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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Today, as always, you are the first person in my mind as I opened my eyes in the morning as you have been the last before I slept last night. I thank God for giving you to me, coupled with these lovely memories of you.

I know you will forever be written in the pages of my life and if I will have the chance to go back to the time I was younger and decide again what road I have to take, I will still decide in trodding the path leading to your door. Thanks a lot for sharing your time, efforts, influence and resources not only to me but to my children as well. I never failed to tell you how much your efforts meant to me even while you are still physically here with us and I meant that from the bottom of my heart. That holds true now and until the time I also have to leave this earth.

Cliff, please make me feel your presence every bow and then because I am missing you a lot! I am closing this message with myself picturing in my mind that I am hugging you tight and imagining the feel of your hand tapping my back. How I love that feeling.

Rest in Peace my beloved.

Your Sonia

Cliff, many things have been happening lately but I am happy with the thought that you are just around somewhere and sees what we are all doing and probably been thinking. I am so glad that after almost two years of wishing and hoping that I can see you in my my dream, you did came and heared your voice the other night! When in my dream I saw you turned around to face me, I saw you smiling at me. Was that because you remember it is my birthday as you always would?

I really miss those days Cliff when you are still physically with us. But wherever you are, I want you to be at peace and just know that I love you sooo much.

My dearest.Cliff, just dropped by to say I miss you
a lot. Memories can be good but sometimes not very much because there is pain when you missing someone and you know that it may take some time before that day when "WE WILL MEET AGAIN"...

Cliff, today is Yan's birthday...two years ago he got his yearly yummy birthday cake made with love from you. I wish to thank you, wherever you are for the happy memories you've left behind. I love you and miss you a lot Cliff like no mortal can ever understand. Remember when I told you that if something happen to you, I will be the one who's going to be most affected? I think it is true and it happening. When I miss your voice, I play our recorded duet where you first called my name before we sang "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" and it always makes me feel as if your just around.


Hi Cliff,

I know you will never ever read this message anymore but I would just like to write here because I miss you each and everyday. I miss hugging you and just simply talking to you. Nobody in the entire world can ever replace the space you occupied in my heart.

I miss your signature chicken soup, your yummy vegetable soup among many others. But most of all I miss the WHOLE of YOU. Your being around...your very own precious self. I MISS you terribly.

Much love,



Cliff, christmas is just again around the corner and this is going to be the second time of the season that you're not going to be phyically around with us. But up to now, I still freshly recall every christmas celebrations we have had. I am missing these part so much. I wish I can turn back the hands of time and be in those moments where I can touch you and talk to you. I miss the phone calls we have many times all day long. When i go to the store i look at Christmas cards and wish I can pick one for you again as I use to. I read one card after another and would hold one that I wish I can give you.

Cliff, wherever you are right now, I want to say I miss you my dear and I love you more than you ever know. "MERRY CHRISTMAS"


My dearest Cliff,

I miss you more than ever. Thank you for all
your love and what you have done for me.

There has been never a moment in my life that
you're not in my mind. And you knew that I LOVE
YOU and that will be as long as I live. I smell your
clothes and your hair cutting set and your aroma
is still here. I replay our recorded song of "You Are
My Sunshine"... where I could listen to you
dearly calling my name. These keeps me going. I
remember you telling me while you are in the
hospital that I talk to you even after you're
gone and I do...To many this is crazy but I'd prefer
to be.

I am missing you lot and I love you.

Hugs and kisses.

Our dear Cliff, today marked our first day as Canadian citizens. Second to the Almighty, we give you the glory and honor for the realization of this dream of ours. We know that you always supports our dreams and gives that most valued advises you would unselfishly give This is just one of your lagacies to our family. You will be remembered and treasured forever.

Johanna, (Jim, Jwayne, Johndy), Joven, Yan and SONIA loves you so very much....

Cliff I am writing this letter wishing it can reach you wherever you are right now. I still miss you so much, much more than anyone can imagine. Many times just to save my sanity I say to myself I will start making myself brave by forgetting you but your memories are so deeply embedded in my mind that it is impossible for me to not to think of you many times day and night.

You are and will always be my darling forever.
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