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This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Barb's husband, Mike Dumler.
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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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I had the pleasure to work with Barb - such a brilliant person yet she never made me feel beneath that brilliance (although I know better). Kind and thoughtful it is so true only the good die young because Barb was truly a gem.
Ten years has passed and I think of Barb often, always with a smile.
I'm so sad for your loss Mike. You were a lovely couple and I'm glad you found eachother and my heart aches for your loss.
Barb will live on through those whose lives she touched Missing you, Barb - sweet curly haired, truly wonderful you
It hardly seems possible that it has been 10 years since we celebrated Barb's life, shared our memories of her, and grieved her loss. While the pain of this loss has diminished, my love and memories of her have not. I would miss Barb even more were it not for visits to her bench on the seawall, and the occasional "beautiful" (Brandy and Grand Marnier) at the Sylvia. I know Barb is also missed by her family and many friends, and will re-share this link on Facebook for those who feel inclined to comment. With Love,
Aaron's remembrance of Barb resonates on a number of levels, and reminds me of chats she and I had about her undergrad years. I hope to connect with Aaron, and perhaps share a conversation on Barb's bench in English Bay (near the seawall - foot of Gilford Street, just below the Sylvia Hotel).
I've looked for Barb in various ways over the last ten years or so, hoping to reconnect, and then something led to something and I discovered your online memorials, Mike. So I am sitting here, stunned, by a loss that happened for you four years ago. Barb and I spent a lot of time together as undergraduates, some of it with the late Rob Dunham, a professor who amazed both of us, and a fellow named Richard, who passed away even before either of them. We then entered grad school, where she excelled and I was completely mystified and not nearly obsessive enough in the right ways. She took great care of us all, but particularly me. She organized sharing an office with me when we were TAs and, the night before my first class, she called me up to make sure I'd be okay (I was a nervous wreck) and was ready to be stared at by 30 first year students. We stayed in touch while she was in Cranbrook but went in different directions - I went to farm in the gulf islands. I have always missed her and hoped we'd find each other one day. A thing we talked about a lot during our time together was love, and how love occurred in books, and in life, and her expectations of how it must stand up to various tests of authenticity. I can see that she found the person and the family that she dreamed of during those years, and was able to give herself wholeheartedly. One of the things I always think about is that when she finally went to England to see all the places that we'd read so much about, she took a little disposable camera that only took 12 pictures I think, and her plan of action was to come home with 12 perfect pictures of things that meant something to her. Even before digital cameras this seemed so unique and singular an idea :) It was an exemplary carefulness with which she approached everything.

Belatedly, I am so sorry for this loss to you and to her family, who were so wonderful. Aaron
A more personal remembrance of Barb took place yesterday. Not only by me, but many of those close to her. For some I know it was a visit to her Bench on the seawall, others called, emailed, or shared a hug during the past week. I am comforted by this and the knowledge that she is still strong in so many hearts.

With Love,
Dear family and friends,

Your thoughtfulness and support over the past year means more to me than words can express, so I will just thank you from the depth of my heart , and invite you to share in a remembrance of Barb on October 15th.

For those of you in or near Vancouver on October 15th , please feel free to join us in a brief candlelight remembrance at Barb’s bench on the English Bay Seawall near the foot of Gilford Street at 7:00PM.

While time and/or distance will preclude some of you from joining us in person, I know we will be sharing this remembrance of Barb in our hearts.

With Love,

The Vancouver Folk Fest is on this weekend, and Barb loved and shared this event with many friends.
I want to recognize and thank the festival for the dedication to Barb as a sustaining member of the VFF society in this years program and on their website. Here is the link for those who may want to check it out:
With Love and best wishes for a great summer,
Im sitting around with my brothers, sisters and mother mourning the passing of our father we are looking throughold photo albums remembering him when I ran across a photo of Barb back in the early 80's and I learned of the untimely passing of Barb. My deepest condolences to you and her family.
For whatever reason, one day I sat at my computer and googled Barbara Brown’s name to see where she was, who was benefiting from her instruction and to see what her accomplishments had been since she was my instructor. I was deeply saddened by the news that I found.

I was fortunate enough to have Barbara as a teacher for two terms at the College of the Rockies. Her method of instruction was gentle with her openness for understanding all points of view and incredibly detailed through her experience and knowledge.

As we go through life, there are a few really remarkable instructors who challenge us to push ourselves to the limit and truly discover who we are and what we can accomplish. Barbara Brown was that kind of teacher. What I have learned in her classes has made a significant difference in my life. I will always be grateful for having known her.
A guest column about Barb by Andrea Lebowitz will appear in the "Lives Lived" section of the Toronto Globe and Mail on December 31, 2007. It will also be posted on my web site shortly thereafter.

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