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Jacob Irvin Bass
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October 10, 2012
I played your favorite music and sang along yesterday. Just got back from NYC. I lit a candle for you at St. Patrick's. Love you always!!!!!
October 09, 2012
Had you on my mind all day!!! Love and miss you everyday
August 28, 2012
Charlie and I went to Asheville in that sidecar I told you about. We always have you in our hearts and minds. You were with us as we rode down the Parkway on a beautiful day.
Charlie and Mothermac
August 24, 2012
Happy Birthday Nephew. We think of you all the time. You are dearly missed. Thank for all the wonderful memories you left behind.
All our love
Uncle Charlie, Aunt Kellye and your Cuz Matt
August 25, 2009
Happy Birthday! Charlie has a new motorcycle and added the old sidecar to it. It's all a beautiful black. We're riding it down the Parkway to Asheville this weekend. I bought a new mum for your birthday. It's just that wonderful deep red. It's down at the flower garden at the bottom of the driveway so I think of you everytime I go up or down. It's been a very cool summer. remember that very hot Auguest when Charlie was building the play deck. We would have to carry those heavy boards up to him. I still have the clubhouse sign you kids made. I love you, dear grandson. Mothermac
August 24, 2009
Happy 19th Birthday Jacob,
You are my special angel and I know you are always near. I love you with all my heart!
Aunt Kellye
April 06, 2009
Jacobbbbbb:) I know its been awhile, but i miss you, and i love you very much. None of us will ever forget you. I can't believe its been almost 4 years now. I can't wait to see you again one day.
Love always, your cousin.
December 28, 2008
Happy Holidays My Dear Nephew. We think of you all the time and enjoy all of the memories of our times together. You are missed!!! Getting ready for the COWBOYS game, this is their last shot. Your picture graced our Christmas table along with Great Pepaw and my best friend Julie. Tell them both hello from me. Ya'll take care of each other. All my love
Aunt Kellye
December 27, 2008
Well, the river might be up today and the temp warm enough for me to put in at the sand bar and go to the end of the neighborhood. There are so many deer in the yard. The dogs enjoy chasing them to the edge of the invisable fence. Christmas was lovely. Each family stayed put and just felt safe and warm. I love you every day and see you growing. You and Matthew both have great looking facial hair. Claire has moved to your mom's and Clark's. She is trying to learn how to move forward in this life. Clark got to go to New Orleans today as Jeff cough's guest to see the Panther's game. Jeff invited the whole gang. Watch out New Orleans. I'm going to take good care of myself in the new year. Your Mothermac loves you. God bless us all.
May 28, 2008
Missing you always...this time of year always seems the hardest for me...all of you kids were sooo busy making plans for the summer. Baseball is in full swing and that always reminds me of you.
Love Always Aunt Lisa
October 10, 2007
Guess what? I'm in Texas. Yesterday I bought a new camera. It is so cool and does viedo and stills. I'll enjoy learning how to use it. Your mom helped me know all the stuff you need to know to buy a camera. I love you and thank you for seeing to my little girl. Kellye just loves your company. I feel you so near all the time. Stay with me.
October 09, 2007
Good Morning Sunshine! We have been talking a lot lately. Thank you for being there to listen. What a blessing to have you for an angel. How bout them Cowboys? What a game. I know you were there. They to were in need of an angel last night. I love and miss you always. Amen, Aunt Kellye
October 09, 2007
Here it is again..10-9.. cant believe this date just keeps coming sooo quickly. Trevor said he talked with you in his dreams a couple of nights ago..thanks. I see you in his eyes and its comforting. You are missed and sooo dearly loved by many, I hope that all of us can find some warmth in your memories today...much love............
September 05, 2007
i miss you buddy

its so hard to live day by day knowing that you aren't on earth with us anymore.i know its kind of selfish but i wish you were here man.

happy late birthday friend. BIG 17!

well ive been thinking of you alot and i just thought i should write to you.

ill see you upstairs sometime buddy.

love ya man and happy birthday.
August 28, 2007
Charlie and I went on a Ural adventure on your birthday. We were in Black Mountain NC. The Ural broke and we will have to take it to Roanoke to get it fixed. We had a lovely day and thought of you and told stories. You know we miss you, but you are looking down on us making sure we eat right and exercise. We have promised ourselves we will go biking this week on the New River Trail. It has been so very hot. It is easy to just pass on outdoor activities. I am riding a horse twice a week. His name is Frosty and he is a really smart horse. You would like him alot. Thank you for being near to us all the time. Check you later.
August 28, 2007
Happy Birthday Jacob. Your mom and I celebrated in your honor in Charleston. We spoke of all the great memories we have of you. I miss you. Happy 17th.
All My Love
Aunt Kellye
August 27, 2007
Happy Birthday..I know you are celebrating in Heaven with Uncle Bobby, Aunt Linda, now Ralph....and of course Bruno. I miss you soo much. You visited me in my dreams and I cant wait to see you again...visit me often
I love you,
Aunt Lisa
February 17, 2007
hey jacob,
ive been thinking about you alot lately. logan is acting more and more like you everyday! it just upsets me that hes not going to remember who you are. it makes me want to [when he gets older] take him back in time and show him who you were. he would of been like "wow i have to of the greatest brothers in the world!" i know thats how i felt, but with the cousin parts instead of the brother part. im so scared, high school doesnt make anysense to me. How did you ever survive in it? well i love you and miss you terribly!
February 13, 2007
Hey sweetie its Nana Kim just want to wish you a happy Valentines Day. We sure do miss you, You are doing a great job looking after Robbie as you always did he had another knee surgery and is doing well thank you for continuing to look after him. The tar heels are winning so far tonight. Miss you and think of you always. Love Nana Kim and Robbie
February 08, 2007
Hi there! I have been dreaming about you for several nights. It is amazing that you are growing taller and have facial hair. I am going to say a prayer for your cousin Ashley and Charlie. They miss you so much. Charlie knows he can still talk to you. I hope Ashley will put her thoughts to you on some paper and then put it in a shoe box on the top self of her closet. I don't know why I think that's a good idea, but it came to my mind. Is it your suggestion? Matthew is getting ready to graduate from high school. I will be interested to see what path he takes after school is out. There are so many choices to make in life. We have a new dog named Bandit. Someone set him off at the bridge and just drove away. He's a fine little dog and Zandy has finally accepted him. For a while she had to wear a muzzle when the litte guy was around. Charlie is fine. Busy keeping wood on the porch. He bought a new stove last year and we stay so cozy warm.
I love you and think about some of our good times every day.
February 08, 2007
Hey Jacob
its a new year now and ive been thinking of you alot lately. My english teacher gave me an assignment and she said i had to write about someone that has changed my life and made it so fun. I wrote it about you because you are always there for me no matter what and you are my best friend.
Thank You for being my friend and being there for me.
i miss you buddy
much love,
December 04, 2006
well they put Bruno to sleep today so now you have your dog with you. High school is so hard I'm so lost, there so much stuff I could get back into and I don't what to but it's hard not having you here. I no I haven't done the best but I'm trying, I really am. Just please help me try to get through all of this, I'm not use to not going to you for advice and everytime I look at Trevor I see you when he ask me all sorts of questions. And I have so many questions I want to ask you, but your not here to give me advice, and I don't have anyone here to go to anymore. You understood me the best. I'm no the swim team as well, it's a lot of work but I love it. Christmas is coming up soon and I have NO idea what to get my Dad, he has everything what more could I give him?
Well I'm going to go.
Love you
Ashlyn Rushing
Your best cousin!
October 09, 2006
My Dearest Nephew:
My heart is full today of all the wonderful memories I have of you. My heart also aches with the saddness and pain that I still feel as one year ago today you went home. I have had some wonderful conversations with you over the past year and find it very hard to accept a year has gone by without you. I try in spirit to give strength to Char, Clark and Jeremy. I know you are with all of us today to help us get through the pain of losing you but I smile just knowing you are in God's arms now, safe, healthy and happy.
Love Forever,
Aunt Kellye
September 10, 2006
Hey Jacob, I know i'm late, but Happy 16th Birthday!!! I just wanna say i miss you and I love you.
September 05, 2006
hey jacob
i know its kind of late but happy birthday.
your awesome man and i miss u alot.
its alot different with u not down here with us.
i miss u buddy
once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
much love,-- CHARLIE SAIN
August 24, 2006
Happy Birthday Jacob

I hope that you are having a good one up in Heaven...It sounds as if your mom has lots of fun stuff planned for you brother today hopefully he will have a good one too.
You are so missed I think of you often and wonder what you are doing up there. I know you are watching over us and every now and then you send me a gentle reminder of that. You just keep it up.
I love and miss you very much! Happy Birthday
Love, Aunt Misty
August 24, 2006
I am at a lost for words so I am just going to say "Happy Birthday" and we love and miss you very much.
August 22, 2006
Jacob in a couple of days it will be yours and Jermeys 16th bithday. It will be hard not having you here but we will make sure your brother will have a good day. Briana will be 13 and we will make sure that this day will be celebrated for all of you. You are so missed here. everyday something comes up and its a reminder of how much you are missed and loved. We sure miss you. Happy Birthday and know you are so very much missed in so many peoples hearts. Jesus has you know but We sure wish you were still her with us filling Our hearts with laughter and Love. Much Love Nana Paw Paw Robbie And Kayla. please look after Kayla for us she is on the road now and she needs you to watch over her. she drives a liitle fast for my eyes. Love ya always
August 17, 2006
I am thinking of you so much. Your's and Jeremy's birthday is only a week away. We will all be with Jeremy to help him have a wonderful 16th. It is a surprise party. It will be so hard without you. We will honor you on the 24th. Be there for Jeremy in spirit. We will all be together and we will all be wishing you a happy 16th as well.
All My Love,
Aunt Kellye
August 16, 2006
I am just so out of words lately. That being a miracle in itself. We went camping last week at the beach, I missed you more than ever. I am sooo glad we had that experience together last year, one I will cherish forever. This birthday is going to be tough for all of us. I know you are celebrating with your grandmothers,grandfathers, aunts, uncles and friends and most of all with Jesus...I miss & love you
Happy Birthday!!!
August 15, 2006
Hey Jacob, i think about you everyday. I'm in high-school now, and I know your watching over me. I miss you so much, and love you so much. I know I will see you again one day, but for now just watch over me please and well I love you.
June 22, 2006
Hello Jacob, Brently & I were just sitting here talking about all the times you were here and the joy you brought into our lives. It's so hot summer is here, Brandon is playing golf you might have liked to go with him. You are in our hearts and you are missed so much. Just thinking of you!!! And your sweet smile.
June 22, 2006
I miss you everyday. I look at your Dad and see you. My pain can not compare to that of your Mom or Dad. Sometimes I wonder if you are with all those that have passed in our family, maybe that is why we have experienced sooo much loss in the last year, so you would not be alone, so that you would have family around you. I only hope that one day I will see you again. I love and miss you terribly, my heart aches for all those who feel the same. How fortunate we all are to have had you for as long as we did. You are my brightest star in the sky. I love you!!
Aunt Lisa
June 21, 2006
Charlie has the camper up. I wonder who will be brave enough to sleep up there with me this summer. The water is too low to paddle, but we are hoping for rain. Maybe you could send us some. You are with me every day and I know you enjoyed the aquarium in Atlanta. I am working hard to keep my spirits up and my blood pressure down. Keep me in your prayers, I love you.
May 31, 2006
We miss you so much,Madison asks about you all the time and Logan just looks so much like you.We are getting ready to go on a fishing trip that we know you always wanted to go on with us so I know you will be there and we will be thinking of you alot while we are there,just know how much we love and miss you and hey try to throw some luck to Jeremy and Trevor with the fish.
Lisa B and Dad
May 20, 2006
Well Jacob here it is almost summer. Still hard to believe you aren't with us. But you are certainly in our hearts. Brandon carries your obit picture in his wallet and has a picture of you above his bed on a shelf. He really misses you, and Brently talks about you all the time. I miss you too, your sweet smile, and laugh. You were a joy to be around. We miss you & we will see you again one day.
May 18, 2006
Hey Jacob
its not the same without you here
i remember the awesome times you,jeremy, and I used to have all the time.you are my best friend and i think about you every day.I know you might not be here anymore but you really are. you have a lot of people that love you and miss you. I miss you man and just stay in my heart.
your soul lives on
I love you man
April 25, 2006
Well its baseball season and my thoughts are of you. We are busy as ever trying to keep Trevor from stepping in the bucket. He is in Majors this year, he sure needs you (maybe u could help us with a win, we are 0 & 4)I can imagine your response to that and it makes me smile. I miss you so much!!! Hope you can make it to one of our games..I love you!!
April 25, 2006
Hi Jacob, Just wanted to say we miss you. The boys went to your house and cooked out the other night and plaayed ball with Jeremy. They miss you so much!! I think it made your mom feel good having your friends around. But we know you are up there smiling down on all of us. A beautiful angel. Hugs!! Ms. Kim
April 24, 2006
You are loved more than you know.
You are an Angel who is watching over your family.
April 24, 2006
Hey there Jacob, well i just thought i'd say i miss you and i love you and hope you have a good day.
April 16, 2006
Charlie put the fan in the upstairs window yesterday and it really felt good because it was a warm night last night. Tomorrow will be the Monday after Easter and that is the day dogs show up at our house. Remember when you were helping set up the camper and it was snowing that day after Easter and Tiger showed up? We think that was 6 years ago. Everyone but Charlie and I are down at Pa Paw's. Matthew is staying all week. He has his spring break now. Jeremy had his several weeks ago. Thank you for talking to me every day. It makes it easier somehow to not have you physically with me. I took rocks from the creek and the pile in the yard to your mom. She is working on the garden in their back yard. Clark misses you sooo much. Jeremy made greeting cards from some of the pet pictures he had to help raise money for the Humane Society. They were really good pcitures. I love you
April 12, 2006
Hey Jacob yea its Kayla again but i forgot to tell you Happy almost Easter and hope you have the best Easter ever this year and I luv you so much and miss you so much
Luv your cousin Kayla B.
April 12, 2006
Good Morning Jacob,
We are all meeting in Savannah for Easter and it will be bitter sweet. I know how you loved it at Papaw and Mimi's. We will rejoice in all the wonderful memories we all have spending time together at Sutton's Farm. I miss you!!!
Aunt Kellye
April 11, 2006
Hey Jacob
I miss u soooooo much i can't even explain it, I know your looking down over me and protecting me and i thank you so much for that you've made me so much stronger, I'm glad i got to tell you bye and i love you i'll see you one day and remember your in a better place
Love Kayla
April 02, 2006
hey jacob we just sittin here talkin bout u and talkin about u making us all laugh. We luv you so much! miss u! your cousins!
March 24, 2006
Hi Jacob, Chris is talking about him, Brandon, Brently, Mitchell, Riley, and Tony. They all played in the rain and got sooo muddy. In your honor. We still miss you babe!! I know you are so happy. But sometimes we are selfish and wish you were here. Ms. Kim
March 23, 2006
Hey jacob was up man everybody misses u and get this the last time we played football was the day u died it was raining and we all ruined all of our clothes WELL i am writing this cause i am just now gripping the fact your gone hope to see you again
March 23, 2006
Happy Spring Jacob! The birds are starting to chirp every morning, it is my spring alarm clock. Matt turned 17 yesterday. We all miss you so much. I feel you near everyday.
Families are Forever!
Aunt Kellye
March 11, 2006
Hi, Jacob I think of you a lot. The boys all miss you so much. Especially when playing football. You were always like a ray of sunshine, always smiling and so sweet. You are missed dearly. You will always be in our hearts. Fly with the Angels honey!!
Kim, Brandon & Brently
March 10, 2006
March 9th was my daddy's birthday. He is 106. I hope you two are building something special. I think about you every day. It is almost warm enough to canoe, but the water is really low. Charlie will really miss you helping load the boats and tie the knots. I'm working in the yard today and thinking about what to plant. I'm gathering rocks for your mom. she is working on a garden in her backyard. Did I tell you we all helped start putting up a fence. Soon, PITA can be outside.
March 09, 2006
Jacob Nana just wants to say I sure do miss you. We still tell our stories. I know you can still here Maw Maw and me laughing and you are saying tell us another one. We all miss AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH
March 04, 2006
Hi Jacob!! Miss you very much! I never knew you, but I did know your brother. I hope your brother is doing good. Miss you so so so so much. It isn't the same knowing that your not here.
February 09, 2006
Good Morning Jacob,
I am missing you so much on this Thursday morning. Thank you for the snow flurries that are falling. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses.
I Love You,
Aunt Kellye
February 05, 2006
hey jacob,yeah i know the panthers didnt make it but the tarheels are doing ok. everyday i think about u and how much i miss u.i loved playing with u and doing things with you and jeremy. watch down on me and help me make good choices buddy.
January 03, 2006
Merry Christmas Jacob!!
Lots Of Love buddy
Ill miss you a lot
Help everyone get through the new year and watch down on us
I Love you man
Rest In Peace
December 23, 2005
Jacob, we really miss you soooo much. I miss seeing you out there with the boys playing football, and playstation and x-box games with Brently. Your in our hearts always but especially now at Christmas. I hear photgraph all the time and I just say hello Jacob. You were such a good boy and a pleasure to have around. You are truly missed and loved. Just thinking about you today and tonight.
December 22, 2005
Merry Christmas Jacob,
We all miss you so much! I can't believe you are really gone. I know however that you are watching over all of us, and you send it in such suttle ways like playing photograph on the radio just when I am thinking of you. Or making my cell phone ring (which has photograph as my ring tone) when I am not listening to the radio. You are a very special boy and I am sure that Heaven is a wonderful place. I just wish you didn't have to be there so soon. You will always be in my heart forever. I miss ya and I love you!
Aunt Misty
December 22, 2005
Merry Christmas Jacob.
I Love You!!!
Aunt Kellye
December 19, 2005
I know you are spending Christmas with Jesus but I wish you were spending it here with me. I miss you sooo much and the Holidays just aren't the same. Trevor is making me wrestle and play the games you did with him....he misses you immensely...you sure would get a kick out of seeing Aunt Lisa wrestle around...
My heart aches and you are constantly on my mind. I love you and Merry Christmas.
December 18, 2005
Dear,Charlene,Jeremy,and Clark
Its been a couple months now since Jacobs departure and It still hurts so bad.Jacob was one of my best friends since elementary school.I will never forget him and his beautiful soul rests in every single one of us. He was a great friend and great person. He still looks down on us everyday and tries to make our day so much easier letting us know that he is not gone and definetly telling us that he is here for us.Ill keep your family in prayer and give me a call if you ever need anything.
Love forever and always,
Charlie Sain
December 15, 2005
I miss you very much today
Mother Mac
December 13, 2005
Charlene, Jeremy & Clark,
I still can't believe it, I even asked Chris Cargos how his little sister was, I said I am so sorry I just have Jacob on my mind. It was so thoughtful of you to bring the boys cookies on Thanksgiving. They really enjoyed them. We all miss Jacon dearly. Still listen to picture everyday keeping his memoery alive. If you ever need to talk please don't hesitate. We love all u guys.
December 12, 2005
I have been busy today working on a collection of your things that are preious to me. It's snowing outside. I've written a good short story for you
November 15, 2005
Hi Charlene and Clark. I can't believe it's been over a month. I am still just heartbroken and shocked. We left your house tonight after seeing Jacob's room, I just cried. The song photograph couldn't have been a better picked one. I love it and as I told you I got it for B&B for Christmas gave it to them tonight. You know I am here just to talk. The boys love you Clark & Jeremy. Thanks for what you did for my boys tonight Brandon's heart was so filled.
November 12, 2005
Dear Bass family,
It has been over a month now since Jacob's tragic departure, and I still feel the pain from October 9. I am tremendously greatful for the time I was able to spend with Jacob. He was a great person wiht a soul filled with joy and happiness. I had the enormous priviledge of having a true friend. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.

Love Always,
Mark Krumm
November 09, 2005
jacob we miss u so much and welove u with alll our haert we wish u were still here but evrything happens for
a reason
November 09, 2005
Families Are FOREVER!!!
Our Family Is Blessed To Have You As Our Guardian Angel.
Always & Forever,
Aunt Kellye
Nov 9th, 2005
November 09, 2005
I see you every day in a canoe or the hammock. You were the one brave enough to sleep out there. Remember saving Charlie when his hammock flipped. I was so worried when the grease popped in your eyes when you were making pancakes. How about the fishing for a BASS. You are with me everyday. I love your company.
November 08, 2005
i was your little sister i luv and look up to you i miss u i understand u had to go live the angels in heaven i luv you good bye
November 07, 2005
im sure we all miss u jacob and wish u were still here i luv u
October 25, 2005
jacob this is brently i just wanted to say that one of our greatest memories with you is that when we used to play basketball games to determin who was better. the last game we played you beat me and we were tied. i also remember when you and me and my mom stayed up all night playing rummy and my mom always won. I am going to miss you really bad, but i know you are in a better place.
October 24, 2005
Dear Charlene, Clark, and Jeremy;

Jacob was one of the greatest friends I ever had. He was one of the few friends who exceepted me even with my ADHD. I loved to have fun with him and his brother. I am going to miss the days when Jacob, Jeremy, Charlie, and I used to cause trouble at JH Gunn. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Love always,
Mark Krumm
October 24, 2005
Jacob will be missed so much. All the laughs and all the stories He loved every one to tell. He was a special guy and will always be in our hearts. With all our Love, Paw Paw Red Nana Robbie Kayla and Ricky
October 21, 2005
Jacob this is for you buddy. Get er done. I am really going to miss you. Us playing foorball and basketball with Clark. You were a great friend. Now I have nobody to ask for a dollar. j/k memories are what I have and I am glad we had the chance to make alot of them. I miss u already. Watch over me and help me behave. your buddy Brandon
October 20, 2005
Clark & Charlene, I don't know where to begin. Jacob was so special. Brandon really thought the world of him, and I would stand outside and just watch them play football in my yard and they would tackle each other. Seems like yesterday. I am really going to miss him coming to our back door asking if Brandon was home. The times he spent the night, and all the good laughs we had. He was one super young man who will never be forgotten. I don't think Brandon will ever get over it. He still looks for his bus I guess he thinks he will walk off. But he is walking with the angels now. If either of you need anything please don't hesitate to call or stop by that's what friends and neighbor's are for.
Jacob is really missed a piece of the puzzle is missing in all the boys that hang out together. God Bless You. Love, Kim, Brandon & Brently & Cheyenne who always ran to him calling his name.
October 18, 2005
God, please give us strength.

We will never know another person with such a beautiful soul.

He is so loved by so many. God bless us all.
October 16, 2005
Charlene and Family,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I remember Jacob playing baseball on Cameron's team at Mint Hill and all of the great times that they had. Memories will always stay in the heart.
October 15, 2005
I will miss him so much. He always made me laugh, cutting up and making jokes. Rick, You and your family will remain in my prayers. I love you all very much!
October 14, 2005
Gosh, You know I don't even know what to say this is not something that you could easy say you exepted I am very sorry that this had to happen to him at such a young age. Jacob was a great friend and a good student in class. He use to sit right beside me in class and always look on my paper and say "Aurielle what we suppose to do next" and Jeremy would say "Look it up yourself" and I always use to laugh. Then I would say what body part did you break this time then the whole call would laugh. I wish that I would just say goodbye to him but things don't always work for the best. I will always keep Jacob Bass in my prayers but not only him his family also.
October 13, 2005
Dear Charlene and Family,

May your happy memories of Jacob sustain you all during this very sad time and always. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
October 13, 2005
I had the great pleasure of having both Jacob and Jeremy in my PE/Health classes at Northridge. Jacob was a wonderful young man and I was devestated when I heard the news. I will never forget how Jacob and Jeremy would give me a hard time when I wore my Duke attire. When N.C. won the NCAA tournament, Jacob rubbed it in my face everyday and that will be one of my fondest memories of him! God Bless you all and peace be with you!!

Shawna Plyler Winters
Northridge Middle
October 13, 2005

I am sooooo sorry for your loss, I can not began to express how sad I was to hear the news. Charlene and Jeremy please know that I have you in my prayers. Jermey I too am a twin and I know if I loss my sister how lonely I would feel. Please stay in prayer and remember all the good times you and Jacob shared. Charlene I know this is a trying time for you, just lean on GOD and ask for HELP..!! And if there is anything that I could do for you and your family please feel free to contact me.

October 13, 2005
Dear Charlene and family,
Sunday,October 9,2005 everybody lost a great friend and great person.When I first heard the news I was so devastated. Jacob was one of my great friends and I knew him since the second grade at J.H Gunn elementary school.I played basketball with him about a week or 2 ago and we were having so much fun.I am gonna miss him a lot and it is very sad to see him go.

I will keep your family in my prayers and just remember dont be to sad because he is in the best place he could be,with the lord.
Love Always,
Charlie Sain
October 13, 2005
Our prayers go out to the family of Jacob Bass. It was a joy and true pleasure to have known Jacob. We enjoyed teaching him and his brother Jeremy. He will be greatly missed. May God bless you and heaven continue to smile upon you.
The Hill Team (Ruff, Patrick, Reyonalds, Toatley, and Madison)
October 13, 2005
I have known jacob since the 4th grade, and I was friends with him all through middle school. Jacob will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
October 13, 2005
Charlene, I was so sorry to hear of your son's passing. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. Know that you will heal in time by remembering the love and joy that Jacob brought and shared with everyone. My prayers are with you.
October 12, 2005

I was so saddened to hear of your loss on Monday at work. Know that in this time of need, God is with you and your family. May peace be with you and your whole family.
October 12, 2005
I went to Northridge with Jacob, and we didnt talk much, but i knew who he was.I was in a club with his brother,so thats how i met Jacob.He was a great person! I didnt believe it at 1st when i heard the news, but when i relized it was true i couldnt help but cry.I wish his whole family the best and we are all praying for you
October 12, 2005
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
October 12, 2005
R.I.P Jacob Bass. He was so cool to me, didnt really get to know him like i wanted to, but he played football at (NorthRidge'Middel) , and he was Center, i was Nose gurd , and we went at it in the line. He'll neaver be for gotten and always be in my mind and heart.
October 12, 2005
I am so sorry for Jacob. I knew him from school in 7th, 8th, and then 9th grade. I hate to see him go and i am so sorry. You will all be in my prayers.

Friend and Classmate

Joshua Case
October 12, 2005
With my deepest sympathy and prayers to your entire family.
October 12, 2005
The three of us would like to send this whole family our thoughts and prayers. We love all of you dearly and although we could never know your pain, our hearts are heavy.

This morning when the Lord opened a window to Heaven, He saw me and he asked: "My child, what is your greatest wish for today?"
"Lord please,take care of the family who are reading this message. They deserve it and we love them very much.
"The love of God is like the ocean, you can see it's beginning, but not it's end"

God bless you all!
October 12, 2005
To Charlene and Clark and all of Jacob's family...we are holding you in our thoughts and keeping you in our prayers. May God provide you the comfort and strength you will need during this time and beyond.
October 12, 2005
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, we love you !
Love, April & Savannah
October 12, 2005
Words can not express how my heart breaks for you and your family. Please find comfort in knowing that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
October 12, 2005
My prayers are with the family of Jacob. I know this is a very hard and trying time for all of you. May God be at your side through this tragedy and shine His Light upon your family. With love and tears, Sara Floyd formally Sara Gibson
October 12, 2005
God Bless you and your family. Only you and God know what you are going through. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
October 12, 2005
Clark, I was saddened to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God be with you all.
October 12, 2005
Ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.We love ya'll
Misty,Devin,Dalton and Caitlyn
October 12, 2005
I pray that you will find comfort in your memories of Jacob. My deepest sympathy is with you and I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
October 12, 2005
May God be with you and yours in your time of need. With deepest sympathies.
October 12, 2005
Charlene and Family, at this time of loss you are in my thoughts and prayers.
October 12, 2005
Our thoughts and prayers our with you and your family.
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