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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Dear Bella, Verona and Miguel
I am only now hearing this. I have such fond memories of your family in Ayers Cliff. David was always so kind and gentile. Love to you all. Marsha Mosher Damak
I sign for his friend, Shirley Lamb. She passed away on October 31, 2015. She knew David in Vancouver and Montreal. She spoke highly of him and his works.
My husband worked with Dave back in Vancouver in the 60-70's - in fact we have one of Dave's sculpture pieces in our home, my husband was Wayne Hartley who passed away this year.
Today is Friday, May 20th, 2011. David would have been 74 today. I have sat for many weeks now, waiting for the right time - to add to the Legacy. I knew I had something to say about David, but there was so much, I had to wait for IT to come through, to become clear. At 3:00 AM this morning, I woke from a dream. After a shamanic healing dream, I was led to where David was, in the Spirit World. He was lying on his back, communing with the Infinite Space of Creation and Creating, at One with his Vision and Dharma of expressing It. Natural Happiness personified. I approached him and got his attention. He looked over and recognized me and sat up. I explained to him that we were in a dream, that it was the only way I could contact him now. I said - because you are dead ... you have left your body. You are after body dead now. He turned right around, quickly, gently, thoroughly understanding .. getting it. Accepting it like an old familiar, seasoned sage. We locked gaze and ancient eyes, holding hands. I said "you mean so much to me..." ... At first there was an urge to say more ... but no need. The Presence of what was most important, and what we both shared was more than words. Beyond being a Friend, or a Mentor, or an Artist ... was simply Being. And knowing It. We knew we knew. Witness to each others Knowing. My spiritual brother. One. Being two. Two being One. Beauty. Grace. Love. Peace. Our eyes teared up. If there was ever a Moment of Perfection ~ this way it. And it only takes one.

Art is but one way ... to tip one's Hat ... to it All. David was not just an Artist, dedicated, never confused. But a humble maverick of Humanity's Best Light of Luminous Knowing. Generous, even in his all consuming focus. He was actually shy. He hid his greatest gift. He was ever - an expression of pure Life. Divine you might say. Devoted to It, in every way, as a Father, Husband, Artist, Seeker, Knower, Friend, Teacher, Player ... gentle, quiet, concerned, radical ... smiling ... Soul. Dancing all the way .....

In the Dream, after our "moment", now aware that he was "dead", went to work gathering the souls and spirits of those that were available to serve his gift and family. He was able to address and ask an array of spirits to bid his command/requests with love. First of all, that Bella have an assistant to help her with her work ahead. Bella's spirit was of course there, and she said " and of course you may recognize our beautiful daughter that is also an artist and shall deserve a studio of light and length to continue in her father's footsteps". And so shall it be. They made it so. The boys of course a natural foundation of continuing the legacy - as strong as they are.

David then went off with the spirits of those that bring the best of art forth. Continuing the legacy. I noticed a woman in white near him. I knew she knew I was aware of her - as we were both lucid, in the dream. She had the angel role of preserving and moving David's Life Force forward. Good. Okay. I moved through the crowd of people David was instructing .....

Then I heard the phone ring. I roused myself out of Dream World ... to answer the phone. I opened my eyes in the dark. It was 3:00 am. And the phone was not ringing. Someone. Or Some self, wanted me to wake up, so I would remember ...the dream. I lay there awake, wide awake, knowing, without a doubt, now was the time to say, how much I love David. How important he is and was. Not just as an artist, which I could write volumes about, not just as a loyal husband to dearest Bella, or precious Father to equally precious children Marcos, Miguel and Verona, not just a penetrating and inspiring teacher to countless students, but a deep, deep heart and mind in intimate communion with the Knowledge attributed to Wise Ones ... truly Wise, without having to say so. This, no words can say, no painting can express, no poem can predict ... only point to. But sometimes, there are folks that feel it, breath it .... live it, without even knowing it ... while they know. These are rare beings, that help keep the fabric of harmony and hope alive ... I believe David, is one of them. And this, my beloved friends, is his greatest legacy. We are most fortunate to have known him, and feel his gift among us.

Happy Birthday David. Thank you for showing up. Your legacy lives on in our hearts, through your paintings, your arch, through your family, through all that you have given. The Beauty of Life .... simply is. You are simply smiling ... like the Bodhisattva you are ... with the Joy of It All. Such if Life. Such is Love. Peace, dear Friend. Peace. In Gratitude ... Om Om Om Om Shanti Om
Our thoughts, wonderful memories (most esp. the visits in Ayers Cliff with the children),and our prayers will always sustain you,verona and miguel through and through. I'm deeply saddenned and shock when you told me over the phone while JE and I were in AZ.about David's passing.His memories will linger on. Will keep more in touch as life is too short....I'm sorry we missed the memorials.
Dear Bella and family , the memorial was very touching and beautiful. I haven't known David very long but just by listening to the testimonials I now realise how great a man and artist he was . May his memory and his art sustain you during this difficult time .
Dear Bella, Verona and Miguel,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
For David from a friend - the journey continues
Dear Bella, Verona and Miguel
My love to you. I'm sure his strong spirit is with you.
Sooo many good memories. Very real to me still. I am grateful for them, except for when he told us, on our way to Mexico, that snakes could get into the bus through holes in the floor. Remember Marcos?
All my love,
Love to you all. Just heard of David's passing.

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June 2009 in Lennoxville (Sherbrooke) a woman for David - 1992
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