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December 28, 2014

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December 28, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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March 11, 2001
What a special young lady who was very much loved. Although her time on this Earth was short--she will have eternal life in Heaven.

It's very hard on those left on this Earth whom loved and cherished Cami, it is human nature to mourn for her. But Cami is in a place where there is no pain or sorrow. She is with loved ones who have gone before her and will be waiting for those who follow.

One way to honor Cami's memory is to tell each other how much love we hold in our hearts. We never know when it is our time--so make the effort every time you see or talk to a loved one to tell them that you love them.

To my cousin Denise, Buck, Calli, and Judd--God bless you always. Cami will always live in your hearts.

With much love,
Cathy Donaldson
March 04, 2001
The last time I saw Cami was at Callie's wedding in 1999. I remember talking to her in the basement of the church. Her dark skin was such a contrast to the pale yellow dress she was wearing. She looked so beautiful that day. She was happy too-you can tell by the smile she has in the pictures. (I also remember another wedding she was in when she practically ran down an aisle in a little Chapel in the Smoky Mountains one October... :)

My favorite memory of Cami is when she was little. As soon as we arrived at the house, Cami was standing on the front porch. The first thing she said was "I've been waitin' all day for my uncle T-ro-ee."

She was a big baby. We had our pictures made together when Cami was a baby and I had to hold her in my lap. It was not an easy task. I believe the photographer had a hard time getting all four of us to smile at the same time.

Cami's generosity was evident even at a young age. One day while we were visiting Georgia, we went to town and went into a store when Josh & Jessie were very little. Cami saw an outfit or dress or shirt and wanted to buy it for Jessie.

One year we visited in December and I helped wrap some presents for Aunt Denise in her bedroom. Cami, Callie, and Mandi thought I was being punished for something and they were all very upset-even cried-because I was being "punished" and had to stay in the bedroom.

I still remember the way she would say Callie's name when she was exasperated and the way she jumped on the trampoline.

I keep trying to remember every detail of visits to Georgia, summers in Kentucky, our family trip to Florida in 1990, Cami's smile, her cute nose, her dark hair, her dark skin, her peaceable spirit, her gentleness...

It's comforting to know Cami is in Heaven in the presence of our Lord and Savior, worshipping at His throne.

What a blessing to have known her as my cousin. I love her.
March 04, 2001

Oh,God, our precious niece has been taken from us
so young and innocent, but oh so loved.

You know the pain we feel
for You lost a Child too
on Calvary one morning
as He shed His blood for me and you.

We remember her smile
and how she spoke our name.
She was daddy's little girl
and that she will always remain.

Oh, God, help us to keep her memory alive in our hearts,
be with the family of which she is still a large part.

And God, we want her to know
how hard it was to let her go.
We will always love you,
our little Cami Jo.

Love, Aunt Charlene and Uncle Troy
March 02, 2001
Camelia Jo has been a wonderful cousin and always was there when I need someone to talk to! What I love most about her is that she accepted my deafness and never let it bother her!! She loved me for who I was! She always made sure I understood what was going on around us! I would never trade her for another cousin and its very rare to have someone like that! I miss her dearly and will always love her.
Cami...thanks for taking care of Hannah , my daughter who is with Jesus now. I know in my heart that you both have earned ur wings and are very beautiful angels now!! I'm so proud of you and will soon somday see you both! Lots of hugs and kisses!
Your cousin Mandi
March 01, 2001
Here are a few memories of my dear, sweet niece, Cami "Brat" Blockwell by (Aunt) Sandy Vannatta. This name was always my pet name for Cami although I can never recall a time when she was a brat.

We were separated from the Blackwell's by several hundred miles (we live in Louisville, Kentucky) but visited as often as we could. Before Cami (Callie and Judd, too) got to old to want to come and visit they would spend a month or more with their grandparents in Kentucky every summer. I would always take a week's vacation so Cami could stay with me at my apartment and we would swim or go to the park. I lived beside Iroquois Park and there was always something going on over there. One day we walked over and they were having a craft fair. We visited all the booths and Judd decided he wanted a wooden popgun and Cami spotted some yellow dangling smiley face earrings. I did not have my purse with me so we had to go back to the apartment to get some money. Judd was a nervous wreak thinking all the guns would be sold before we could get back but Cami was very laid-back (she knew her earrings would still be there). We did make it back with the money and made our purchases. The rest of her entire visit in Kentucky Cami had those smiley face earrings in her ears (it's a wonder her ear lobes didn't rot off).

After Cami graduated from high school and started working at the Post Office she was often too busy to send much time with us. We were always happy when we got to see her at all. When Uncle Bill and I visited in September of 1999 we were driving on Highway 515 I think it was and a mail truck passed us. Bill said that was Cami. It took us a good part of a mile to catch up to her. When we did, tooted our horn and waved, she had this little smile on her face that said - Oh, I been caught going a little too fast in my mail truck.

When we exchanged our Christmas presents that year she was so thrilled when she opened her goodies from Bath and Body Works (always Country Apple).

I remember her at Callie and Bryan's wedding. She was so beautiful that day in her yellow dress and always such a joy to have around.

I now keep a picture on my desk of Cami and me taken at the wedding. I can look up and see her smiling face whenever I get blue.

There are so many things to remember about Cami but especially her sweet, sweet disposition, her soft southern accent and her "smiley face."

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