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Sherry Ann Mongiove

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July 29, 2014

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July 29, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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March 02, 2014
For My Soul Mate! Your Loving Husband...Johnny
February 14, 2014
Hi My Love, Today is Valentines Day and I wish you all the the love your spritual heart can hold. This will be the last of the holidays to go thru with out you since you past on almost 1 year ago. They were all very hard to take. I pray that next year will be much easier on me and I'll be able to move on and start to put my life back together again. It sure doesn't mean that I will love you any less. I'll love you less today than I will tomorrow!!!You will always be my Soul Mate now and forever! I love you my darling and Happy Valentines Day! YOURS FOREVER!!!!! Your Loving Husband Johnny......TSTSTSA
February 10, 2014
Hi My Love, Please forgive me for not writing and telling you ( as if you didn't already know) that your first Great Granddaughter was born on Feb 5th at 9:15 in the morning. How beautiful she was , and like her mother Taylor she had long black hair and her skin had that Italian complexion. I'm sorry I didn't write sooner but have been under the weather lately and was transported to the hospital by EMS on Friday for dehydration. Couple of IV bottles and I was fine. Sort of. At one point I thought I was on my way to see you, but it wasn't meant to be yet. I miss you sweetheart and am finding it very hard to move on. I pray for you 3 times a day and sometimes more. You were and will always be my true love. Still feel a little under the weather so I'm going to close for now. Each day I know brings me a little closer to you sweetheart. By the way Belinda and your Brother Lou called 911 and stayed with me the whole time at the hospital. What a great family we have. God bless them all! I love you baby, Rest In Peace My Darling. Your Loving Husband Johnny.
January 30, 2014
Hi Baby, I miss you with all my heart! Today Taylor and I will take Gina to get her top braces removed and that will be the end of that. Last week she had the bottom ones removed and I said to her" When ever you look into the mirror and see how pretty your teeth look always remember your Mema, for she was the one who took care of all that for you". Last week after we left the dentist, we went to the cemetery and left you a beautiful bunch of flowers for you and Uncle Eddie. Your Great Grand Child is due any day now and we know it's a girl! I know you will watch over her as you have been watching over us. Sherry I miss you so so much that my heart seems to be a non stop hurt. They say time heals, I pray my time will come and I'll be able to move on somewhat. But you will always be my Soul Mate and the love of my life as you were for over 50 years! God Rest You Beautiful Soul......Your Most Loving Husband.....Johnny
January 16, 2014
Hi Sweetheart, Jeff came down to visit and we went to the cemetery and prayed at your site. I wish I could say that your loss was getting a little easier for me to accept, but to me it feels like it was just a hour ago that you passed on. Your brother Lou has really been a God sent as he calls me on a regular basis and we go out for breakfast or lunch. He also invited me over for a wonderful dinner. When ever I'm over there I can't think of all the times we, sat next to each other and had a good time. Sweetheart there are so many things I wish you and I had to do over again. I tried so hard to give you everything you wanted that was in my power to give. You know we were soul mates, together since we were 12 and married for 48 years. I'll never love another as much as I loved you. You'll ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART. Till we meet again......Your Most Loving Husband........Johnny
January 01, 2014
My Dearest Darling, I can't think of a better way to start this new year by saying I Love you and Miss you with all my heart. Your always in my thoughts and prayers........Your Most Loving Husband......Johnny
December 24, 2013
Hi My Love, Today is Christmas Eve, And I don't know what to say. I miss you so much sweetheart and there is nothing I can do about it except pray. My heart is broken without you here, it just flat out HURTS! I just got back from B's house and as usual she put out one great Christmas Eve Party, but everywhere I looked I saw you there as you were 2 years ago. With a smile on your face and Christmas cher in your heart. Not like last year when you spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the 26th in the hospital and were never to see another Christmas here on earth with us again. I miss you so much sweetheart, but then again I know that your in heaven and enjoying the real meaning of Christmas! I pray, and I know it's the type of Christmas you always wanted. Baby I'll try to hold up the best I can by remembering how you handled your 11 year illness without even a whimper! You were such a fighter right up to the very end. So....Can I do any less? I will make it through this holiday and pray next year will bring me a little more peace. Merry Christmas my love. Remember me and love me as I remember and will always love you!!!.........Your Loving Husband........Johnny
December 24, 2013
A short time ago, John mentioned that I write a note to Sherry. I chose a note that I had added to my journal one year ago on 12-24-2012...
My thoughts from 2012
I find myself laying here in bed feeling sick and in pain, then I once again remember John and Sherry and the terrible illness that Sherry so bravely endures. Because of their awful situation that no one should have to go thru, especially at Christmas, I am ashamed about feeling bad for my poor physical condition. I am rapidly put into another perspective. What if ?? Yes, what if it were me in the hospital? How would I conduct myself? Would I have the courage and fortitude that Sherry displays? I fear the answer would be no.
May GOD lay his healing hand on Sherry and John at this trying time. May GOD give me just a portion of their courage under this "trial of fire".
December 05, 2013
Hi Sweetheart, Sorry I haven't written in a while, but now that the Holidays are upon us, it's harder than ever for me to write. I spent a couple of hours at the cemetery on Thanksgiving day. I never saw such a beautiful day, weather wise. A pure blue sky, with not a cloud in it and the temp was perfect, for me at least. This will be the first year with out you with me during the holidays and it hurts my heart to remember all the pas Thanksgivings, Christmas and New Years we shared together. I just don't know what to do without you, but I am trying sweetheart. I'm so ever glad that your in Heaven to celebrate Christmas with our Lord and your without the pain you went through here for over 11 years. You were such a fighter and never complained about anything even unto the end! I pray I have that kind of strengh when my time comes. Well my love I'll try to do my very best like you did and I'll put a good face on for the sake of the family. I love you sweetheart and I always will even unto forever. Merry Christmas Baby.....Love always...... Your Loving Husband .....Johnny
December 03, 2013
John, The Muir family was so saddened to hear of Sherry's passing. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. You and Sherry were wonderful neighbors for Jerry and I as we moved in to the home where we are raising our family. What great role models you are for a young family starting out! May you have peace and comfort this holiday season.
Jerry, Amanda, Joseph & Katie

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