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June 29, 2016

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June 29, 2016

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
May 19, 2013
The weeks since Dr Brigham's passing have been so hard, the office as a different atmosphere. I have to walk by his cubby every day, I try to not cry each time because
I know that he will not be there, but yet I cannot pass without looking and hoping that all of this has been one awful bad dream.
I hate knowing that I will never see that silly sneaky I'm up to something grin, or have him tell me hello in whatever language he decided to use that particular day for me to look dazed and confused and then answer him with well ummmm Right back at cha…
I feel privileged to have known and been his surgery scheduler for 7 years. The memories I have of Dr Brigham will be with me forever. Heaven gained a great man, I feel he was taken away too soon, but I am not going to question Gods plan. I do feel the moment Dr Brigham walked thru the pearly gates that morning on Monday April 22nd he asked the Angels to direct him to Heavens Orthopedic Hospital where he immediately got OR Block Time because I am sure he was doing surgery on Tuesday April 23rd. Dr Brigham I Love you and will miss you more than you will ever know.
Angel Bolick
May 18, 2013
Dr. Brigham made a difference in my life; I am one of those for whom he extensive spinal surgery, and I am thankful for the extra years he has given me to enjoy flowers and grandchildren. I will miss my follow-up appointments with him, bantering about books, movies, his relationship with his daughters, our relationship to God and our purpose here on earth. He was a blessing in my life.
May 06, 2013
Happy Birthday, Doc.
May 06, 2013
In 1994 I was a young orthopedic surgeon finishing several years of service in the Navy. Much of that time was involved in treating war injuries. I decided to become proficient in spinal surgery and applied to do a fellowship with Drs. Hanley and Brigham.

I fondly remember the teaching of Dr. Brigham. He was a caring man who treated his patients and staff with kindness and respect. I will always be indebted to him and his family for his leadership.
May 05, 2013
May 05, 2013
Dr. Brigham operated on our two daughters for a total of five times. he was a caring and wonderful physician,one that inspired confidence and hope always.To the family ,please accept our condolences. We have lost a great man.
May 03, 2013
I have been suffering from consistent back pain since an injury sustained in 2010. I had "Dr shopped" until meeting Dr Brigham a few monthes ago. When I told him of my serial "DR shopping", he laughed a real life and told me "that's great - I would too". He was the first ortho who stayed completely present during my long introduction of my injury and issues since. He was the first DR who instilled a natural sense of confidence and optimism in me regarding my condition, making the decision to finally have surgey an easy one. We were planning on having the procedure in June...

I know Craig was a good man with real wisdom for his craft and for the many individuals that came for him for healing.

My sincere condolences to his family and all that knew him.
May 03, 2013
Trying to honor my father through words seems inadequate since he was a man of action. He was a man that rose long before the sun did, and did it with a sense of purpose. Like a Shepard preparing to tend his flock.

He usually was on rounds at the hospital visiting patients, or in meetings by the time I even opened my eyes. Whenever I would be up early enough, I'd call him, half asleep but excited to hear his voice so energized at 5:30am—I can hear him jokingly answering, “Mobile Spine Unit?”

He was a giant of man,- 6 feet tall, strong and muscular (our superman we'd say)
and yet, he had the most gentle presence and soft embrace I have ever felt. His hands were sacred tools not only for surgery, but also for providing the peace and safety that would wash over mean when he would touch me. Over the years, his head rubs lulled me to sleep, and his back rubs loosened out my knots. When I was distraught over decisions or relationships, he was my guide. I would speak and he would listen. Eventually he would ask what I think is right, what I think I need to do. Usually, we agreed but he always provided a framework for me to “see the bigger picture.” Boys Dadda, Life goes on Faithy. College, You'll love it no matter what. I want to go to Israel. Go, education is an investment in yourself. Daddy, I'm afraid, Fear is only in your mind. Bad Thoughts? They are not your actions. Death? Life is a circle. He was a gentle giant of wisdom and my greatest confidant.

As many of you know, my Dad was a runner for many years. An all star athlete and 8th in the world in the Decathlon, things you'd never know if you asked and even if you did, he might just make a joke, change the subject, or tell you a story about the time he was competing in the USSR and after a night out with his teammates, got confronted by armed Soviets whom they appeased with cigarettes. My husband said to me, “Faithy, your Dad ran for his life.” These words have been echoing in my ears that past three days and I think I understand what they mean.

My dad never took a day for granted. As a young man, younger me, at age 18, he decided his ticket to college was his pure athletic ability and he did everything in his power to shape, nurture, and challenge his body. 6 hours a day in college just working out. When I asked him how this affected his social life, he never really seem to get the question. I am sure he had many friends, but he just had a clarity about what was most important for him at the time. Growing up as young girls, my dad encouraged us to always be active and would stand next to us on the treadmill, pushing our level higher and higher until we got scared and would squeal, Daddy, Daddy Stop. He usually did not.

Some might think, what a nut. But I understood then, and I understand now much more, that he did not stop because he believed in us, in our ability to run faster, to breathe deeper, and to lengthen our stride. He believed in us. He believed we could do anything, go a little father, reach a little higher. His belief grew into a deeper philosophy of believing in good and understanding that there is a thin line sometimes, between what is good and what is right and what not good and what is not right. He deeply believed that people were good and that education is one's most valuable asset. He believed that the world would be repaired by my generation and those to follow. He believed in evidence-based medicine and never wavered for anyone. He believed in the moment- and in being present. He believed in my mom. Ultimately, his belief, helped me be a believer—A believer that I am a beautiful tiny speck of a much greater world and my job is to be a good person, help others, dream, believe and always follow through on my beliefs and convictions. That was my father. A man of conviction and action but never divorced from human, sensitivity, or an appreciation for the big picture.

I will just end with a short note my Dad wrote me in January 2011 before I embarked on my year of studying in Jerusalem.

“There are many ways to express love, saying it is important- showing it is more. You have shown me your love by your growth, commitment to ideals, faith, and knowledge. My pride is not for me- it is for you. Life the great teacher is still full of unfathomable mysteries—no matter how much knowledge we gain. I love you. I am so proud of you. I am, Paj.”
May 03, 2013
Just one vignette to contribute. I enjoyed modest success as a gymnast and track guy at South Eugene during the three years just before Craig's arrival - VERY modest success compared to what Craig achieved in that program. I met and spoke to Craig only once - some 30 years later in the restroom at a reunion of Coach Johnson's track athletes. Craig said "you're Eric Nickerson!" and looked at me in a way that immediately implied I was the important person in that encounter, not him. As though I was the legendary athlete, not him. So my one brief direct experience of Craig was an unforgettable lesson in personal humility.
May 02, 2013
I met your Dad at Faith and Jon's wedding and I remember his kind expression and warm handshake. I also thought he spoke beautifully at the wedding. May you always think of the wonderful moments you've had with him.
debby rosenamn and rabbi lyle

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