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Roslyn Mae Boxerman Woolf Obituary
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January 22, 2018

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January 22, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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January 27, 2008
How do you sum up 46 years if time spent with someone you Love dearly and has always been there for you, no matter what? For someone like me, who is supposed to be so good with words, I find that words are at this point failing me, because the simple answer is, you don't. You try to read all the random thoughts that flash through your mind and remember the high points. And with Aunt Roz, the high points make up one very long list.

You remember all the holidays spent in company with the family, and smile at the memories of charades, speeches, and great food. You recall all the times you had a problem with some particularly difficutl homework and Aunt Roz helped you figure it out, by making you come up with the answer yourself. And you remember with a bit of shame the times when you got into trouble of one sort of another (a fairly regular occurrence with me!), and Aunt Roz speaking to you about it, but without being judgmental or sanctimonious. You also recall how she encouraged your daughter to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher herself when she got older. And you latch on to the memories of your aunt listening to your hopes and dreams, no matter how far-fetched, without condescension or ridicule, and giving you ideas and avenues of approach to try to further those dreams.

I am one of the group of very fortunate people who was given the gift of being allowed to spend 46 years on this earth with Roz Woolf. And in that stretch of years, I always knew that I was sharing time with someone very special. And Aunt Roz always made me feel that, in some way, I was also. She taught me, as she did so many people, about life and Love. And although she may be gone in body, she will live on with us forever through our memories of the very special person we were lucky enough to be allowed to spend time with. Aunt Roz, you will be greatly missed. I Love you.

January 27, 2008
It was over 62 years ago that loving, smiling little Roz showed us how well and how graceful a cheerleader twirls her baton. We fell in love with Roz instantly and forever after.

The charm and pleasure of this unusual beginning continued without interruption after Jack got out of his naval officer's uniform until her sad and untimely demise. She once escorted a class of students on a bus trip to Washington, and we had a happy reunion. We visited Waukegan numerous times; and with Gail and Michael and their sons living in our neck of the woods in Maryland - Roz and David, who helped complete the happy picture, visited our area and often were our guests. We often gathered to celebrate that occasion as well as special ones. They were truly like family and we loved them both, and will go on loving David just the same, and that goes for Gail and her family as well.

To complete this warm picture and to help understand it, you need to know that we were newlyweds when Jack was assigned to Great Lakes after a long tour of duty in North Africa. Her Boxerman family and the Goodmans literally adopted us and made our stay in Waukegan absolutely delightful. We were included in everything they did socially and beyond that. For example, they found us places to live in a very tight market; and when Jack and the night shift, they insisted that Fran stay with them if she could. We will never forget that hospitality, caring and friendship.

Roz - God bless her soul - was a chip off the old block. We miss her deeply and always will. May her sweet soul and memory be a blessing.
January 24, 2008
Roz was my cousin, my sorority sister and my friend. Before we were giving each other handshakes at the Phi Sig House, we were kissing hello at the cousins club meetings.

We spent time together in Champaign, where she was a sneior and I was a lowly freshman. She was always there for me, making me feel comfortable in the House.

She chose me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and I remember the unblievably hot day in June when she married her sweetheart, David. It was an honor to be part of their special day. Through the years we got together with other cousins and kept up with our growing families.

Roz was a loving and caring gal who always wore a smile, even when life was challenging. She loved teaching and was devoted to her students. Just as she was devoted to her family. She was active in many organizations, always helping others along the way.

She worked hard, but enjoyed her life, especially her time with David, Gail, Lori, Mick and the Grandchildren.

Roz will be dearly missed by all.

Love, Sissie
January 22, 2008
Hi Mick:

Just a quick note to tell you how wonderful the service was for your
mom. So many wonderful memories shared by the family. I only knew her in later years, so this opened a whole world for me, as it did for many others, I'm sure.

For me, and for other Friends Board members you're mom was the "hostess with the mostest" and she knew exactly how we should
put on our "social" events. She loved entertaining, the tables were
always perfect, the food trays very attractively displayed, and from the comments about your mom that was just her way.

I laughed because a time or two I had your parents at the membership table for the book sales, but that didn't work because between the two of them they knew almost
everyone who walked in the door, your mom making them feel welcome and your dad chatting about this and that. If we needed to move a lot of people in and out, forget about having the Woolfs at the door - there was always a bottleneck!

We're hoping to get your dad back, at least occasionally. We have a section of the book store that deals with music, the fellow who stocks that area is a former band director and a musician himself, and hopefully we'll get your dad involved working with him. Your folks gave so much of themselves and we feel blessed to have had their support.

Mary Maxwell
Volunteer Coordinator
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