putting up with all of us neighborhood kids and selflessly preparing countless snacks and lunches. She will surely be missed for she was surely loved.
September 01, 2013
Whenever I walked my dog, Adler, he would want to go see Janice. She was always happy to see him and give him treats. I called her "Adler's fan club." She helped make the neighborhood my home. We miss her.
September 01, 2013
Janice was a wonderful, caring person, who seemed so alive in each moment. She cared about every person and animal she met. I remember how she would talk about our dog, Adler: "you are so handsome and intelligent!". You could tell she really love him. She took care of her turtle, Bouncy, for so many years, and I think that speaks to her caring and dedication.
She cared about the people in her life, as well, and was compassionate in her concern for the environment and for others less fortunate. In this respect, she seemed to me like a "true Vermonter."
August 29, 2013
Grandma Knowles was a kind soul. James and I shared many laughs with her in our younger years. She was a strong-willed woman with an extraordinary level of patience for adolescent shenanigans I may never understand! I feel blessed to have crossed paths with this family. My deepest sympathies go out to both the Knowles and Rustad families; very sorry for your loss.
August 20, 2013
The last time I saw Janice was when I too "wore a younger man's clothes." I thought she had a fire in her belly in handling the likes of Mike. Considering Mike, he has a smile that would light up the sun. I know that love was shared in most wonderful ways and "goodness followed her all the days of her life."
July 22, 2013
Janice was a wonderful lady. We loved all the moments we spent with her. She truly was a part of our family and we will miss her very much.
Rest in peace.

Lucinda & Jose
July 18, 2013
The passing of a loved one is always difficult and we share your pain during these hard moments. The memory of Janice is a strength that will help us through this time of mourning. I truly believe that from heaven, her wish is to know that we will find happiness despite her departure.
We offer our sincere condolences.

Paula, Jacques and Adrien
July 08, 2013
Janice is very loved and will be very missed. She had a one of a kind and amazing character, and her spirit is alive in everyone she met. I've known her since the 3rd grade as I am best friends with her granddaughter, so I have seen first hand what a loving and genuine woman she was. She was completely selfless and always put her family first. She will be forever in our hearts.
July 07, 2013
I felt sadness when I read about Janice's passing. It was in the early 70's when I first met Janice who was my nurse at the military hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. As I look back, although never gave it much thought at the time, she was an amazing woman who after the recent loss of her husband packed her bags and her daughter and headed to Germany. While the years have passed my memory of Janice is still vivid. She was a rock solid person. She was quiet but always thinking and was someone who chose her words well. The family that was created as a result of her decision to spend those years in Europe obviously meant everything to her. Frank and I send our condolences to Chryss, Michael and her grandchildren...How lucky they were to have had Janice in their lives all of these years.
July 04, 2013
I can't believe it, but I guess she's gone, and she took an era with her.

She survived with us through the Beatles, and high school, and college, and babies who went on to become grandchildren.

No matter what the situation was, no matter how crazy or how bad things seemed, Janice was always calm and was always thinking ahead with support. I can't ever recall her saying "no" to someone who needed help. She had a big heart for stray people and animals, even raggedy old cats and handicapped turtles. Janice would take everyone in without a thought or a word. She just did it. She never changed.

I have known her on many occasions over many years to sit quietly during multiple ongoing raucous conversations, only to abruptly come up with a comment that totally caught everyones' attention, usually making us all laugh out loud. She had an amazing sense of timing.

She was up for anything as long as she could be with Chryss and Michael and the family. Their welfare and interests were really the most important things to her. They gave her great joy. She was very proud of each of them.

She was a remarkable woman in her own way, appearing to be somewhat quiet and traditional on the outside, but actually quite avant-garde in her thinking and the example she set for us, thank goodness. I have never met anyone like her, and doubt I ever will. I am so grateful for the times we spent together, and already miss her terribly.
July 04, 2013
I'll miss Janice. I really enjoyed her and her stories. She obviously loved animals, big and small. Once she rescued a three legged turtle in Florida and wanted to bring her home to Vermont on a plane. The flight attendant tried to tell her "no way", but she stood right up to him and eventually got the captain involved for a good talkin' to..... Well, they ended up giving that little turtle its own seat in first class all the way, while Janice sported her infamous little grin. Anyway, that's the story I heard, and I'm stickin' to it. Fly on, Janice, you already have your wings. bear
July 01, 2013
Grandma Janice was one of the kindest and funniest ladies I have ever met. I will always remember the moments that we spent with her, whether we were visiting her in Vermont, or she was staying with us in Florham Park and in Arlington. We will miss her dearly.
Rest in peace.
July 01, 2013
Many fond memories of Janice. Her quick wit and laughter. Smiles and hugs to you all. Michele Bisson Savoy
July 01, 2013
Wishing you all peace. Mrs. Knowles was my instructor at Fanny Allen in the 70's. What a special women!
July 01, 2013
My deepest sympathy to the entire family on this loss. Janice was a strong woman devoted to family and blessed with a family that loved her beyond words. May she rest in peace and her family find comfort in their faith, family and friends. My thoughts are with you all. Linda Rosenwasser
June 30, 2013
I know comedians make many jokes about son-in-laws and mother-in-laws. Apparently, I had one in 100 million. Love, Michael
June 30, 2013
I'm sorry for your loss. May God give you and your family peace in your time of sorrow.

Ms Porter
June 30, 2013
Our condolences go out to Chryss, Mike, Erica, Nelson, and James. We have nothing but fond thoughts of her.Janice was such a kind woman to everyone who knew her. She is now with her husband and also Bouncy. Love from Linda and Al Frank and Jennifer and Heather and their husbands, Alan and Gannon
June 30, 2013
Grandma Janice was the kind of person that people took one look at and adored. It was "love at first sight" with everyone who had the opportunity to meet her. Her gentle, caring nature always shined through. She was a true (yes more than 3 generations, and yes both sides of the family) Vermonter in every sense of the word. She was a no BS kind of person and had a healthy level of skepticism. She was especially astute at spotting out phonies and frauds. She washed my white coat for me every day during my clinical rotations at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, I had the least colonized coat in the entire class I'm sure. Love you Grandma and you're in heaven with another character with the name James. God bless you, Janice "Meredith" Marilyn Wakefield Knowles, the first.
June 30, 2013
Grandma Janice was an amazing mother, grandmother and friend. She always took care of me and the rest of her family with such love. I will always cherish our time together whether it was growing up in New England or her many visits to see me in NY, NJ, FL or VA. She taught me so much, including a love
for travel and all animals. She was funny, loyal, and sweet. I loved her more than words can say and always will. Rest in peace
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