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This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Im Mei, Paul's wife.
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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Im Mei;
I knew Paul only somewhat tangentially in high school through his older brother, Peter. So, even though we didn't hang out together,I liked him. I knew that he was straight shooting, honest, gentle,and just an all around "nice" guy. My wife, (Beverley B.)who, I believe, was in his grade in H.S., concurs. Maybe I was befriending the wrong brother all that time-sorry Pete!

Viewing the pictures of Paul on-line, it's easy to see that he had retained the friendly, approachable look that I remembered him by.
Please accept our sincere condolences.
Patrick and Beverley
Paul, is a spirit who never gave in to the status quo... He lived, loved and played full heartedly until the end. I will miss his addictive laughs and his word-for-word simpsons quotes while we worked, but I know the truth of his spirit will always exist where he touched others lives. He will now reside in the mountains and hearts that he so longed to be a part of. Peace on your journey Paul!
I remember Paul distinctly as a kind humorous soul who spoke his mind. I always adored his art and personality. It saddens me to hear that he is no longer spreading his personality to the world.
Just heard about Paul from a MEC staff member...its hard to believe. My condolences to Mei and his family.

Love you buddy and will miss you!

I just heard that my ole special pal Paul died; this is deeply saddening. I send my condolences to his wife and family.

A very good friend Trudy Lavallee (King) formerly of Thunder Bay; now resides in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Cheers Mate!
It is very sad to find that is too late making a connection with an old friend. Always wondering how he is doing and how life is treating him. We used to work very closely in Hong Kong and he is the one who taught us how to animate from which I had benefited throughout my career. He is such a gifted animator and a great character. All these years, I believe he did live a life following his heart, fullfilling all his dreams. Paul, miss you alot especially the laughters we shared. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Im Mei and the family.

To My Best Friend and his family:What do you say when an amazing person leaves too soon.When I think about the phrase..."only the good die young" I remember one of my favourite artists, Billy Joel who used this phrase in his song.Paul and I met in the first year in high school and I knew right then that we would be great friends.We both had similar views and attitudes.He was a great athelete who had a bigger heart than anyone I new.He faced adversity many times as he sometimes said he was short.I would laugh and tell him "What? why do you think my nick name is peewee? you'll still kick their butt.I remember sitting in his carport talking about life and women,sometimes with his Dad.That's what good friends do.We talked about what Paul called "the 3 B's"-BEERS,BROADS,AND BRAWLS.We laughed so hard whenever that phrase came up.Through the years as we both chose different paths in life no matter how far away we were we always found a way to keep in touch.When we talked it was like we never missed a day.That is what great friends do.When I chose to pop the question of marriage I knew who I wanted as my best man.There was no blinking as I called Paul in Hong Kong and asked him.He said yes and promptly asked what he could get us for a present.I thought for a second and told him to bring himself as that was the best present ever.He drew a wedding picture of my wife and I which was amazing.It was a characature and WOW was it great.God,not only was he a great person but he was so talented.Anyone that knew him knew that.I had the honor of meeting Im mei twice and wow was she a great fit for Paul.I could tell he was so happy and he deserved to be happy.The day that I heard of Pauls' passing was devastating. It is not fair that someone so talented and so good should go too soon.My wife told me something though that made sense.She said that he left doing something he loved to do. Although it is something unbelievably hard to accept,I have to agree.To Im Mei and Pauls' family,my deepest sympathy goes out.I will never forget Paul as he was my best friend.They say that time heals all wounds.I hope for everyone that happens in the near future.God bless.
I hadn't seen Paul in years and I had just found some old photos from the Joseph days in Vancouver...there was one of Paul and I was wondering fondly what he might be doing. I am shocked to discover that he had this tragic accident. My thoughts are with his family and friends as they suffer this great loss.
Really sad to heard about the incident. Especially the dfficult time for his wife (Pat).

Pat, hope you can cope with it and take care.

Anna Chi (HK)
So sad to heard that Paul passed away.

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Paul and Conrad Grimmer (6 mos), Vancouver, 1995.
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