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April 19, 2015

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April 19, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
January 03, 2014
There is strong confidence in the fear of Jehovah, and it will be a refuge for his children. Proverbs 14:26. Caitlin Hammaren is missed by all.
June 20, 2011
As I sit here in The Caitlin M. Hammaren Chorus room empty ready for the summer months I am reminded of the wonderful times shared with so many devoted singers over the past many years. Every note that is sung with spirit and beauty is "Caitlinesque". Every loving chord and structure of a song that shows the emotion of the phrase is sung the way Caitlin would have. I want to thank every student who has ever passed through the doors of Room 219 in Minisink Valley High School. I am here to ensure that Caitlin's memory and spirit effects every person who enters here. Caitlin was lost to us in April 2007, but lives on in all of us for eternity. I will always be her Choir Director and friend.
April 19, 2009
I Love You and Miss You.
March 23, 2009
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
January 30, 2009
To John and Suzanne:
I remember Caitlin when she was just a baby, and washing the dishes on her own at age two and riding ponies. I can't imagine what you're going through since that April day when Caitlin was stolen from all of us. May God continue to bless the BOTH of you.
December 19, 2008
As a father of two beautiful little girls who I hope someday will follow in Caitlin's footsteps I was very saddened when I learned of Caitlin's story and murder at the university. She was such a good person and smart. She had such potential and was destined to be something big in her lifetime. Her light was blown out much to soon and the pain of loosing her in such a horrible fashion makes everything burn that much stronger. I pray that my two daughter's (Emily & Riley) can follow in the same steps has this fine young lady did and use her as an example. I would be honorred if they could achieve half of what Caitlin has been able to accomplish thus far in her life. Words can not express the sadness that our family has for all the victims and their families. We are so sorry for all your loses. Caitlin's loss seems to hold dear to me a bit more because of the similarities in our families. I pray that she is at peace and in her own way making the positive changes wherever she is right now. As a father, I celebrate Caitlin's life with her family but as a parent I share the pain that her parents continue to share each and every day over the loss of their beautiful daughter. May time start to heal the pain and replace the void with healthy memories and perhaps programs established in Caitlin's memory to carry her quest forward by other young accomplished women who can proudly look up to Caitlin as their role model and mentor of what is right and good in this hard world. Caitlin rest in peace and shine your heavenly light down upon us always as I am sure you are the newest angel in heaven. On behalf of the Ford Family we wish you peace and love always.
June 18, 2008
Dear Marion,

I just heard your interview yesterday on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo (Ave Maria Radio - Ann Arbor, MI). I just wanted you to know how moving it was to hear your testimony concerning your beautiful daughter Caitlin. I wasn't able to jot down your email address, so I did some searching and found this Guest Book. If you aren't already speaking to other people about your experience, I strongly recommend that you do so. You have such an amazing gift of communicating what you have been through. I still don't know how you made it through your story without falling apart. The part of your story that touched me most deeply was when you related how God told you that you would see Caitlin again, but that you would have to go through Him to do so. I just sat at my computer where I happened to be listening online, tears just streaming down my face. What a beautiful gift you have received, to be able to find some peace after such a senseless tragedy.
I just wanted you to know that you and your daughter's story have touched me deeply. I immediately ordered the book "10 Prayers God Always Says Yes To". I'm also ordering a copy of your interview on CD so I can share your story with my family and friends. As the mother of three boys (one in college), I know that life can be challenging, but if you, Marion, can go through what must have been Hell, and come out on the other side with such faith, I feel I should be able to, at the very least, deal with life with a lot less complaining, and lean even more on God for everything my family and I need.
Thanks again for your powerful story.

God Bless you and your husband,
and of course, Caitlin!
June 03, 2008

My name is Caitlin also. I was just looking on the internet and i typed in Then, the webpage came up and i started to cry! I am very glad i founf this webpage so now i keep caitlin and family in my prayers! i am sure, from what i read, that caitlin is a very very nice person! i am so sorry for you and all of the family! i know how it feels to lose someone close, i just lost my grandfather! i am so so so sorry for you! please if you need help getting through thhis than email me at!!! thank you for lettign me write this article!
May 05, 2008
Dearest Marian:
I recently read a letter you wrote about the National Day of Prayer - making mention of the book: Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To. While I have not read it, I am a Charismatic Catholic who is in line with you about God's Awesome Character of Goodness!

I have a son who was injured a year ago (5/22/07) in a diving accident and became a the Grace and Mercy and Will of Our Lord Jesus Christ, my son has mobility again! No doubt this was God all the way!

Accept my condolences on the loss of your precious daughter. Be consoled by the fact that She is Your Angel in Heaven now and the Angel to Millions of Others!

Love in Christ, Maria DiGirolamo, Cantonment, FL
April 16, 2008
To Caitlin's family,
I wanted you know that one year later your family and Caitlin are still remembered and prayed for. I don't really know if words can comfort you on such a horrible day but please know the world is remembering your daughter and all the the other 31 victims that were lost that day!

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