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February 17, 2013
Hi piz...Nancy,
I know this is a few weeks late, but this is the first chance I had to write to you. It's been over 10 years since you left us. I still remember how much everyone loved you and all the fun we had. So much has happened in 10 years and many POGO friends have joined you. I miss you all and POGO isn't the same.
I miss hearing about your family and hope they are all fine. I can imagine how much they all miss you.
You're still in my thoughts...you're still in my heart... and always will be my dear friend. I'll be joining you soon and maybe we can all play Turbo together. (smile)
Please say "Hi" to Svo and Bb. Love to you all!
Big Hugs To Reach Heaven,
July 14, 2008
Hello my Heavenly Friend,
I saw your son's post this morning and I knew I had been remiss in sending my thoughts and prayers to you for awhile, oh, not because I have forgotten you that will never happen. Mostly it is because of my family here on earth still that are going through some rough times. My partner Jane is under going chemo right now and it is taking it's toll on her but we have faith and hope. Our beautiful 2 year old granddaughter Jaylynn has a cyst on the front lobe of her brain and we are still under going test to see haw to handle her problem,meanwhile she is active and very very smart we have great faith that God will get her through this. Other things are not so great but these are the most important for us all. I opened an email from our friend Ginger this morning and it seems that Jslats is having a hard time too right now, her husband has cancer and is also under going chemo and needs all of our prayers. Knowing how wonderful you are at prayer and if you can drag yourself away from Elvis for a moment could you put a good word in the Lord's ear for all of our loved ones down here? I know prayer is powerful and you are one of the strongest believers I have the honor of knowing. Nanc you are missed and loved, and because I know that some day we will meet in person I feel blessed. I keep your family in my prayers and all of our Pogo crazy friends too.

Hugs and kisses to heaven,

East (Ruth)
July 12, 2008
Hi and thanks to all who still stops by the guess book on my mother behalf .
January 31, 2008
Hi piz....Nancy,

It seems hard to believe that it's been five years since you left us.
I remember that morning as if it was a few weeks ago.

So much has changed since then, but one thing will never change Nanc. You will always remain in the hearts of all that loved you, not just today, but tomorrow and forever.
I miss you my Dear Friend.

Hugs To Reach Heaven,
January 01, 2008
Hi Nanc,

I'm thinking of you...(smile)

Hugs That Reach To Heaven,
October 17, 2007
Hi Piz,
I know you are up there still as funny as ever. I will always remember many long, lonely nights, you gave me the only laugh for the day. We of the Golden Oldies keep your spirit alive, but nobody could get the room going as you did.

Always in my heart,
Joyce (Wiggles)
October 16, 2007
Hi piz...Nanc,

The years are passing so quickly I sometimes find it hard to believe another year has flown by. You are still thought about and missed in our Golden Oldies group.

In August, when there were Memorials for Elvis, many of us thought of you. We remember some of your favorite songs and whenever we hear them, we think of you. You left us with some very precious memories.

I will always hold those "special" times,
that are now "special" memories,
in my heart, with you.....
My "special" friend.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Nanc.
I miss you!

Hugs That Reach To Heaven,
February 03, 2007
Gosh Piz; another year has come and gone, and I can't remember too much anymore.... sure do hate getting older.

One thing I will always remember is the wonderful friendship that we made for such a short time, and I will always remember the brave lady that you were. I think we all learned a lot from you, and you will always be in our thoughts and hearts.

Miss you Piz... till we will finally meet in that Better Place...
February 02, 2007
Hi Sister:
Wow another year gone wow its so unbelieveable. Kids okay been checking on them for you off and on. All doing good. Wish you were here.
Your Big Sister Judy
February 02, 2007
Hello my Heavenly friend,
It is so hard to believe that another year has passed and yet we still go on, but with an empty place in our hearts because we can no longer play and laugh with you.
You are still in my address book under Pizana@in my Father's house, you will always be in my book and my heart. Huggs to Heaven.

Ruth (east)
January 31, 2007
Hi Piz..Nancy,

I'm thinking about you and your family today. I will never forget all the fun and good times.
God Bless All!

Hugs That Reach Heaven,
December 25, 2006
Hi Piz....Nancy,

Merry Christmas in Heaven Nanc.
Another Christmas is here and it always makes me think about family members and friends that I miss. You are certainly one that will always be on my "friends list" and I sincerely miss.

Every time I hear Elvis singing "Blue Christmas", you come right into my thoughts. Thank you for all the fun and happy memories!
I really miss you!

Big Hugs That Reach To Heaven,
October 16, 2006
Hi Piz...Nancy

I think of you often and miss you.
Happy Birthday in Heaven Nanc.

Hugs that reach to Heaven,
August 31, 2006
Dear Piz,
Still miss you on Pogo. I think back and see how much your humor brought me through. You will never be forgotten and I pray that your family is carrying on your legacy.

Love Ya,
Joyce (Wiggles)
August 29, 2006
With very busy lives and how this world moves so fast now, I think we do our best to stay in touch with each other, we know that was important to you, but when push comes to shove we'll be there for each other no matter what! I love and miss you very much!!!
February 06, 2006
Man, I know you are in more than one Heaven right now.
February 03, 2006
Gosh Piz... Another year has come! We all know that life is to go on, and we do get caught-up with it. Then the memories creep back in, and you are never forgotten.

The amazing thing is.... You've got the Best of It; as you celebrate another year in Heaven!!

Till we all meet... Get our Pogo Room set-up..... Hugs Peggy
January 31, 2006

God Bless....

Hugs That Reach Heaven,
December 25, 2005
Hi Piz,

You're in my thoughts and in my heart, as always.
Merry Christmas sweetie.
Love ya....

Big Hugs That Reach To Heaven,
October 18, 2005
Happy Birthday piz, we all miss you cutting up in our room, your memory will always be there.We talk of you often (good things). My sister called this morning and she put her little dog to sleep this morning, would you give him a warm welcome and hold him for her. Warm hugs to you and we miss you. Eust, from the golden oldies turbo 21
October 17, 2005
Hi Sis:
Happy Birthday....
Darn I miss you, Pogo has put on scrabble game miss playing that with you...... Say hello to all thats up there.....of ours.
Love You Judy....
October 16, 2005
Hi Piz,

I'm thinking of you today and remembering all the fun times we had together. I sure miss you and all those good times. I'll always remember you.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Nanc. God Bless......

Hugs That Reach To Heaven,
February 03, 2005
Hey Nance, thinking of you at this time. What you tell steeler to get groundhog to say more snow.
Hey we could be playing scrabble now. Sure do miss you little sis.
Miss your competiveness. Hope you warm up there. Love you, your BIG SIS JUDY
January 31, 2005
Dear Piz,
You came into my life for such a short time, but all the chats we shared; you'll be remembered for my lifetime... Miss Ya! Peggy
January 31, 2005
Hi mom.
I miss you we all do very much.I love you
January 31, 2005
Hi Piz,

Thinking of you Nanc.....

Hugs To Reach Heaven,
January 20, 2005
here it is. bernie kosar died and went to heaven.God said"bernie i am a great football fan.So i am giving you a great honor. You will have your own house here in heaven."God showed him a modest house with a small browns flag in the window. Bernie was pleased until he look up the hill and saw a massive black and gold mansion"with terrible towels in every window and a huge steeler flag outside.Bernie said" I dont like to complain, but how come i have such a smallhouse and terry Bradshaw has such a big mansion?"God replied" That is not bradshaw"s house That is where I live.
January 14, 2005
Hi mom:
Its been almost 2 years.And still is very hard.I miss you alot.You know you left me down here in this browns town all by myself.I need my co-steeler fan with me .mom its hard to battle all the brown fans alone lol.Im sure your watching up there and i hope you like big ben.Mom he's good real good and i think they are going to the superbowl.I dont see anyone that can beat them at home.They only got 2 more games and thier there.they won 15 games in a row.You said it mom that they will do it when you go (lol)Just wish u were here to see them play with a real QB. My buddy chad who is a steeler fan too. Told me a joke here it is.
December 25, 2004
Hi Piz,

Merry Christmas Nanc......

Hugs That Reach Heaven,
October 16, 2004
Hi Pizana Nancy,

I am thinking of you today. I know that your family and close friends are too. The months and years are passing so quickly. Sometimes it seems like you just left us a few weeks ago, and other times it feels like it's been so very long since you laughed and joked with us in Golden Oldies. When I think back to those days and nights that you were with us, I wish I could replay them. You, Bbndw and I had so much fun laughing until our cheeks hurt.

I have the photograph of you near my computer, and I am happy that you are no longer a "faceless" friend. I wish we could have met and shared a real life hug, but I will never forget the online friendship we shared.

So much has happened since you've been gone, but I know you have been looking down and watching it all. I am sure you are smiling during the good times and sending strength and support during the hard times and even shaking your head at other times. When something funny or strange happens in POGO, I sometimes think of how you would have reacted to it. I can imagine your thoughts and words.

We have been having fun with the POGO club and playing all the new games. We are like a bunch of addicted teenagers, trying to win useless badges to go along with our useless tokens. We actually paid money to do this! lol Since the POGO club started, we aren't in Golden Oldies every night like we were before. Most of us still use that room as our homebase and when we meet in there, we still share good times and nice friendships.

Nanc, sometimes "God takes the good ones young". You are a example of that. You are missed very much down here..... but the strength, the courage, the class, the sense of humor, the common sense and all the love you showed to everyone that knew you, will never be forgotten. I have learned much from you. I am grateful for knowing you and will always admire you. Thanks Sweetie!

I will pretend to wear my prettiest blue gown, with the matching boa today. I am sure Elvis is there to sing "Happy Birthday" to you. Although my gown and boa are pretend, my thoughts and Prayers for you are very real, as are my tears.

Happy Birthday Nanc. Miss you a bunch my dear friend. Love ya!
God Bless you and your family.

Big Hugs to Heaven,
Ginger gingerogin
April 12, 2004
Dear Mom,
Happy Easter Mom. Sure do miss you alot. Holidays are very different without you.
Sorry to be getting my holiday entry in a little late, but, this Easter was like no other so far. We started out having a nice dinner, followed by conversation about when we were kids, and for some reason, we talked about when Holly had siezures, and how we remember her having them and they stopped after she got older. Originally she works on Sundays and she was scheduled to work but decided to be closed today so she got to be home for Easter. It was nice. Just got home when Paul calls and tells me that ambulance was there and Savannah wasn't breathing and she was convulsing. Oh god I thought, Please not more family, but she was awake and aware when the ambulance took her to hospital. Once there they poked her and 8 hours later still not sure why this happened. Thank you and god she is okay and doing fine and she will be spending her first night away from home in the hospital. Very wierd how things worked out today, and you know what I mean, so, thanks mom. Happy Easter.

love you

March 11, 2004
Sure do miss you an awful lot.
Remembering how we teased each other in our younger years.
The competition between us two was great but I still think you cheated at cards, (laughing).
Miss our competition on Turbo.
I check in on your turbo room to make sure your friends are okay.
Your Kids are busy but still keep in contact with them. We all love you and miss you very very much.
Say hello to all up there with you, (laughing) alot we know up there.
Leave Elvis alone.... you will tire him out.
Love your BIG SIS, JUDY
March 07, 2004
The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want
He maketh me to lie down in green pasture's
He leadeth me beside's the still waters
He restoreth my soul:He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name sake.
Yea though I walk threw the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies:
Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the day's of my life: and I shall dwell in the house of the lord forever.

your very special in are heart's
a sister in our lord and savior,
February 22, 2004
Dear mom.
You know i can sit here and tell you that im ok. But you know the truth.Im not mom.It is so hard to deal with this by myself.Don't worry my sisters are there for me. But you know what i mean.I still cry sometimes but not like today mom. I check in to this site every now and then.Most of the time its then because it hits me to hard. I miss you so much right now. its getting harder each day.Mom if you could tell our lord to make the pain stop for just alittle bit thats all i ask a day or two so i can get my head right,thanks mom i love you and miss you and always will.You are more then just a mother to me.Each day i wake up i don't know to be happy that im still here or to be sad that im not with you.i wanted to do so much for you but just couldn't. I still don't dream that much since that dream i had the night befor it happend.im 27 now and still the only thing to live for is gone.Dont mean to get on here and start to sobb but can't hold it back nomore. oh yeah i hope you liked my arm im going to add to it soon.love your son jimmy ps mom don't be mad but im going to put your pics on here real soon ok so everyboby can have a face to the words.
February 04, 2004
Nanc-I knew the day but tried to put it out of my head. It still doesn't seem real. I hadmy cards read and the lady told me someone that was close was trying to get thru to me & tell me she was alright. I know it had to be you & I know you are alright and happy. I hope you are watching your girls, especially, Holly. I know Jim will be ok and so will Tami & Denise because they are strong. I miss you and so does your boyfriend.
February 02, 2004
Happy RE-Birth Day! Can't believe it's been a year already mom. I know you were around this past weekend, You and Elvis, and you know exactly what I am talking about. Thank You Mom for the beautiful sun rise, It was a nice surprise on a gloomy day, thank you!
I am sure you were watching the superbowl game in your golden seat and I know who you would have taken to win, and they did. Tammie played a football square for you....guess what... you won!! All the way from heaven, and your still a winner!!
I try to pay attetion to the little signs that I believe that you send, I just hope you keep doing them because I need them. I miss you so much, and am very grateful for the dreams. I know that God lets us dream so we can still see you, I just wish you could come more often.
Once again, Happy RE-Birth Day, and I miss you!


February 02, 2004
hello again mom
i thought i was doing ok at knowing it's been a year now untill i read gingers e-mails, i guess that just made it more real,i sit here almost every night and i try to remember all the fun we had in our lives but my mind keeps going back to the last 3 weeks of your life on earth, especially your last day, at the hospital, i hear certain sounds and it takes me back, certain smells and it takes me back, ect. mom i miss you so much, it is so hard to try to be the happy person you wanted us to be, every time something good or funny happened in my life, you were the first person i called, now when some thing happens, i cant call you and it's been bothering me so much lately, you were such a big part of my life that im finding it hard to let you go, i dont want to bother you with this now mom, cause this is your time to be nothing but happy, but if you could please ask god to help me get that last day out of my head so i can remember all the good times we had instead of the pain you suffered, i will be forever grateful, and mom also if you could come see me a little more, i would also be grateful, when you died, you took such a huge chunk of my heart with you , i dont think i will ever get it back.i just need help trying to get the picture out of my head, i want to remember the happy you, the funny you, the healthy you, not the dying you.
im not sure what im suppose to say, happy death day, happy anavarsity...but what ever it is i say it with a smile because i know you are at rest from all your pain. i miss you soooo much but knowing your happy will have to get me by till we meet again. i love you mom, and so do the kids, which are also missing you much.
the other day i was down stairs at holly's house and ryan and hunter came running and screaming " mom mom, grandma was here i heard some one pulling at the curtains and they fell down" now im not sure if you did that or not but ryan was so happy cause he thought you were checking in on him, and if you were ,,,thank you, they miss you mom.
i also want to say this real quick, i have been watching people and thier families lately and i see nothing in them that you gave to us. we were such a close family, and still are, i just want to say you did a great job raising your family mom, and i thank you for caring so much about us, and tell god i said thank him for giving you to us. i feel so blessed with all the love ive had though the years,
well one more thing, please send jimmy a wife so he can be happy, and please help holly find what ever it is she is looking for, and for denise, just tell her in her dreams when you visit her to always back me up when im fighting with holly...ha ha
good night mee mee, love your daughter 4-ever tammie
February 01, 2004
Dearest Piz,
The year has flown by but with less
joy and laughter since you have been
gone.I know anniversaries are times for happiness and celebration so I know there is much laughter and joy in heaven today.Here on Earth there is joy knowing you are with the Father and laughter remembering the great times in Turbo 21.But there is also a bit of saddness becuase we can not share your day.I know you are watching over your family and I know they feel you around them.There have been many times this passed year that you have been around because I remember some silly things we said and did in Turbo and the memories I know are coming from you.Thank you for your friendship, your laughter and your inspiration. You are forever on my friends list and eternaly in my prayers.We all keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.You are greatly missed my heavenly friend.

Hugs and love,
East (Ruth)
January 31, 2004
My dear Piz:

It's been a year, and nothing more can be said that hasn't already been said. I can only repeat what has been said over this last year, and that is we miss you, we love you and we see your halo shining brightly. You are, as you always will be, in our hearts and minds. Your love is felt even stronger now. You are missed even more, but feeling your presence and knowing you have your family and friends wrapped in your wings, somehow makes it easier for us. I know you have found Peace in the Valley, and someday, we will all find that peace. I know you have that Mansion just over the hilltop in that bright land where you'll never grow old, and I know you are not walking alone. Yes, I am quoting some of my favorite songs Piz, but these songs are my true feelings. (Elvis sings them better than I can say them) LOL

I know your family is still hurting, but the pain will ease, it will never stop, but it will become bearable.

Piz, you are safe, pain free, so my dear friend, until we meet again.....

January 31, 2004
Dear Piz,

I cannot believe it has been one(1)year since you've been gone. One (1)year since I haven't heard a joke from you, or a smile put on my face from some of your stories. I guess Elvis is the one laughing and smiling now. One good thought to know is that you are in peace with no more health problems and in God's kingdom. (of course being with Elvis doesn't hurt either lol)
I still miss talking to you and think of you from time to time. You really left your mark on alot of people you never even met in person.
I'm glad I was one of them. God bless you and hold you in the comfort of his arms.

January 31, 2004
A year has passed without our dear friend piz. I know we try, but the laughter is just not as full as when she was with us. No one comes close to her sense of humor. Nothing is the same without you Piz. And I'm just talking about Turbo. I can imagine how nothing is the same for your wonderful family. I'm sure just the memory of you, and years of love and laughter will keep them strong.

Piz, the light you brought to the Golden Oldies room has surely dimmed. I'm going to see if I can find out who wrote your material and carry on the true legacy of Pizana7!

Ginger wanted me to include the poem I wrote for your memorial so here it is:

She walked into our room
Whether in the day or night
And brought with her much joy
And brought with her the light

No matter what we felt right then
A smile would just appear
Happiness is what she spread
And always so much cheer

It's hard for us who miss her now
It's just not quite the same
A loving person has walked out of
our room
Pizana was her name

Maybe Elvis will set the poem to music for you!

Love and thoughts of you forever,
d7rama95 (Donna)
January 31, 2004
Dear Pizana Nancy,

You tried to warn me. You tried to say good bye. I tried to close my eyes and not believe you. One year ago, I woke and checked my mail. There it was. I read that e-mail over and over and sat in disbelief. You became a reality, and as you did, so did my tears. REAL tears for a REAL friend that was REALLY gone.

I have learned so much since that day. There are real people in our room, with real feelings and real problems, just as you were real. Many of us have gotten very close and I feel very fortunate to know them, as I feel Blessed to have known you. There is so much caring, thoughtfulness and support in our room, and I feel you helped to bring it there. You made us all "real" to each other.

As always, I think of you often and miss you, but am comforted knowing that you are now safe with God.

Has it really been a year.....my dear friend? Ohhh Piz, Nancy.... I miss and love you Sweetie!

Big Hugs that reach to Heaven,

To Nancy's Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you always, and especially today. God Bless you all!
January 12, 2004
I sit here and think of all the good that you have brought into my life...Your daughters were close confidants to me, and your son is the my one true love. You will forever hold a special place in my heart, thank you for allowing me to know you as long as I did. And thank you for bringing Jimmy back into my life, I promised you that I would love him forever in my prayers, and I intend on just that as thanks to you. All my love and prayers.... Jes
January 05, 2004
Well Piz, here we are in a new year. As usual I'm running behind in things, but this is just me!
This past year has been a tough one for me, but you have given me so much strength; just as you did when you were here with us. Guess that is what Friendships are all about.
You left us, and we have shed many tears, but you also did a wonderful thing. You created such a strong bond between many of us, and we will remember you always.
Sure do hope God allows the Golden Oldies to Party in Heaven! So my dear friend without a face; I can't wait to meet you in God's House. Peggy
January 01, 2004


Lots of memories of last year have flooded this week. I remember every thing from last year at this time. I'll never forget the last holidays we spent together as a family, alot of it... funny, because of you, and some sad, and that's where I'm stuck at......the sad. When the holiday season started this year, we all dreaded it, but, when I felt sad, funny thoughts would come, like, 2 years ago, maybe longer, you did christmas cards and sent them in the mail. I got mine and opened it, and it was typical of you, but I thought it was the funniest thing, It was a beautiful cover of jesus in a manger, then I opened it, and if I spoke spanish I would have been able to read it. It was humorous because none of us spoke spanish, and even funnier, you signed them and sent them out and still didn't know they were in spanish until I called you after I got mine. Good one Mom! Me and Tammie had a giggle about that this year when we did our cards. Last years gift mix up caught on tape was another giggle we shared this year too.
Jim sent you a firework on New Years Eve to bring in the new year and I hope you got to see it from heaven, cuz it was for you.
I thought that christmas was going to be hard, nothing compared to new years. I miss you mom.

Happy New Year


December 25, 2003

I didn't have a tree this year, but I saw a beautiful glow in the corner where I usually put the tree. I knew it was you shining brightly because you had on your POGO Golden Oldies Halo.

I know your family is having a hard time during these holidays, it's always hard when you lose someone you love and they are not there to share the love and joy, but, they are making it through. You should be proud of them. They are a wonderful family and are doing exactly as you would expect. They are raising their families just as you would want them to and exactly as you raised yours. I know they really miss you, but they have memories, lots of wonderful, joyous memories. Memories are not like you being there, but you are there in their hearts.

A lot of us have had a tough year, and I know you are well aware of that, but just like your family, we will make it through. Shine your brightest light on Gin. You know what she's been through and she misses you so much and she does so much to keep your memory alive in Pogo. I've never talked to her on the phone, but I'm sure she makes a wonderful friend. Anyone who is her friend is very lucky.

Keep glowing in our corners Piz. You are needed more now than ever.

(Now, just for a personal note since you are already there, I hope you don't mind), Mom and Dad, Merry Christmas! Please shine your light a little brighter on Laura and me. We love and miss you terribly and your 5 grandkids are kids no longer. You have a great grandchild on the way. Keep dancing the Tennessee Waltz on the wonderful beautiful Blueberry Hill.

Thanks Piz, for letting me say that to my parents. You'll know them, their the ones dancing the waltz. LOL

Merry Christmas my friend. And keep that light shining.

Love and Miss you

Linda (and Trigger-if you see him, pet him for me...LOL)
December 25, 2003
pizana Nancy,
Merry Christmas my friend! I sure do miss you. You have made a lasting impression on me for so many reasons, and I will never forget you.
I know the Holidays are very "different" for everyone that loves you, but especially difficult for the kids. You must be so proud of them. As much as they are hurting and missing you, they are trying to be strong and continue on. I know that the love they feel in their hearts, from you and God, is helping them.
I think you played with Bb and I on the 23rd! What was that all about? I could have fallen off my chair that day. I talked with Tammie that night and she had more to add to it. I told her that you were going to hear from Bb and I about it! Hmmm very strange piz... very very strange! lol
I want you to know that I am thinking about you and missing you. Most of all... Merry Christmas Nancy...from my heart!
Yes, it will be a "Blue Christmas" without you. Love you Sweetie!
Big Hugs,
December 25, 2003
Merry Christmas Nancy and to your beautiful family. I just read Denise's wonderful tribute to you and it brought tears for the love your family has for you. I miss you as I'm sure all of your friends in Pogo do. You are still on my friends list and will always be. I said a prayer today for you and your family...God Bless all of you......love, Joe
December 25, 2003
Merry Christmas!!! This has been a rough year, and the holidays are definately not the same without you. You are very much missed.
I did sit back on Christmas eve and took a look at what you might have looked for...know what I seen? I seen alot of love in 1 single little room. You would have enjoyed this christmas. All 7 grand kids had a big growth spirt. Brittany looking more like an adult, Brandan with hair on his face( hair on his face mom), Damien with a bigger brain, Justin looks like a mustache could burst out any minute, Ryan has sprouted up and filled out, Hunter is also getting big, and Savannah has gotten so big, she is such the ham, she would have had you wrapped around her little finger. Then I looked at the grown ups...know what I seen? That because of you, we have a great family, and that we love each other as people, and most important, because we are family.
I have a very good feeling that you were here tonite and I just know you was smiling.
Merry Christmas Mom!
I love you and miss you very much!


October 26, 2003
Hi Nancy...Happy birthday. I miss you and wish you the best on your birthday. You were and still are one of those unreplaceable friends that some of us are so lucky to meet in our lives. Thank you for touching mine.......Your faithful friend, Joe
October 24, 2003
Hey Piz,
Happy Birthday to a heavenly being.I've never done this before, but then there was never a person like you

I pray that you are at peace and had a ball on your birthday. I miss you and will never forget your wit.

Love Ya Always,
October 22, 2003
Happy Belated Birthday, Nancy. Sorry I am late but got behind on my mail as usual. Miss you very much. Hope Elvis sang a song for you on your birthday.
Love, Linda(NutsoWhatso)
October 19, 2003
happy birthday mom, i sure do miss you, i wish you would visit me a little more often, have so much to say, gotta ask you about this dream i had, very funny mom, ha ha.
there is never a day that goes by i dont miss you , but i keep telling my self we will meet up again,i love you mom. the bravest woman i will ever know.
and thanks to every one for keeping her spirit alive and well , you's are the kind of people i wish that filled the world, this place would be so much better with friends like that, god bless you mom and to all her friends and family

love tammie, your daughter in life and still in the after life
October 18, 2003
Jeeze Piz no more practical jokes all ready. I had an email from Ginger about your birthday so of course I go right to the guest book to wish you a heavenly birthday trying to be the first one there but Ging beat me. Then I write this
long beautiful letter about how wonderful it must be spending your Birthday with the Father and the King (Elvis).Telling you how much you are missed and thought of everyday. How I keep you on my friends list and in my address book.
I get all choked up and have to stop and what happens it doesn't post.So did you do that Nancy well if you did that's ok it just gave me another chance to say you are missed everyday and your family is in my prayers and my heavenly friend I made a slight adjustment to my address book I now address my emails to Mometo1@The father's House.heaven/com. If anyone deserves a room in the Father's house it is you. Piz can you let this one stay in the guest book please.
On Thanksgiving I will be giving thanks for having you as a friend.
Hugs & Love,
October 18, 2003
Hi Nancy:
We sure do miss you, but there is not a day that goes by that you are not mentioned and thought of.
I know you are laughing away at the old room actually paying pogo to play these silly games and collecting of all things useless badges. Wish you were here.
October 17, 2003
October 17, 2003
Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy,
By the way did you see that the Browns beat Pittsburg in Pittsburg?
Wish you were here so I could tease you!
Love your niece,
October 17, 2003
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to my mommy....
Happy Birthday to you.
Mom? Did you send Elvis to the resturaunt on Thursday? Well I think you did. Thanks!!! I love you and miss you alot!

Love you

October 17, 2003
Happy Birthday, Piz.......I didnt know of you but the things I heard from your wonderful friends I feel like I've known you as well, your missed and loved by many people, as well as me.......I'm a big elvis fan as well and everytime I look at my elvis picture's i will always think of you, my condolences go out to family and friends.Huggers.......Margie(AZLOVE IT4)!!!!!!(Showlow, Az.)
October 17, 2003
hi piz, hope u had a wonderful day today (you and elvis). I can just see you dancing to jail house rock.We miss you very much in our golden oldies room, wow, can you believe we are all still going there every night to play turbo. I think you brought all of us closer together and that room just feels like home. And we can discuss all our problems and get support from everyone. You have a wonderful family and i know you are watching them every second, so they all better be very good.I know you are watching us in pogo so we are all trying to be really really good(not)God Bless you and all your family, we miss you very much.
Happy Birthday, eustfolab
October 16, 2003
Happy Birthday in Heaven Nancy, Your Friend always, Judy
October 16, 2003

I know you are with God, but you are also in our hearts. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday from my heart. Your new re-birthday will be the date God sent his angels to bring you back home, but to us, your birthday is still today. You are so terribly missed and loved by everyone, but you are in no way forgotten. Your name is mentioned everyday in Pogo (and yes, we do say some good things about you) LOL. Save a place for me and see about getting a POGO in Heaven for all of us Oldies but Goodies.

Love and miss you

October 16, 2003
Hi Piz,
Happy First Birthday in Heaven!!
I sure miss you! We all do! I miss your quick "comebacks" and that wonderful sense of humor. So often, your name is mentioned when something happens that we know you would enjoy. We hope you're looking down, watching and laughing with us.
We have talked about you with some of the new players in the room, and some have even read this guest book. Everyone comments that you must have been a special person to have so many care and miss you.
We have gotten to know the kids and enjoy when one of them stops in the Golden Oldies room to see us. I knew pizana was a good turbo player, but now I know NANCY was a super mother. You sure did a good job with them! They love and respect you very very much. You should be sooo proud!
Losing you has made some of us realize that "online friends" are a reality. It has made some of us closer and more personal with each other and we are forming lasting friendships. I still have you on my friends list and that's where you will stay... my dear friend forever.
Please know that you are in my thoughts and my heart.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANC... miss you...
Big Big Hugs,
P.S. I know Elvis has some special songs to sing to you today! Enjoy!
July 14, 2003
To all. I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who is still keeping my mom alive In your thoughts. I know it will be hard. The hardest thing i will have to deal with in life.Because my mom was my world& my sisters.But once again thanks................Nancy's son Jim
May 10, 2003
Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. I just found out about Piz's death and am in a state of shock. What I knew of her from being in POGO with her...she was a wonderful, thoughtful, caring, kind and loving person. We had so much fun together, along with all of her other friends from POGO. We had so many laughs together. That was one of the things that drew me to her, was her ability to make everybody laugh, no matter how down they were or how bad she was feeling. POGO will never be the same without her, but she will be continually remembered and so deeply missed.

Thank you for sharing her with us. She made a difference in all of our lives.

God bless you and be with you during these difficult times. Be thankful for the time you had her in your lives and keep her memory alive.

My sincerest sympathy,

Linda (Linda032852), the one with the horse LOL
March 26, 2003
Heaven has certainly gained, as we have lost, but...rejoice in the fact that our lose is only temporary
March 25, 2003
I did not know Pizana very well but thoroughly enjoyed her enthusiasm in the golden oldies room, and her humor and kindness towards others. On the odd occasion I would give her a well deserved BRAVA.
Vicki (lalaaz)
Orlando, FL
March 24, 2003
I am sure going to miss Pizanna who gave us such a great time in Turbo 21
on Pogo. We both loved Elvis , the king. My deepest sympathy goes out to Pizanna's family and friends.
I am sure she will be watching over us all because she was that kind of person. Give Elvis a kiss from me, Pizanna. I want to thank Ginger for letting me know as I wasn't aware of Pizanna's illness. She is in a safe place now with God. God Bless you all Linda(NutsoWhatso)
March 21, 2003
A note for Nancy (PIZ)

Hello my heavenly friend,
Since you have left us to miss your humor and compassion things are not quite the same.On March 25th your friends from Turbo Oldies are having a party for you and I am very honored to have been invited. I know you will be there watching, listening and inspiring us. Some how I know we will feel your presence in the room and you will know just how much you are truly missed.So Piz my Heavenly friend I will keep you in my heart and your wonderful family in my prayers and I
will be in Turbo bright and early to join the rest of your friends on the 25th, if "E" could hang out with you that night I am sure Ginger will be beside herself.
Piz one favor please, while you have God's ear ask him to protect our troops and bring peace quickly.
CUL ((((((((((HUGS FOREVER)))))))))

March 20, 2003
I met Piz online. She was so much fun! She was also very compassionate. It was such a kick to hear about the baby shower she was giving.I don't know how she did all of that.She acted like she did that kind of thing everyday.
I didn't know until now that she was so young.
Miss you Piz!! Everyone who knew you does. cul
March 19, 2003
Pizanna7 was a wonderful friend and she will be greatly missed. Her humor always lifted my spirits when I was down. My condolences go out to the family. Csp053084
March 17, 2003
To The Family Of Piz-
I am so deeply sorry that I am just now making an entry. I actually thought that I had till ging mentioned that she had not seen one from me.
I too met Piz in Turbo, and I miss her so very much, and think of her family often. She loved you all so very much! Had me as excited about the new baby that she was waiting for.
I never knew about her problems till almost the very end, and even then it was just a whisper now and then. She was such a brave person, and more concerned about others than herself.
I have had some low times in my life, and she always made me feel better after an evening in Turbo. I will always remember her love for Elvis, and her fancy gowns. She is so missed, but will always be remembered. A True Friend without a face. Hope to meet you one of these days. Peggy
March 06, 2003
to pizana's family, i have never met a person with so much grace and dignity as your relative. even when joking she was a real lady.i truly enjoyed the chat's we had and miss her terribly and will for a long time. i had not known her as well as the rest in turbo21 but feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to meet her. i didnt know she was so ill she never let on. guess that was pizana.she did have a very good sense of humor and i feel she liked most all she met online. to pizana, you are now where nothing bad can ever harm you again. what comfort that brings and i am looking forward to the day when i can join you in heaven. sure hope they have a computer there so we can still do our thing. right? give Elvis a kiss for me i never got to meet him here on earth.at my church there is a song titled i got leaving on my mind and thats how i feel. piz you are home now and happy so until we meet again i will just say bye until we meet again
March 03, 2003
I was just informed of the passing of a wonderful person, pizana7. I, like so many others, found her to be a ray of sunshine in the
Golden Oldies room of Turbo 21. Sometimes she made me laugh so hard my sides would hurt. She was the type of person I truly wish I could have met. There's no doubt in my mind that she would have been a wonderful friend, just as she was in computerland.

God bless her family. Smile with the memory of her forever. As I will.
Donna (d7rama95)
February 13, 2003
Nancy or Piz, I miss your laughter, I miss your E-Mail & I miss you! God Bless You & Your Family! I know God will deliver this to you! Love, JH or Judy
February 13, 2003
I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family
Love kittycat
February 11, 2003
I will miss Pizano. I understand that name is Italian for "friend", and she was indeed that.
February 11, 2003
February 10, 2003
To The Piz Family:

My heart and sympathy goes out to you all....I know that Nancy was a wonderful person, by talking to people that has known her. Personaly I was not lucky enough to have known her, but I do know her through her sister Judy.
I do know that she was a beautiful loveing and warm person as her sister is..I do wish I had known her.
She is watching over you all with her smiles and love.

Take care;
God Bless you all
Shirley (baseball1945)
February 09, 2003
My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of "piz". I met piz while playing Turbo 21 and she was the light of my day.
Her sense of humor helped me through so many trying times. I will miss her deeply, but there will always be a smile in my mind when I think of the many late nights laughing miles away.
My prayers are with you. God bless and keep you.
Joyce G. Wiggins
February 08, 2003
Thank you to everyone who send wrote such wonderful things about my Aunt Nancy we miss her so much but, we are glad her suffering is over and she is in the hands of God.
I love you aunt nancy and I hope Elvis is singing to you right now!
Love Always,
Your Niece Louann (Lucifer)
February 08, 2003
Iam so sorry to hear about the lose of your sister, I personally have never chat with her but from the guest book condolences Iam sure she was a very fine person and will be greatly missed!! Please accept my deepest sympathy for you and your family!!
Your friend Rick
February 07, 2003
To Piz Family
My sincere Sympathy,
Piz will be missed. She was a fun lady she made everyone laugh i will keep you all in my prayers May God keep you in his Grace, God Bless you all
(pat pesci097
February 07, 2003
Our sincere condolences on your loss. Beebee51 and Steve35808
February 07, 2003
We will miss you dearly

Rod Angela
Chelsey and Maranda
February 07, 2003
anyone who ever met piz, will alway hold her in their hearts. she touched us all and will never be forgotten. angels smile with her as she watches us. and I know in my heart, she is laughing.
February 06, 2003
Rosey and I will keep you in our thoughts and our prayers , we were blessed to have known your Mom and sister , she always kept us laughing and in good spirits, she was a charmer and we will miss her terribly, but we know that she is in heaven charming Elvis!! We send huggles to you all, May God keep you in his loving hands always.

Bless You All,
Peggy and Rosey
February 06, 2003
My sincere condolences to the family of Pizana.(Nancy) I knew her through pogo as many of us did. Her humor was the highlight of the game. She will be missed.
February 05, 2003
Although I consider myself to be one of the quiet ones in Turbo 21, I found myself smiling as I listened to the chat and Pizana's humorous contributions.

Let us never forget that in all things you send there is blessing. Make us ever mindful that every problem leading us to pray also leads us deeper into your presence, and every trial that takes us to our knees also brings us closer to your throne. Let us always see that every adversity is your opportunity, every burden a chance to share your cross, and that many times our tears most clearly reflect the vision of your grace.
February 05, 2003
I extend my most sincere sympathy to you upon the loss of your mother. I will never forget the friendliness, kindness and wit your mother extended to me in POGO...TURBO...GOLDEN OLDIES. She was loved by all who knew her.

Peg Slattery
Chicago, Illinois
February 05, 2003
Thanks Judy for sharing this with me..
My prayers goes out to you that
has lost a very special sister
and to her children that has lost a
very special mom...
You have Great Memories forever...
Hugs Bonnie
February 05, 2003
Although I never had the pleasure of talking to you, Nancy, I felt I knew you through your sister, Parma.
To your family, my sincerest condolences.
Be at peace.
February 05, 2003

This is your STALKER (your sis) JUDY
Want you to know will miss your wit and jokes. Send me an email and tell, Elvis hi. Love you to pieces.
One more thing, you should be very very proud of your kids, they did great, you did fabulous job raising these little kids of yours. The grandchildren too.
We will all miss you greatly.
Till we meet again.


You have great friends in turbo who have done this for you and I love them all like my own friends, just like my turbo friends.
Love Yah......Judy
February 05, 2003
i would like to thank all of my mothers on line friends, you took her mind off of her pain and bad thoughts and made her consintrate on her good computer friends. i thank you's very much for that as well as this guest book pages you made her. she would of been proud to be loved and cared for by all of you like that. god bless all of you

sinceely nancy's daughters tammie and holly

p.s- we will never forget you or stop loving you mom, god look after her
February 04, 2003
to the family of nancy, i wish you the best. that is exactly what piz gave to all of us in turbo. i'm fairly new in pogo, but i remember the first night i came into the room, i was entertained and soothed by piz, ging, and bb. i felt much better after as i am sure many many people did when they were around her. she will truly be missed. my thoughts and prayers are with you.
February 04, 2003
Will miss you very much Piz, hope you save me a chair UP there, have fun and don"t give those male angels a hard time. Will always remember your great funny chats, Love Nora ( harley)
February 04, 2003
Today i got the sad news .\, you brighten all of us in turbo with your great humor, you will be surly missed , its like we all became family always worry about one another ,please rest in peace and god bless and keep your family strong. amen
February 04, 2003
On behalf of Nancy(pizana), to ginger,b.b, and all of her computer friends,
I am nancy's first born daughter, and on behalf of myself and my brother and sister's I would like to say "Thank You " for all the thoughts and prayers from so many of you, It has touched our hearts that so many people cared so much about mom.
I wanted to say that as she was on the computer is the same in life, she was never fake. Because of her illness she was not able to go out much so we bought her a computer to give her " the world at her fingertips". She spent alot of her time making friends and enjoyed the company she found. As much as she may have talked about her family to you, she talked alot of you to us.
Nancy(mom) was a wonderful woman, friend, and mother. She had a sense of humor that we admired greatly, and to the very end she kept that humor to get us through the last few days. As she was proud of her family, we are proud of her.
Again I would like to THANK YOU, and GOD BLESS.
Denise Richter
February 04, 2003
mom i love you.
February 04, 2003
I didn;t know you Nancy,but I know your sister. God will take care of you now.God bless the whole family.
February 03, 2003
Even tho I knew Nancy only slightly as piz in golden oldies room, she brought a blessed presence to the room & never let on when she was feeling bad.she was one of those people who lit up a place just by being there. she will be sorely missed by all of us
February 03, 2003
Nancy(piz) was a very unique lady. In golden oldies, she made us laugh and feel good while many didn't know the physical distress she was going through herself. She was very brave and clearly an example of dignity and class. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her and loved her. God Bless Nancy and her family.
February 02, 2003
To all piz's family, and friends, God bless you all. She was the laughter in the golden oldies room and made us all happy, there will always be something missing from now on in that room. I feel like i know all of you as she talked so highly of all of you. She will always be in our hearts and memories and i'm sure making everyone in heaven laugh, God Bless all of you, she will be missed very much. Sharon, (eust)
February 02, 2003
To the wonderful family of Nancy(Piz)whom she always talked about with such love(in Turbo 21). My condolences go out to you all. Know always that she put so many smiles on so many faceless faces. Her courage and great humor will always be admired by all who had the fortune of knowing her. I am one of those faceless friends who will never forget her. I have been very sad since I heard, but I know that she is in the arms of God.(He is probably laughing right now at one of her jokes and Elvis is giving her his ring).
May God bless you all at this very sad time in your lives. Rosefall527
February 02, 2003
God Bless and keep Nancy in His care, out of pain, and watching over all her loved ones and friends. Be at peace.
Love, Dawn
February 02, 2003
My dear friend will be greatly missed. She would always brighten my day with her funny quips and always send me her good luck. I know that the Good Lord has a special place for this wonderful person. A true angel from above..
February 02, 2003
Dear Parma: I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your sis, Pizana. I knew her from the Golden Oldies Room in Turbo 21. She had a wonderful sense of humor and we will miss her. My sincerest sympathy to you and your family.
February 01, 2003
Dear Judy (Parma6)
My most heartfelt condolences to you and Nancy's family. I will always cherish our times in Turbo.
I feel like I knew her far more personally then just an online friend.She will be missed dearly by
me and many others in Pogoland.

May God Bless you all and lean on him for your strength.


My Dear friend Piz,
Keep them laughing in heaven and make sure you save a place for me
at your table. I know you are safe
in our Father's arms.
I will miss you terribly.


P.S. Ask Elvis if that is really his hair on Ginger's chest.
February 01, 2003
February 01, 2003
I knew Nancy online. We played in the same game room. She made me laugh, and that isn't easy. I just want to say that I have never, ever, seen anyone go out with the grace and class that she did, and that's the truth. I'm sorry for your loss.
February 01, 2003
So very glad to have had the chance to know Nancy - although only on the other side of a computer-
She was always so full of life and laughter in our pogo room.
My thoughts and prayers go out to her family whom she "spoke" of often and was so proud of.
February 01, 2003
My prayers and thoughts are with the family of this most pleasant, witty lady. She did keep us all in stitches while playing turbo. God bless!!!
February 01, 2003
I knew Nancy (pizana7) from POGO. She was a regular in Golden Oldies Turbo. Her humor, quick wit and the caring she showed for others will be very missed. She loved her family and spoke of them often. She was very proud of them!! Her strength and courage during her illness is to be admired by all.
My Thoughts and Prayers are with her family. God Bless you all.

To Pizana7.. Nancy.., I hope you meet your Elvis, sweetie! Now your name will be in the lites and on the boards of Heaven forever! You have touched my heart, my pogo friend. I will miss you!!! Thank you for being my friend!!! May God hold you in his arms...
Big Big Hugs Nanc,
Love you,
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