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Joy Palfy 1937 – 2013
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July 25, 2013
Here are the words that were spoken about Joy at the memorial service:

Robin's Words:
One childhood memory of my Mom that I cherish is the time I lost my lunch money at school. I was about Daniel's age when I somehow lost my lunch money so I was sent to the school office to “borrow” the 35¢ for lunch. I was so upset that as soon as I got home and opened the front door to my waiting mother, I fell into her arms sobbing. As soon as she hugged me I felt safe, loved and I knew everything would be okay. My mom's love was that powerful and important to one little kid.
When I was in 5th grade I had a teacher, Mr. Clements, who held Toastmaster speeches each Friday. I was terrified of speaking before the classroom that my Mom let me be sick from school every Friday for that entire year. I still thank her for her act of mercy. So, instead of school on Fridays…my Mom and I drove around an Diego County in our giant station wagon – listening to KCBQ on the radio and looking at the next property to buy!
One time my Mom, brother and I had been brining supplied and clothes to a family that my mom regularly helped. They lived on the outskirts of Poway. It was one of our hot, dry, santa ana days. A brush fire broke out so it was time to leave. My Mom decided to take a “shortcut” across a field to get home quicker. It has never been a good idea for my Mom to drive off road. As we were about to complete our off road journey the station wagon “found” a sand pit. Mom was stuck, tires spinning and in my childhood mind, the fire was fast approaching! A nice man with a truck pulled us out. Mom never took that shortcut again.
Last story. Apparently when Mom was a teenager she decided that despite her inability to swim she could probably “bob” from the lake shore out to the swimming platform. She tried it close to the shore, bobbing around, pushing off from the bottom of the lake to the surface to take a breath. As she started for the swimming platform she miscalculated the increasing depth of the water. She was halfway to the platform when she realized this was not going to work! Her panic and flailing caught the attention of the lifeguard who sustained several scratches during the rescue. As a result of her experience, both my brother and I and all grandchildren have spent significant summertime in swim lesion and swim team. We can all swim very well!
I love you Mom.

Jacqui's Words:
I wanted to share some cute stories that were told by two of my Grandma's nieces from Missouri.
This one is from Jeanne:
“I dearly loved my Auntie Joy! Of all of my Aunts, I always felt a kinship with her, as if I knew I was definitely related to her! She was always so sweet and so fun.
I remember when I was a kid sitting with her and my mom, talking at the table, and she said the first curse word I had ever heard anyone say in front of my mom, while I was present. It was “crap”.
---I know not considered a curse word by many, but to MY mom—it was. My mom looked so shocked, and Aunt Joy said: “Well, it is crap!”
-I always remember that moment when I tend to say things in front of certain people that they don't like, and I have the same attitude as my sweet Aunt—“Well, it is crap!”
Also, whenever I put my makeup on, I say “I'm putting my face on,” which daily has reminded me of her, as she's the one who I learned that phrase from. I really wish I could have spent more of my life with her!”
And now this one is from Karen:
“I really loved your Grandmother so much! Aunt Joy was such a sweet and kind soul. I call my kids and my nieces and nephews “dolly baby” because that's what she always called me when I was little and I love it.”
Now, we all have our memories of her that we hold dear. She has taught me many things over my almost 29 years of knowing her. I am sure many of us can relate to the things I will think of most when I remember my Grandma.
- Because of her, I pat dry my face. She always told me to avoid getting wrinkles early I shouldn't pull or wipe my face when drying. Now every morning I ‘pat' my face dry.
- I will always remember driving to the beach as a kid in the silver Montero, and singing “Blue Sky.” It's a memory I hold dear and will do the same with my kids and grandkids one day.
- I will always remember out trips to Thrifty, just to get an ice cream cone, which is still hard for me to resist.
- I remember she was always a great speller. She would always spell things out to me and she never got it wrong.
- I will always remember her picking up my friends and I from school and our adventures home.
- I will always think of her when I watch the movie “Oklahoma.” As a kid we watched it over and over, singing each song together.
- I will remember the love and respect she had for my Grandpa. All the way through the end, he was a comfort to her.
- I will remember her for her love of sweets and for her love of the color blue.
- But above all, I will remember her as a role model, for a loving Grandma and someone to look up to and respect. As one of the sweetest, most kind people I know.
In honor of my Grandma, next time you go out for a meal, think of my Grandma, and order your dessert first, then your meal.
July 24, 2013
Our family received a beautiful plant for my mother, but unfortunately the sender's card was missing from the plant. If you sent this plant, please contact me so we may thank you properly.
July 18, 2013
She was the best Grandma in the world and I let her know that. She will be missed, but her memory will live strong.
July 18, 2013
Mom was also the family "property" finder. She spent countless hours searching and locating vacant land for her and Frank to purchase. They would then build a house and sell it. This was her side job for decades and she was very good at it.
July 11, 2013
We are so sorry to hear of Joy's passing. She was a very sweet, kind woman and neighbor. May she rest in peace.
July 07, 2013
Joy was a wonderful Lady! I / We meet Joy in 1964 became friends instantly. I got married in 1964, Joy was right there as my matron of honor. We both had daughters the same age; in 1965 we both had sons born in November who would have believed. Our friendship spand the years of time. Her name fit, as she was a Joy to be around and brought Joy and laughter to all no matter the situation... She will be greatly missed. May the love of family and friends carry you through.
Love Ed, Elaine, Debbie & Ken
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