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Jose' Luis Alicea Jr.

Jose' Luis Alicea Jr.

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March 24, 2018

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March 24, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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January 29, 2015
Ilove you so much. I miss you sooooo much!!!!!!
June 15, 2011
god bless you felix alicea chicago brother of angel luis alicea patterson nj
February 21, 2011
I miss you so very much! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. Love Forever, my brother, my friend.
August 13, 2009
I lived in the same suite with Jose in college. He was always happy, always up! I don't know how he did it. I remember He kept bugging us to go with him to this dance club until finally we did. He promised not to laugh at us but, of course, he did!
I'll see you when I get there, my friend.
June 10, 2009
Dear Brother
It has taken me 5 years to finally write on this site. I just read some of the wonderful things written about you my "big brother". You are truly missed! You were my protector and still are, you accepted me no matter what. I remember so many happy times and tough times that you and I shared- Family such and important thing that noone can take away. You and I were brothers, you are my only brother and the bond we share is like no other, I remember we could be somewhere and then look at each other and tell exactly what each other were thinking- I miss that. June was our month-you, then me, then mom, the Gemini's, it made for some fun times. I miss your laugh, sometimes I can close me eyes and hear it, so full of warmth and so free. I want to most of all thank you for be such a shining example for me, you were accepting, without judgement, caring, loving, responsible, giving, the list could go on and on and on. Thank you for just be you! I feel that you are with me always. I love you Jose'
May 11, 2008
Hey Jose, I was just thinking about you. Thanks for being my friend and I miss you.
September 08, 2007
I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. And thank you for being my friend.
June 17, 2007
Today is Father's Day and I don't know why I'm here. Andria is having a really hard time this weekend. I miss you so much I can hardly believe it. And as much as I miss you, she misses you soo much more. Yesterday she just laid on top of me and cried her heart out. She said "it didn't used to hurt this bad, why does it now?" I don't know what to tell her, I think she is getting old enough to understand all the things that she is missing with you. I can't be what she needs from a father, and I am trying so hard, but I feel helpless. You would be so proud of her, she is so beautiful and smart and witty and random and strong. I talk about you all the time, and it helps to keep your spirit alive around us. I can't wait to see you again, I see your smile and hear your voice in my head. Thank God I haven't lost that. She wants to go to the cemetary today, and we both know that you're not there, but maybe it will help her. I just don't know what else to do... Te amor mucho Joselito!
June 05, 2007
It was your Birthday last Saturday and mine will be this Thursday … And I wanted to say to you Happy Belated Birthday Dear Brother.

Sometimes I still feel that it's not real … and I sit by the phone waiting for you to return my calls… But, instead I look back to all the special time we shared talking to each other long distance on the phone for hours. I remember you saying that you felt as thou God had given us a second chance to get to know one another and not to ever forget that family is very important in life. I’m getting older and have a family of my own now. So, I understand what you meant by those words and hold them dearly in my heart.

I miss you very much, Jose! Especially, when I hear certain music on the radio… I can still hear you singing with that wonderful voice that you have. Then I remember, but I'm glad there's no more pain now.

And, I wished that we could of spent more time together and that you could’ve met your little niece. She is such a sweet little girl and is growing so fast. Sometimes, I catch myself looking at her and remembering when I met your daughter, my niece Andria, both having that cute little “Alicea” nose and how their hair gets curly when it’s wet.

But, my sweet brother, Jose …you will always be in my thoughts…where we can still visit and be together. It's not the same as it was the first time we meet, but I know you are still alive in a different way. You're just living somewhere else …and at the same time you are still near to me. You still hug my heart and I can feel you …and that is what matters most.

But, I know that this is only passing and that …we will be laughing and singing together once again.

Feliz Cumpleaños para mi hermano Jose con mucho amor.
November 06, 2006
I haven't forgotten about you Jose... We miss you so much. I can't help but wonder about how things would be right now if you were still around. I can't wait to see you again.

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