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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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"Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bluebirds Fly"

It's been last week two years, when in a restaurant I heard that song which always made me over sentimental & only in 2011 did I begin to dejavu why. Remember when I took you to the stage production of the Wizard of Oz days before your decline into the pits od Cdifficile hell? Despite your eminent sickness you insisted on going, & smiled & beamed as I cried with joy beside you? As you entered despair Oz became a living metaphor. Me as the Tin Man seeking a heart, your husband as Scarecrow after a brain,& skippy as cowardly lion grappling for courage. Duggan as wicked witch, Monica as Glenda the good & Mr Dweebus as the man behind the curtain. You who as Dorothy who was not there to be helped by yutzs like us, but rather to help us discover ourselves. Monica awed just the other day how you survived that, but more than survived passed to once more hold that baby bluebird where this iconic photo of you was taken. It would be your last bluebird however, because in 2012 they did not return & without them how could you fly? In September I took Oscar to the medicine wheel but in a veil of snow I had to retreat & not knowing where to go we became lost in the Black Hills, Before setting out I felt beyond the veil I would defy & therefore deny my entire memory of you. I was scared. It was a gateway only of fear. Beyond we became enveloped in a high valley of hundreds maybe thousands of bluebirds, and meadowlarks too. It was like a visualization of your perfect soul. It may have even been what Alberta looked like in your youth before the criminals of capitalism eradicated all possible beauty. We two old men stopped & wept & very well both knew we yearned for the same thing, that your sweet living face might have seen that miracle. We returned to the medicine wheel and made a small offering to your flight in the wind that transforms its stone to dust. Last night I dreamt all lucid & vivid of that place of great departure. All Shamanic & otherworldly, but that is me, not you. You are better. You are Bluebirds.
It is a year since we lost you and in so doing lost love and life and hope and chance. Without you there is only the bleak ugly repression of the soul that is Alberta. That Mandela who was born two months after you chose the same day as you one year later to leave this earth only solidifies my feeling as I finally came to know you that you indeed were better than the rest of us, better than this earth. His life might be considered "greater" than yours but you were at least as good(ness)You both against all odds & professional opinion left the institution of death to soar & smile & depart at home on your own terms. If I have gained one thing since your passing it is an embrace of destiny that I will soon pass quickly. Not that I have "faith" of "joining" you but that at least the illusion of this farce will end.
Dear Marvin and Oscar. I tried to write this yesterday but encountered computer problems. I just heard now about Becky's passing and wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss.

I feel blessed to have known and cared for Becky, if even for a short few years. She had a smile that lit up the room, a wonderful sense of humor and a big, big heart.

I will never forget her nor will any of my staff or anyone else who experienced inner and outer beauty and her love of life.

Take care of each other, you two.

Becky, kick up your heels now girl. The "other side" will never be the same.
May you be as free as the wind, as soft as the sheep's wool, as straight as an arrow, so that you may journey into the heart of God.
Susan and I will always have special memories of her at the Fireworks. Our sympathies go out to you at this time. Be strong she is with you always in your heart.
Our sympathies are with you Oscar and Marvin at this time. Keep the memories of her close to your heart. God be with you both
Marvin, I send you my sincere condolences. It was a beautiful obituary notice, capturing her beautiful life and soul. It's always hard to say good bye. She gave her family and the world such wonderful gifts. My thanks to you for introducing her to me.
Marvin, I was very saddened by this news. Take care, love and live life with as much enthusiasm as your mother did.
y sincere and deep felt thoughts are with you both Oscar and Marvin at this sad time.
My sympathies on the loss of your dear mother. I grew up next door to your Mom & Dad, and in fact babysat you Marvin a few times (under the watchful eye of your dog Sandy). I saw her picture and recognized her sweet smile. She was a kind and thoughful person. May your many memories of her keep her in your heart forever, until you meet again. God bless.

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