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23 September 2018

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23 September 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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January 20, 2018
My Mum was the loveliest woman I have ever known, I never heard anyone say a bad word about her, she always had a smile on her face and saw the good in everything, world would be a better place if there were more like her. Her name was Joan, she had two older brothers, twins James and Bernard. Now I didn't see much of Uncle Bernard as an adult but have fond memories of him from when I was a child. When we went shopping in town with Mum we used to call in to the pop factory, where he was the foreman, usually he would have a small glass bottle of fizzy pop with a straw for his nieces and nephews, oh what a treat that was. I remember him riding along on his trusty bike, always smiling. I remember him as a lovely man, so it would seem that the family they came from was very special, their mother died when my mother was 19 and Bernard and James were 23 so we grandchildren never got to meet them, however I am sure they would be proud of how they turned out. Bernard was the last surviving member of the Booth siblings and they are all together again. RIP Uncle Bernard and give my Mum a hug from me. Your niece Ann x
January 20, 2018
An early memory of my father's love for me was when he would bring me comics home every Friday, rolled up in his black miners-type jacket. I'd hear him getting off his bicycle he went to and from work on, for this was before he learned to drive, and I would run out back to him, excited. Whizzer and Chips. Beano. And, when they started, Star Wars comics, the first issue of which he scoured every newsagent in my home town trying to find for me. I still have every issue of those original Star Wars comics, in a box under my stairs. About 300 of them. All bought by my dad. I will never part with them because of the love they bring to mind.

Dad, I owe you my thanks for so many things. I cannot speak to 96 years of life - that is a long, long life filled with experiences - born before the Great Depression, fighting bravely in the Second World War, raising four children with your wife before I came along to surprise you both, 15 years after Number 4 - but I can reflect on the man I knew as Father for 50 years. The man I argued with, engaged with in discussions and debates, who advised me and loved me. The father I loved, and only grew to love more through the time we spent together when you were in the care home.

I'm as big and tall as you were, fierce when I want and need to be, stubborn and sharp but gentle and kind like you. Doing the right thing matters to me, as it always did to you. I have your good manners. I am neither ignorant nor stupid. I am soft but no pushover. These are your characteristics. I am my own definition of a man, because you taught me to be true to myself no matter what others said. I have never been tested in war, unlike you, but I do have your bravery and your courage. I could always count on you and Mum. You never turned against or rejected me. Love would never do that.

You were proud of me, stating it yet again in our last conversation. We shared secrets then, father with son. That was a huge deal for me, to be in your confidence. I will carry your father's pride in me inside my heart for the rest of my life. It gives me strength today, tomorrow and going forward. Only love has the power to do that. Love that was, and is, a great blessing. Love that never dies.

I miss you but I know you will never truly leave me. Happy memories come to mind of all the time we spent together in the last 18 months of your life when you told and showed me so much, every day in your company a blessing, caring for you as you cared for me. Your love was constant, never did it waiver. You understood me, and I understood you. We got there. You and me.

I see you today, sitting next to Mum, at her side as you always were and will be, entirely whole again - no more fragmented mind nor infirmity - and you are at peace. It is a wonderful vision of you, delighting in your freedom and wellness. You deserve it. And loyal to your wife and family you remain, watching over us.

I had an amazing dad. Not everyone can say that. He was a good man. He was you, Bernard Francis Booth, and as a storyteller I will tell stories of you for the rest of my days. How lucky I was, how funny you could be, how wise and caring. I will carry you with me on my journey. I love you. Until we meet again, Father, I shall read those old comics from time to time and remember your love for me. The hero in my own story. Thank you.

My love and appreciation always,
Your son, Andrew xxx
January 15, 2018
Though I did not have the pleasure of knowing you, I do have the pleasure of knowing one of your sons, and he is a great legacy for you to have left the world. He has spoken many times of your courage, kindness, and encouragement. Condolences to your family and friends who grieve, but who carry your light forward.