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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Happy Birthday Melissa
I'm sorry that I have not written to you for so long.
I sure hope that you have the best birthday now that both Nanny and Poppa are with you.
I don't think my heart will ever be put back together as all the people that meant so much to me are gone, it seems like I am losing everything.
I love you and really really miss you Missy and wish that you could be here for more of your birthdays.
Happy Birthday Munchkin
Love Mom
Well Munchkin
Another Christmas without you being here with us. How it no longer seems enjoyable without you and mom.
No one to bake with, no one to wrap gifts with, no one to go shopping with, no one decorating the house with, how the little things seems so difficult to do now.
I tried to keep my spirits up but no luck in doing that either.
The house is just a house, my job is just a job and my life is just a life that has little or no meaning anymore.
I wish that you didn't have to go but wishing doesn't ease the pain in my heart that won't go away.
Our daughter was full of life, wanting for everything that was important.... family, friends, animals and love.
I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas Magoo and Happy New Year and how I miss you so.
I love you to the moon and back and Merry Christmas sweetie.
Love Mom
Three years ago today, we were driving into Calgary to have supper and little did we know what was to be handed to us after having a night out with good company and good food.
As we drove home stuffed from supper and walked through the door to enjoy the rest of our night, never in a million years did we ever suspect of what the events that were going to unfold.
The call to dad to see how his day was to Greg's cell phone ringing and Greg getting anxious with the person on the other end of phone, to me telling dad that I would call him back and hanging up to see the light flashing for a message.
Greg yelling on his cell phone to me listening to the message: "Mr and Mrs Day, this is Constable >>>> from the RCMP and your daughter Melissa has been in a very serious automobile accident and is being taken to the Red Deer Hospital, please return this call as soon as possible". My heart stopped and I cried to Greg that we have to go, calling dad to have him go to the hospital and us having to drive to Red Deer as fast as the car would take us. Greg jumping out of the vehicle before I even stopped, to me walking into that hospital and being put in a tiny room to be told of your condition and that they were taking you to Calgary and me collapsing as I realized how severe this was. Walking into that room and seeing our baby girl and how your life flashes as you do not know the outcome of the brightest, warmest, kindest young woman you became.
That is where our lives stopped ... purposes disappeared, joy went to live somewhere else, love didn't seem to exist anymore and the world stopped, our world stopped.
Three years ago tomorrow, this terrible nightmare started and realization that it will never end.
Purposes haven't come back and joy said, I'm not going back and our world is still stopped and yet it everything keeps going on.
Feels like yesterday that you were here and three years later, love still doesn't seem to exist and it won't until we can hold our little girl in our arms again.
Your world is that you are here but everyday you ask why Missy and not me?
Melissa, I wish that I could put into words the feelings that go through our thoughts and the knife stabbing pain that can change the way that you think and feel.
I know that you would want nothing but the joy and love for us and I try everyday to remember that but on days like this, it is just too hard to even try.
I pray that you forgive us for all the mistakes that we made as parents and your dad and I love you and miss you dearly.

Love you, miss you
Dad and Mom
Well Missy it's been hard expecially today for some reason, looking at your pictures reading other ppl post about you it makes it so much more real as to you really not being here physically.
It's a sin that you were taking so early, but the thing I keep thinking to my self is that
If you were to walk thru a garden you are gonna pick out the most beautiful bright and lively flower there is and that was you! God pick you for some reason, reasons as to what we will never know.
You are missed oh so dearly, by everyone who has ever met you your vibe your smile your laughter it's all missed
miss you Missy we will meet again! Keep on smiling down
Well Munchkin
Not much has been going on in our life but with your Birthday being on Monday, so much emotion going through my head and heart.
Friends are getting engaged, married and having babies, everything that I looked forward to having with you, my special gift in my life. You just cannot get over not being able to celebrate these things that will never be.
My heart feels like it is in a million pieces right now, wishing that you and I could be planning what is going into the garden, what kind of flowers that we are going to plant, what we are going to do this summer. I miss you so much Melissa, no one knows how much I ache for you to be here.
I try to keep my spirits up in order that I honor your wishes but it is so damn hard sometimes.
I love you Sweetie and am wishing you a grand Happy 22nd Birthday up in Heaven and your dad and I miss you and love you.
Love Mom
Happy Valentines's Day Sweetie and how I missed having you being gone. I was always excited to see you and being able to spoil you with a teddy bear and a big heart of chocolate. So now I just have here to write to you and share with you and it just isn't the same. I have decided to share some more of your pictures here should anyone come to ready this about your life and the joy that you brought to people and so that they can remember your smile that lit up the world.
I love you and Miss you munchkin and hate that I still have to be here on earth and your not.
Love Mom
Hey Missy
You are always on my mind but especially lately I can't stop thinking about all that has happened since you left us. I pray that you are at peace and that you are looking down on us but I am really not sure what I think anymore, if I even do think. I sure hate that life has to continue on without you. I miss you so much that I can't even think of the words to make people understand what it is like to lose a child. Who am I kidding, no one understands this lose unless they have gone through it.
I love you and miss you and wish that you were here or for me to be with you.
Love you munchkin
May you recieve the peace that surpasses understanding. May you see new light in your darkest hour.
Happy New Year Magoo
It just isn't the same with celebrating a new year when you are not here to celebrate with us. You have no idea what a struggle it is with you being gone. I try to hide my pain to try and that doesn't work. This life is just not the same and does not have the same meaning either.
You meant the world to me and without you, the world doesn't mean anything.
We went to the lake to bring in the new year and although the first day was nice, the weather turned and so did my mood. I don't know how much longer I can put up this front to make people believe that I am okay and strong. I am not strong, I want our daughter back with us. I just wanted to say Happy New Year Melissa and we love you and miss you!!!!!.
Love Mom
Today marks two years since you left us. Today is no different that two years ago, my heart aches and life seems useless. People have gone on with living their lives and how I wish that I could be one of them. I put on a front on everyday just so I don't make people feel uncomfortable, why do we have to do that? Unless they have been living with losing a child, they don't have a clue on how much your heart breaks everyday until the day you die. Melissa, I miss you so much in my life and I know that you would want to try and live my life but it just doesn't feel like I can. I wish that no parent would ever have to feel like this and I don't think that I am strong enough to continue living a lie, making everyone feel like its okay.... ITS NOT OKAY. I pray that this pain will ease but today I realize that it won't, my daughter is gone, my best friend is gone... how do you get over that? Melissa everything I try to do is for you and in your honor but I still know that I am disappointing you with lying about everything and for that I am sorry but that is the only way that I know that I can live in this world without you.
Your dad hurts everyday and he is really trying but I know his pain and his regrets are eating him up inside. Nothing in this world is the same and sometimes I hate how I can't let things go to try and enjoy family and friends but I can't do it. With losing you, I have become selfish with my feelings and things that I want to do, life going to the lake to be close to you and Mom and Dad. I often wonder what you would be doing now and who you would be dating, you being excited for Megan to be getting married and all the new things in your life. I wish that you could be here to enjoy these things but your not and I can't get over that. My little girl is gone.... no grandkids.... nothing to get excited about. Melissa, I miss you more than you will ever know and I love you in all infinity and wish that I could see you smile, hear your laughter and feel your energy to continue on. I thank God for the 19 years that we got to share with you but God I wish that we could have had another 39 years with you. I would like to tell you that I love you and yes I know that I am rambling on so I love you and miss you Munchkin and I will try to make you proud.
Love Mom

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